29 June 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 29JUN2010

NASA Needs You: 6 Ways to Help an Astronomer

Wired News
“We can learn a lot from someone taking a cellphone video of a meteor as it burns up in the atmosphere,” said Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment ...

Scientists peer inside Hayabusa asteroid capsule
Scientists inside a spotless clean room near Tokyo are carefully opening
the drum-shaped capsule from the Hayabusa mission, beginning months of
tedious evaluations to determine whether the $200 million mission
returned dust grains from an asteroid. ...

Largest Meteorite in Nevada Found
Las Vegas Review-Journal © Jun. 21 at 12:21 p.m.
Count Guido Deiro found the largest meteorite in Nevada this year. ... [video]

Major meteor find- Stone considered largest ever found in Silver State By MAGGIE LILLIS - VIEW STAFF WRITER
Count Guido Roberto Deiro figures he probably tripped over several meteorites in his day and never even knew it. But when the 72-year-old Las Vegan really started looking, he hit the ... [story]

Plenty of Planets to see in the sky

102 years ago today, over a remote region of Russia there was an air burst, caused by a meteor or a comet, just 3-5 miles above the earth. ...

It`s all in how you see things

Estes Park Trail-Gazette
His photographic enjoyment seeps over into landscapes, panoramas and astrophotography, especially meteor showers. He has a Flickr account, which is like ...

Swing by Asteroid Lutetia With JPL

Jet Propulsion Laboratory June 25, 2010
The Rosetta Orbiter, a European Space Agency spacecraft heading for a
2014 encounter with a comet, will be flying close to asteroid Lutetia on
Saturday, July 10. Classes and clubs are invited to NASA's Jet
Propulsion Laboratory from 2 to 4 p.m. that day to see first-ever,
close-up images of Lutetia, talk to a NASA/JPL Rosetta project manager
and participate in educational activities. ...

27 June 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 27JUN2010

Meteor dazzles viewers across Washington region

Washington Post
The American Meteor Society logged more than 30 reports of the Thursday night event, from the Washington metropolitan area to Delaware, Pennsylvania, ...

Bootid meteor shower peaks tonight

Baltimore Sun (blog)
The annual Bootid meteor shower peaks tonight. It's not one of the better showers of the year, but it came to mind after Orioles fans reported a bright ...

Ancient Mars More Favorable to Life than First Thought

CBS News
The northern part of the planet has a lower elevation than the southern part and scientists believe that disparity was the result of a giant meteor impact. ...

26 June 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 26JUN2010

Two from Alma College work on meteorite project
The Morning Sun - ‎49 分前‎
They shot one meteorite last year and something happened that never occurred before. That is, nothing happened. The rock just sat there as it swallowed the ...

The last word: What are the odds?
The Week Magazine - ‎17 時間前‎
The famous Meteor Crater in Barringer, Ariz., resulted from a meteorite in this size category. The NRC report estimates that 25-meter airbursts occur every ...

July 2010 Geology and GSA Today highlights
EurekAlert (press release) - ‎18 時間前‎
Pseudotachylite bodies are found in large meteorite impact structures and form intricate networks below crater floors. The melt portions of pseudotachylyte ...

Another fireball caught on York Water Company video camera
York Daily Record - ‎8 時間前‎
Meteorite hunter Mike Antonelli of the Pittsburgh area said it's interesting the two sightings are about a year apart and might have followed a similar ... [be sure to see earlier posts on this Meteor/Meteorite News]

On the trail of the Willamette Meteorite
West Linn Tidings - ‎2010年6月 24日‎
By J. Brian Monihan Mark Buser from West Linn, in center, led a guided tour June 11 at Fields Bridge Park to discuss the Willamette Meteorite with visiting ...

Un trozo de meteorito cae en el jardín de una casa en Brasil

AFP - ‎2010 年6月24日‎
RÍO DE JANEIRO — Un pequeño trozo de meteorito cayó en el jardín de una casa de la ciudad brasileña de Varre-Sai, en el Estado de Río de Janeiro, ...

Americanos afirmam que pedra encontrada no Rio é meteorito

Terra Brasil - ‎2010年6月24日‎
A pedra encontrada no último sábado no município de Varre-Sai, no noroeste Fluminense, se trata de um meteorito, segundo pesquisadores americanos. ...

