10 April 2011

Chat box cleaning out Meteor Reports 8APR2011

Guest440 (guest):This is going to sound absolutely crazy but last night around 1:00 AM I went outside for a smoke. As I looked up in the sky I saw 2 greenish grey objects which were a far bit apart fly through the sky side by side (if I was to estimate at the distance they were I would have to say to scale roughly a few kms apart) at first they were moving slow, they almost seemed to stop, then they shot right up in the air and disappeared. I am not some crazy UFO person because I am as skeptical as anyone else but it really spooked me so I hoping someone could shed some light on the situation again, i have seen my fair share of meteor showers ect but this to me did not seem like a meteor.there was 2 objects so I guess thats what threw me off, and the fact that they moved in sync was even more messed up. I really hope I don't sound insane here but if anyone has any info. please let me know as I am trying to find a logical explanation for what I saw.
You provided no location, date or contact info;  sorry I cannot help you.  IF you wish to email me I will clarify your report.  Thank you!

Perth Western Australia Fireball Meteor 3:30am, 8 april 2011
AMZzzz (guest): around 3:30am, 8 april 2011,Perth Western Australia. I seen a green fireball in the sky south of North Beach. Haven't been able to find any reports of sightings yet.

Naples, Florida Fireball Meteor 4:18 am 8APR2011
Apr 9 2011, 8:11 AM
Guest457 (guest): i saw a fireball over naples fl this morning at 4:18 am. did anyone else see it?

Saskatoon, Canada Time??? 8/9?APR2011
Apr 10 2011, 12:21 AM
Guest388 (guest): last night I saw a fireball in the sky in saskatoon

Please include the DATE, TIME, what you saw and YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION; better if you email me directly LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com  Thank you!


Elgin IL said...

I saw something in the sky over Elgin IL at about 3:45 ish AM. I have seen meteors before but this was different... It wasn't just a streak; I could see what looked like an object at the front and what looked like burning gas around it and a trail behind it... Was there a satellite that fell out of orbit???

Anonymous said...

june 2 2011- E Naples FL, last night i was having a smoke on the lanai and looking at the stars as usual, and the sky was hazy i figured due to recent heat and rain. i saw through the neighbors bird of paradise leaves what looked to be a crecent half moon shaped whitish light and kept looking hard because the leaf was blocking my view. It lasted only less than a minute and i figured thats odd maybe a plane went down. Then at 2:30 am I heard a loud boom and the whole house shook which by the way is concrete! the walls actually vibrated and i thought oh god, i've been hit by lightening, but then i heard what sounded like the weight of a full grown heavy person fall on the roof, too heavy for a coon for sure, and then i heard what was like pebbles rolling down the slope of the roof, but from the sound, the weight of them was more like rocks the size probably of sugar bags. I was too scared to go out in my nightie in the dark and couldn't see in the dark. So I figured it must be meteors and hoped the house would not burn down. I kept smoking cigs to calm my nerves, lol, and the sky cleared to where you could see stars, all quiet so i went to bed with one eye open, and waited til light. Today i looked around the house and cannot find any rocks, except orange size grayish shell porous looking things which i've seen on ground before, so to me they dont look extraterrestrail. .. So either my meteors are in the gutter on roof or maybe they were ice, or maybe the landscapers who came today removed any, darn it. I'm going to keep hunting for them. If I don't find them maybe it was just a quarry blast that blew sediment on my roof that was already on there, although its pretty clean as i checked to see if any trees fell on the house, but no trees were near enough to home to leave even leaves...hmmmm.. and i don't know of any nearby quarries.