31 May 2011

Stuart, Florida Meteor 31MAY2011

Stuart, Florida Meteor 5:03am 31MAY2011
5:03am, 05-31-2011, Stuart, FL 34997. I saw a beautiful shooting star! It only lasted for a few seconds but it was awesome! What a show! It appeared to be traveling a slight North East to South West. -Leanne
Leanne what color was this meteor and approximately how many seconds?
Thank You!

Titusville, Florida blue-ish meteor 5:06 a.m. 31MAY2011 
I saw a shooting star on my way into the Kennedy Space Center from Titusville, Florida, this morning, Tuesday, May 31, 2011. Time: approx. 5:06 a.m. The star seemed to move in a West to East trajectory. It was visible for only about 6-10 seconds at most. However, in that time it appeared that the color was blue-ish. I would be interested to know if there was some kind of meteor shower, or if this was a sole star.
Thank you.
Veronica K.
Veronica, Thank you for your detailed report!  You most likely saw what is called a sporatic (SPO), i e not related to any known meteor shower.

We need the Date and Time of these events
your Location name (town,city),
Start and Stop location in sky,
Direction of movement, 
Brightness (Venus, Moon, Sun)
Duration of event (seconds)
color, sounds?
Photos? Videos?
Please Email: LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com Thank you!

Scottsdale, Arizona Meteor 30MAY2011 MBIQ-Confirm

Scottsdale, Arizona Meteor  8:30 pm 30MAY2011
I am in Scottsdale Arizona and tonight at about 8:30 pm me and two friends were hanging out when I saw a streak of fire due north and I freaked my friends out yelling and pointing to look!  It lasted about 5 seconds and you could see it flashing meaning pieces were breaking off.  I am pretty sure it hit ground but not sure if it landed in AZ or a state due north of us.  Utah?  Colorado?  Further north?  Awesome website and I know I am not the only one to see this illuminary! -Kayle Reynolds  Thank You Kayle!

MBIQ Meteor Detect:
Chandler, Arizona arrived from google.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News" by searching for big explosion tonight in arizona blue in the sky.
16:12:44 -- 46 minutes ago

We need the Date and Time of these events
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Aubrey, Texas Early Morning Meteor 29MAY2011

Aubrey TX 15-18 seconds orange ball between 330am and 400am 29MAY2011
May 29 2011 between 330am and 400am
Location name (town,city), Aubrey TX
Start and Stop location in sky, Northeast to Southwest
Direction of movement: east to west
Brightness (Venus, Moon, Sun) Moon
Duration of event (seconds) color, sounds? 15-18 seconds orange ball followed by a bright red flame tail with no sound we could hear
Photos? Videos? nope – caught us off guard as we were talking on the back porch when it appeared and struck out across the sky, we raised from our chair and watched the object stream across the sky and then poof.  -KERRI Y.

We need the Date and Time of these events

your Location name (town,city),
Start and Stop location in sky,
Direction of movement, 
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Duration of event (seconds)
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Photos? Videos?
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Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News MBIQ Detects South Africa Meteor Event 30MAY2011

MBIQ (Meteor Bot Internet Query) indicates that a meteor? event may have occurred in South Africa, 30MAY2011.  No other details are known at this time.  Anyone in South Africa that saw this event please email LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com  Thank you!

We need the Date and Time of these events
your Location name (town,city),
Start and Stop location in sky,
Direction of movement, 
Brightness (Venus, Moon, Sun)
Duration of event (seconds)
color, sounds?
Photos? Videos?

Johannesburg, Gauteng arrived from google.co.za on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News" by searching for bright stars in the sky - gauteng.
14:44:37 -- 2 minutes ago

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape arrived from google.co.za on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: MA NY NJ CT PA ME VT MD Quebec, Canada Large Meteor Fireball 30APR2011" by searching for fireball in eastern cape 30 May 2011.
14:42:57 -- 44 seconds ago

30 May 2011

Meteor/Meteorite News -Breaking News- MBIQ Detects MA NY NH PA ME NC OH KY DC ONT TWO Bright Green Meteor Fireballs over NE United States 29MAY2011

Updated v.10.5 - Meteorites May Be on the Ground

Persons living in WV, VA, PA, OH or others that wish to assist in the search please contact me:
LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com  Please add Subject: meteorite hunt  Provide your phone #, location, name; if will be calling on you for tasking according to your schedule/ability/interest; thank you!

We greatly need videos from security cameras, policecams or other of these events so that we can determine the location of meteorite falls. Time is soon running out as tapes and HDDs get rewritten.
 Please get word of these events to you local newspapers, TV, radio stations, blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, Myspace and etc.  So far there have been NO reports by the Press...What`s up?  These were major meteor news events seen by 100s-1000s! Presswriters feel free to contact me. (IF you see any press reports please email me as well. post link to:
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
ANY other ARTISTS that saw these events  please contact me!