Brazil Meteor/ite of 19JUN2010 TV Broadcast update

Meteorito cai no Brasil após 19 anos 2010 06 24

posted on YouTube by UmPasseiopeloCeu | 2010年06月25日 | 2:33 [6 views]

TV News produced by Record with informations of a Meteorite fall in the city of Varre-Sai, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, on June 19th 2010.
Reportagem produzida pela TV Record sobre o Meteorito encontrado no município de Varre-Sai, região Noroeste do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, em 19 de junho de 2010.

Pennsylvania Meteor 24JUN2010 Update

Another fireball caught on York Water Company video camera

York Daily Record
The meteor that flashed across the sky Thursday night was the second one caught by the camera within a year. By Teresa Ann Boeckel A fireball that crossed ...

News 8 Viewers Report Flash Of Light In Sky

WGAL Lancaster
He thinks the light was a fireball, which is a large meteor. A meteor is a piece of rock or grain of sand. If the fireball is big enough, ...

Reader`s comments:

Hi , tho I don't have video of the fire ball , I did witness it all the way from Sea Side N.J. Even from here it lit up the night sky casting shadows . I was lucky enough to witness the entire event. My girlfriend and I watched as it appeared to break up, as it headed from east to west. It was the brightest , longest lasting meteor I have ever seen in my life . It really was amazing. I hope this might help you pin down where it may have landed. [address]

Hello. We (Myself, my son and a friend) witnessed this large fireball go over our house in Alexandria Virginia last night around 10 ish. We did not get videos.. at first we thought it was some kind of fire works but it was too big and moved very fast. It seemed to move from east to north west. We checked the local news but no reports. I can't believe more people did not see this.

I saw a meteor come into our atmosphere last night at approximately 10:30pm. I saw which direction it went from my vantage point in Point of Rocks, MD. It was quite large actually and a little scary looking. It was green and then went to orange and red.
Thanks, Lisa

25 June 2010

Pennslyvania Meteor/ite We Need Videos to Find Rocks!

Please anyone in the MD, Penn, area please check for videos from security companies and shops. If you find video of the event please contact me: drtanuki@gmail.com Thank you!

IF you saw a meteorite actually fall or have found me contact me ASAP! Thanks. Dirk Ross...Tokyo

Pennsylvania Large Meteor/ Fireball Bolide 24JUN2010

Meteor Sounded Like Frying Bacon!

Derik Bowers writes:

I had the best meteorite experience in my life today at 9:58 pm. I saw a huge fireball for about 5 seconds. I was in Williamsport, MD. It came from the SE and headed NW. My first thought was who is shining a spotlight in the field? I then looked right, and in the second that I looked right I heard a loud boom, and sizzle like bacon. The boom was so loud that it made me jump! I saw stones shedding off this. I saw yellow , green, and white. I saw the dark flight for a second or so; it was like white pin dots. I did some research and it seems to been the brightest in White Hall, MD; maybe PA. I think I am less than 100 miles from the strewnfield.

Some here report seeing fireball in sky
A bright light in the sky over Lancaster County attracted the attention of at least a few people Thursday night. What caused the light was uncertain as of press time. Three people called the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era shortly after 10 p.m. to report seeing the light. About the same time, several people from Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Connecticut posted on Twitter that they saw an object, which they described as a "fireball" or "meteor."...
Read more: http://articles.lancasteronline.com/local/4/261647#ixzz0rq5zC7eu


Meteor during Thursday's Orioles game?

Baltimore Sun (blog)
"Not sure if you have heard yet or not, but at tonight's (June 24) Orioles game around 9:45PM there was an extremely bright meteor (bolide) in the sky that ...

Brazil Meteorite Video and Update 24JUN2010

Reportagem da InterTv sobre o Meteorito de Varre-Sai

posted on YouTube by
UmPasseiopeloCeu | 2010年06月24日 | 3:23 [161 views]

Reportagem da InterTv sobre o Meteorito lo calizado no muniicpio de Varre-Sai, na região Noroeste do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.

