25 April 2011

Canada Meteor Fireball ~12:00 (midnight) 25APR2011

La Presentation, Quebec, Canada Meteor Fireball ~12:00 (midnight) 25APR2011
Guest821 (guest): I was driving home from fishing tonight just after midnight in the town of La Presentation,Quebec ( Beside St Hyacinthe) when i saw a huge fireball go across the sky. It was bright orange with a short tail of smoke behind it when it disappeared behind a cloud.

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Anonymous said...

I was in a village down south of Senegal (West Africa) I can't remember the time but it was really late and in the sky there was a huge ball of fire with a burning tail behind and a smaller baller of fire, also with a burning tail running along side it. It was in the sky for a while and wasn't moving very fast but I lost site of it when it went behind the trees.