Blog do Clube de Astronomia Louis Cruls - Louis Cruls Astronomy Club Blog

Olá!!! O Sr. Germano encontrou o meteorito no ultimo domingo dia 20 de junho , após ter visto asua queda no dia 19 de juho por volta das 17:30h. É possível que sejam encontrados novos meteoritos em Varre-Sai. Vamos aguardar os novos acontecimentos, podemos ter muitas surpresas. Abaixo o relato encminhado pela prefeitura de Varre-Sai ... [full blog with text and photos of meteorite]... http://calc.zip.net/

Colorado Bright Fireball 23JUN2010 25JUN2010

I recorded a very bright fireball (mag -13) over Colorado on June 23 at UT
08:49. The radiant of this event was within my measurement error of the
radiant of the June Lyrid shower, which is suggested by the IMO as a
"possible source", and seems to have been more active in the 1960s. I
obtained an initial velocity of 47 km/s, which is high compared with the IMO
estimate of 31 km/s (I don't know how that speed was obtained).

In any case, this is an interesting fireball that fragmented explosively at
a height of 53 km. I have posted a report at
; be sure to check
the nice videos from two of my allsky cameras. Tom Ashcraft also caught this
on his allsky camera in New Mexico, over 400 km to the south.

Be sure to view the videos- the terminal explosion is very impressive.


Chris L Peterson
Cloudbait Observatory

Meteor/Meteorite News 25JUN2010

This day in history: June 24

1938 - Pieces of a meteor, estimated to have weighed 450 metric tons when it hit the Earth's atmosphere and exploded, land near Chicora, Pennsylvania. ...

Meteor Party! David Levy's Leonids | LiveScience

Come to a special invitation-only star party: this one's all about meteors. Dave Brody reports from David Levy's Jarnac observatory in Arizona as the Leonid ...

Bootids to illuminate sky in minor meteor shower

Indiana Daily Student
By IDS Reports | IDS Meteor shower enthusiasts can search the skies tonight for the June Bootids, a group of meteors that have not been seen since 2004. ...
See all stories on this topic
Life at the SETI Institute: Meet Dr. Peter Jenniskens -- Video

Huffington Post (blog)
He is an expert on meteor showers and on the natural and artificial atmospheric entry of objects from space. He aims to give meteors and fireballs their ...
Crater gets inspected

Odessa American
BY GEOFF FOLSOM Heather Germaine didn't anticipate the Odessa Meteor Crater having a tough time passing its inspection Wednesday. ...
Route 66 attractions in Arizona

Meteor Crater- At 4000 ft in diameter and 570 ft deep, Meteor Crater is truly a spectacle. The crater is located not far from Winslow, AZ. ...
Video The Importance of Studying Meteorite Components

Learn about the importance of studying extraterrestrial molecules and meteorite components.

24 June 2010

Brazilian Meteorite Story in the Press about 19JUN2010 Fall

Meteorito é encontrado no Noroeste do estado

SRZD - ‎2 時間前‎
... da Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense (Uenf) analisaram uma pedra encontrada em uma propriedade rural e concluíram que se trata de um meteorito. ...

23 June 2010

Brazil Meteor Fireball Produces Meteorites 23JUN2010

Brazil Daylight Meteor Fireball of June 19 Produces Meteorites
posted by LunarMeteoriteHunter (c) - Tokyo, Japan 23JUN2010 11:00 AM
(story embargoed until 10:00PM 13:00GMT 23JUN2010)

Photos and credits:
Wellington Rangel (Clube de Astronomia Louis Cruls/ Instituto Federal Fluminense)/ Astronomers Without Borders

A ~600 gram meteorite fell about 15 meters from a ranch hand in Varre-Sai, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil on June 19, 2010. The images show the meteorite and how it was found (though it was picked up first, and then replaced for the TV camera). The person talking to the reporter is Prof. Marcelo Souza, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense, in Campos. The interview will be aired on Brazilian TV today.

Near Hit!
There is an interesting follow-up to the daylight meteor fireball in Brazil of June 19, 2010. At about 21.00 UT, a ranch hand (name withheld) saw the fireball and heard explosions, after which something fell about 15 meters away from him in a pasture. He walked over to the spot and picked up a 600 gram meteorite that had just fallen from the sky. He saw others fall at about the same time nearby but hasn't been able to find them yet. He commented that the air had a "strong smell of iron".
The meteorite appears to be an ordinary chondrite with both primary and secondary fusion crust. I expect several more meteorites to be found from this fall based upon eyewitness reports. The local university and others will be joining the hunt today and in the coming days; stay tuned-in for more.

Have information about this meteorite fall or others? Please email drtanuki@gmail.com

Previously reported:

Brazil Daytime Fireball
A daytime fireball with sonic booms was reported by many people in Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil on June 19 at about 21.00 UT. A local astronomy and physics professor, Prof. Marcelo Souza, was contacted by the fire department and others for explanation.

Map of the Campos dos Goytacazes area in Brazil:

Meteor/Meteorite News 23JUN2010

NMSU Building System To Track Meteors

KRWG 90.7
The $825000 award will fund the development of a field network of an all-sky camera system intended to monitor, track and analyze atmospheric meteors and ...

Mammoth-Belch Deficit Caused Prehistoric Cooling?

Video The Importance of Studying Meteorite Components

1 min 7 sec
The Importance of Studying Meteorite Components - Learn about the importance of studying extraterrestrial molecules and ...

Not for Public Display: Backstage at the American Museum of Natural History

Wired News
By Betsy Mason and Jonathan Snyder The American Museum of Natural History is known for the biggest chunk of meteorite on display in any museum: The ...

21 June 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 21JUN2010

EYE ON RESEARCH: Upward-looking camera systems yield information about ...

Las Cruces Sun-News
The camera unit is used along with numerous other similar cameras to provide a ground-based, all-sky camera network to monitor natural meteor events and to ...

Japan Space Program Shines with Hayabusa, IKAROS Success
TIME - ‎9 時間前‎
(See pictures of meteor strikes on Earth.) Scientists at both NASA and JAXA say it's likely the Hayabusa has returned at least some asteroid material, and ...

Not a Comet, but Fungus, Fire and Fecal Pellets

Astrobiology Magazine
New findings challenge a theory that a meteor explosion or impact thousands of years ago caused catastrophic fires over much of North America and Europe and ...

Meteor shower to wreck Hubble Space Telescope, ISS

Hindustan Times
The Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station could suffer heavy damage from the worst meteor storm in over a decade, NASA has warned. ...

Are We Overlooking Alien Beacons?

Discovery News
Last week Hubble Space Telescope images definitively showed that the bright flash of light seen on Jupiter was simply a meteor. Albeit, a blinding bright ...

Brazil Daytime Fireball 19JUN2010

Brazil Daytime Fireball
A daytime fireball with sonic booms reported by many people in Campos dos Goytacazes [Guaytocazes?], Brazil at on June 19 at about 21.00 UT. A local astronomy expert was contacted by the fire department and others for explanation. No other information is available at this time.
Source: Astronomers Without Borders- M.S.

If you have any information please leave a comment. Thank you.

Map of area in Brazil:

17 June 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 18JUN2010

Meteorite owner unsure what to do with it
ABC via Yahoo!7 News Thu, 17 Jun 2010 16:45 PM PDT
A property owner from south-west Queensland has been declared the rightful owner of a 25 kilogram meteorite.

National Geographic
Meteor Caused Jupiter Flash, Hubble Reveals

National Geographic
Hubble findings suggest that a flash seen on Jupiter was caused by a meteor, not an asteroid or comet. A mysterious flash of light seen on Jupiter early ...

FEMA Releases Prep Guide for an Extinction-sized Meteorite Impact

Glossy News (satire)
WASHINGTON DC (GlossyNews) — The thought of an approaching meteor the size of Manhattan is certain to cause anyone a fair amount of anxiety. ...

Stone cold serious fight for 'space rock'
Daily Telegraph Thu, 17 Jun 2010 14:14 PM PDT
ROCKÂ kept in secret location under lock, key and alarm as landowners fight for "meteorite"...

Row over 'space rock' settled
The Courier Mail Thu, 17 Jun 2010 07:01 AM PDT
A PECULIAR-shaped rock at the centre of a long-running custody battle has finally found itself a home. Find out who the meteorite is going home with....

Landowner wins custody battle for meteorite
ABC via Yahoo!7 News Thu, 17 Jun 2010 00:35 AM PDT
A magistrate has handed down his ruling in a lengthy legal dispute over a meteorite that landed in south-west Queensland....

Custody battle over who owns meteorite
ABC via Yahoo!7 News Wed, 16 Jun 2010 20:15 PM PDT
A magistrate in south-west Queensland is today considering a custody dispute over a meteorite.

Fossil evidence challenges Younger Dryas Impact theory

Washington, June 17 (ANI): A new study has found evidence against a theory, which claimed that a meteor explosion or impact thousands of years ago caused ...
NASA telescope solves mystery of light flash on Jupiter

Albuquerque Express
The flash of light came from a giant meteor that was burning high above Jupiter's cloud tops. The meteor didn't enter the atmosphere deep enough to explode ...

How are Craters Formed?

Discovery News
When a meteor makes it through Earth's atmosphere without burning up, it strikes the ground faster than the speed of sound. “Something we don't understand ...

Meteor storm from passing comet could threaten spacecraft

Christian Science Monitor
A meteor storm predicted for next year could imperil satellites and the space station, say NASA experts. Meteors from Leonid meteor shower streak across the ...

Hubble: Jupiter 'Flash' Caused by Meteor, Not Fireball : Big Pic ...

Three days after the June 3 Jupiter "flash", the Hubble Space Telescope took a closer look at the site. It didn't find any trace of an impact leading.

NASA Prepares for Potentially Damaging 2011 Meteor Shower

The meteor shower risk assessment is actually more art than science, ... The yearly Draconids are not known for their bright meteor displays, Cooke said. ...

Crackpot YD Impact Hypothesis Gets a Whack

CBS News
Scientists: Earth Catastrophic Meteor Theory Wrong

CBS News
About 12900 years ago, a very large meteor hurtling through space either slammed into the Earth or exploded in in the atmosphere, obliterating most of North ...

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 17JUN2010

'Ball of fire' still a mystery

Journal Pioneer - Colin Maclean - 15 hours ago
A mysterious ball of fire that crashed into a farmer's field here Saturday has attracted the attention of a meteorite expert. Dr. Robert Hawkes, professor ...

Journal Pioneer

02:10 - Today youtube.com
B. Cullman Hall of the Universe, and affirming the Museum's role in maintaining public access to it. ... museum meteorite "grand ronde" oregon "willamette meteorite" space ...

What whacked Jupiter A giant meteor Spacecom msnbccom

Scientists say a huge meteor created the fireball that was spotted on Jupiter two weeks ago, and they also explain what happened to some of the giant ...

Mysterious Flash on Jupiter Left No Debris Cloud

It came from a giant meteor burning up high above Jupiter's cloud tops. The space visitor did not plunge deep enough into the atmosphere to explode and ...

SPACEcom Giant Meteor Caused Jupiter Fireball Scientists Say

The mystery fireball that smacked into Jupiter on June 3 has been identified as a big meteor that plunged into the planet's atmosphere and burned up high ...

Rare meteorites to be displayed at PARI in Rosman

Asheville Citizen-Times
ROSMAN — The public is invited to a special meteorite presentation by Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute President Don Cline on July 9. ...

NASA Prepares for Potentially Damaging 2011 Meteor Shower

By Leonard David NASA is assessing the risk to spacecraft posed by the upcoming 2011 Draconid meteor shower, a seven-hour storm of tiny space rocks that has ...

Eerste hands-on 3DS!

NZone - ‎22 時間前‎
... je NOG beter ziet hoe je lasers en bommen gaan vliegen, plus dat je mooi kan inschatten hoe ver die ene vijand of meteoriet nog van je vandaan is. ...

Maan bevat iets meer water dan gedacht

NU.nl - ‎2010年6月14日‎
Vervolgonderzoek aan een ander bodemmonster en een op aarde gevonden meteoriet die van de maan afkomstig is, bevestigt dat resultaat. ...

Sigmar Polke (1941-2010) overleden

NRC Handelsblad - ‎2010年6月12日‎
Hij gebruikte exotische materialen als gemalen meteoriet, maar ook zilver en bladgoud. Kijkend naar zijn schilderijen kreeg je vaak het gevoel dat het ...

Lapan Ragukan Ledakan Misterius di Tangerang Karena Meteor

Tempo Interaktif - ‎2010年6月10日‎
"Saya meragukan jika benda yang jatuh itu adalah meteorit atau sampah antariksa lainnya," ujar Profesor Riset Bidang Astronomi di Pusat Since Antariksa ...

Sfârşitul lumii aşa cum o ştim

Romania Libera - ‎2010年6月14日‎
În fiecare secol un meteorit de 10 metri cade pe Pământ cu forţa unui dispozitiv nuclear de mici dimensiuni. Tunguska a fost ultimul loc, în 1908, ...

Mesosiderite, Teil 4: NWA 1827

myheimat.de - ‎2010年6月10日‎
Dieser Meteorit wurde 2003 in Marokko gefunden. Seine Gesamtmasse beträgt 877 Gramm, von denen 20 Gramm an der University of Washington, 1 Gramm am Center ...

Pallasite, Teil 1: Admire

myheimat.de - ‎2010年6月12日‎
Dieser Meteorit wurde 1881 in Illinois, USA gefunden, wobei über den genauen Ort keine Klarheit herrscht. Er wurde erst 1962 analysiert und als Pallasit ...

16 June 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 16JUN2010

June meteors will streak through the sky

Astronomy Magazine
The Boötid meteor shower could put on a nice show June 23, although the meteors must contend with moonlight. Astronomy: Roen Kelly [View Larger Image] ...

Farm fire not caused by meteorite
CBC.ca Tue, 15 Jun 2010 10:24 AM PDT
A meteorite expert says a strange ball of fire that landed in a Prince Edward Island farmer's field last Saturday was not from a meteor. ..

Meteor nears Earth in 2029

8 hours ago - The asteroid now called the Apophis was tracked by Russia and expected to come very close to being an Earth meteor on April 13th, 2029 and again in 2036.

A vast ocean likely covered one-third of the surface of Mars some 3.5 billion years ago, according to a new study conducted by University of Colorado at Boulder scientists. ...

Moon may have more water than believed

For this new study, the researchers were able to compare their calculations to analyses of samples of Apollo moon rocks and a lunar meteorite from Africa. ...

Meteorite exhibition opens at the Museum of Technology in Warsaw, Poland

The exhibition is open from 1 June for three months.

Astro Bob blog: Florida man uncovers possible Earth-related meteorite

Duluth News Tribune
A meteorite hunter has brought to light a meteorite that may once have come from Earth. Meteorite enthusiast Greg Hupe holds a small meteorite he found from ...

14 June 2010

Japan Meteor/Meteorite News 14JUN2010

Hayabusa asteroid-sample capsule recovered in Outback

AssociatedPress [259 views] 2010年06月14日
A Japanese capsule returned to Earth overnight after a seven-year, 4 billion-mile journey, burning apart on re-entry in a spectacular fireball. This is the first time a spacecraft successfully landed on an asteroid and returned to Earth. (June 14) ...

Asteroid mission returns to Earth (13/6/2010)

Posted on YouTube by UFOReportLive [77 views] 2010年06月14日
A capsule thought to contain the first samples grabbed from the surface of an asteroid has returned to Earth. The Japanese Hayabusa container hit the top of the atmosphere just after 1350 GMT, producing a bright fireball over southern Australia. It had a shield to cope with the heat of re-entry and a parachute for the final drop to the ground.
A recovery team later reported they had identified the landing zone in the Woomera Prohibited Range. BBC Science Correspondent Jonathan Amos describes the capsule's dramatic re-entry. Japanese space probe returns to Earth (14/6/2010)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQAbFv...

Meteor/Meteorite News 14JUN2010

Scientists scramble for Japanese asteroid capsule

The pod, which was ejected from a Japanese space probe as it burned up in a spectacular meteor-like display over Australia, could hold the first piece of ...


 【グレンダンボ(オーストラリア南部)=本間雅江】宇宙航空研究開発機構の小惑星探査機「はやぶさ」が13日夜、7年に及ぶ旅を終え、地球に帰還 した。 飛行した距離は、地球―太陽間の40倍にあたる60億キロ・メートルで、満身創痍(そ うい)の奇跡 ...


Capsule plunges to Earth after historic visit to asteroid
Cutting across the night sky at more than 27,000 mph, a small Japanese
capsule returned to Earth from the surface of an asteroid Sunday and
landed in the remote Australian outback.
The 16-inch-wide capsule plunged into the atmosphere over Australia at
1351 GMT (9:51 a.m. EDT) on the second-fastest re-entry of a manmade
spacecraft ever attempted. ...

NASA Team Captures Hayabusa Spacecraft Reentry- YouTube Video

Posted on YouTube by nasaames [202 views] 2010年06月13日
A group of astronomers from NASA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and other organizations had a front row seat to observe the Hayabusa spacecraft's fiery plunge into Earth's atmosphere. The team flew aboard NASA's DC-8 airborne laboratory, packed with cameras and other imaging instruments, to capture the high-speed re-entry over an unpopulated area of central Australia on June 13, 2010. The Japanese spacecraft completed its seven-year, 1.25 billion mile journey to return a sample of the asteroid Itokawa. ...

The end of the world as we know it

Every century or so, a 10-meter meteor slams into the Earth with the force of a small nuclear device. Tunguska was the site of the last, in 1908, ...

Do You Have a Moon Rock?
June 13, 2010 - 3:04 PM | by
: Michael Sorrentino
Former NASA Special Investigator and college professor Joseph Gutheinz is on a mission. He set out years ago to recover the missing "Goodwill Moon Rocks" that were given to all 50 states and more than 100 countries by the Nixon ...

Pasco man says rock collection holds discovery

Calvert claims the hole proves the rock had to have been made of compacted comet dust, not a meteor that would be more dense and unlikely to have a hole ...

11 June 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 11JUN2010

Jupiter Impact: Mystery of the Missing Debris
NASA Science News
June 11, 2010: On June 3rd, 2010, something hit Jupiter. A comet or
asteroid descended from the black of space, struck the planet's
cloudtops, and disintegrated, producing a flash of light so bright it
was visible in backyard telescopes on Earth. ...

NASA Sends Aircraft to Watch Asteroid Probe's Fiery Re-entry

... sample will be only 6500 feet ahead of the rest of the spacecraft, which will break into numerous pieces, essentially making it a man-made meteor. ...

New Model Is Proposed to Explain Absence of Organic Compounds on Surface of Mars
New Rochelle, June 10, 2010 - The ongoing search for evidence of past or
present life on Mars includes efforts to identify organic compounds such
as proteins in Martian soil, but their absence to date remains a
mystery. A new theory to explain what happens to these carbon-based
molecules is presented in an article published in Astrobiology, a
peer-reviewed journal published by *Mary Ann Liebert, Inc ...

The article is available free online

Extreme Life on Earth Could Survive on Mars, Too
08 June 2010
A new discovery of bacterial life in a Martian-like environment on Earth
suggests our neighboring red planet could also be hospitable to some
form of microbial life.
Researchers found methane-eating bacteria that appear to be thriving in
a unique spring called Lost Hammer on Axel Heiberg Island in the extreme
north of Canada....

June Meteorite-Times Now Online

The June issue of Meteorite-Times is now up.
A huge thank you to all the writers for their contribution of talent and time each month.

Enjoy! Paul and Jim

Rec center is rocking place during annual gem show

Delta County Independent
A display of blue petrified wood from Wyoming and a meteor fragment from Delta were among the hundreds of interesting and educational exhibits at the show. ...

NASA flying observatory to track return of Japanese asteroid sampling spacecraft

The Canadian Press
The group will study the meteor-like plunge of the Hyabusa spacecraft, which visited the asteroid Itokawa during a seven-year mission and is carrying a ...

10 June 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 10JUN2010

NASA gets front row seat for fiery “man-made meteor” reentry

... essentially making it a man-made meteor," said Peter Jenniskens, the observation campaign's principal investigator and a scientist at NASA's Ames ...

NASA Astronomers to Observe Hayabusa Homecoming
MOFFETT FIELD, Calif. -- A group of astronomers from NASA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and other organizations are flying to the other side of the world for a front row seat and a rare opportunity to study a spacecraft's targeted fiery descent through Earth's atmosphere. ...

Hayabusa on course for Australia landing zone
June 9, 2010
Five days before it will fall into the Australian outback, Japan's
returning Hayabusa asteroid mission finished targeting the landing site
Tuesday in a final ion engine burn. ...

DC-8 Flying Laboratory Heading To Australia For Hayabusa Re-entry

During those missions, scientists studied the levels of radiation, light and out-gassing of the descending spacecraft, to better understand meteor and heat ...