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Meanwhile in BC, Canada since the 14MAY2011 Meteorite Fall... (Link)

MeteorRATs (MetRapidActionTeams) Mobilize!!!
just in case you missed this from this site FIRST; other sites are copycats; ready with the cameras?: http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.com/2011/05/neos-close-approach-june-2011-green.html

Sonic Reports (click to on photo to enlarge)
29MAY2011 11:00 pm WV Meteor
Blue Markers= M/M News Sighting Reports
Yellow Markers= AMS Sighting Reports
Red Circle Signal Markers= Sonics Reported
Red Ball Markers= Radar Returns (preliminary)
Red Circles= 50Km, 100Km
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Sonic Reports (click to on photo to enlarge)
29MAY2011 11:00 pm WV Meteor
Blue Markers= M/M News Sighting Reports
Yellow Markers= AMS Sighting Reports
Red Circle Signal Markers= Sonics Reported
Red Ball Markers= Radar Returns (preliminary)
Red Circles= 50Km, 100Km, 200Km
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50km, 100km, 200km Centered on Sonics  (click to enlarge)
Green Markers= Sighting Reports
Red CirceSignal Markers= Sonic Reports
Yellow Markers= AMS Sighting Reports
29MAY2011 11:00 pm WV Meteor
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BTW, Welcome to (links for town/village info- each town listed below is a link, please use) Circleville, WV 26804, Blue Grass, VA 24413, Doe Hill, VA 24433, Monterey, VA 24465, Brandywine, WV 26802, Upper Tract, WV 26866, Petersburg, WV 26847, Riverton, WV 26814, and more... for your pleasure of checking on sound reports  until the next phase is complete or try Dryfork? Coon Bone Island? or on to Job?
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TWO Meteor Fireballs ~9:00 pm and  ~11:00 pm 29MAY2011 over NE USA/Canada
Green markers= sighting reports 11:00 pm Meteor
Blue Markers= sighting reports 9:00 pm Meteor
Red markers = MBIQ Detection Locations
 (click to enlarge)
v.6(c) 2011 LunarMeteorite*Hunter/ Google Earth
Just over one hour ago internet quieres started pouring in and MBIQ (Meteor Bot Internet Query) triggered a meteor fireball event detection for MA NY NH PA ME ONT, Canada night of 29/30MAY2011.  If you saw this event we need the specified information listed below; please email with your observations.  Thank you!  -Tokyo

We need the Date and Time of these events
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Start and Stop location in sky,
Direction of movement, 
Brightness (Venus, Moon, Sun)
Duration of event (seconds)
color, sounds?
Photos? Videos?

Meteor sighting ~11:00 May 29 2011 Saxonburg, PA

(click on photo to enlarge)
I saw this thing while riding my bicycle home last night, and when I found your website, I decided to draw it on my tablet and email it to you.There were no street lights, no cars, and no wind besides what was rushing past my ears at about 15mph, and I didn't hear any sounds.
The drawing is as accurate as my memory in terms of color, size, shape, starting point, direction, and ending point. The route I was on goes directly east, and I judged south according to that.
Drawing/Report by Peter Schmidt (c) 2011 All Rights Reserved

S@Spruce Knob Lake, Monogahelia National Forest
Location: spruce knob lake, monogahelia national forest. Time: aprox.11:30 pm. Area of sky: best guess=northern, traveling west. Duration: 10 seconds. Colors: white head, red burning tail. Brightness: sun. Sound: 2 min. Following visual sight, loud boom, explosion. -Frank M.

S@Smoke Hole, West Virginia Big Bend Campground
directly above moving from east to west
Brighter than street light , We were camping under trees the
the light lit up the campground, no street lights or electricity near by
lasted a second and a half
went from greenish blue to a fireball yellow burn
the width of the fireball was the size of 3 moons
the tail was twice as long as that
2 minutes later we heard a prolonged grumbling boom that last for 3 or 4 seconds
was extremely frightening and we had no radio, mobile phones or internet connection Scott P.

S@Kile Knob, WV, elevation 4440'level
Bright Bolide on Sunday, May 29, 2011.
At 11:03 p.m. EDT two of us saw the brightest bolide, or fireball, either has ever seen. It lit the area as if with bright green daylight -- many times brighter than a full moon. A rough estimate would be mag -14 or -15.
After a 2 or 3 of minutes we heard a distant rumbling boom sound. This was at approximately 11:06 after the visual sighing. The explosive sound came from the northwest -- the direction where the meteor was last seen.
It traveled from east to west with a peak altitude high in the northern sky. This pretty much rules out being space junk as most non-polar-orbiting satellites travel from west to east. As I recall, it either passed through Ursa Major, or slightly north of it. -Curtis Roelle  Excellent Report!

S@Franklin, WV
Saw a white one in the distance about 11 pm, then a spectacular green meteor overhead around 11:15pm, lit up the sky and our yard, a few minutes later a large explosion like boom in the west -Mike K

S@Dolly Sods Area, Mon National Forest, WV
N38 58’08.60”, W79 19’42.65”  elev~3000ft
Occured a few minutes after 11pm EDT. My wife and mother and I were sitting out on our deck talking. We did not see the meteor directly but saw it light up the ground and surrounding countryside like it was a full moon but with greenish light. Light lasted about 1 second and appeared to light up the ground in a northerly direction. A couple of minutes later we heard a sound like loud rolling thunder in the distance. The sound lasted 2-3 seconds. Also, don't know if it is related but approx 2-3 minutes after the initial sound, we heard a crashing sound in the woods to the west, like a large limb falling out of the top of a tree. -Jason Nelson

S@Bowden, WV
On May 29, 2011 while camping near Bowden, WV around 11:01 P.M., everything lit up as if it were getting daylight out. Looked up and seen a big orange/blueish ball with a tail behind as if it were on fire. Watched it until it just disappeared within a few second of seeing it. A few seconds after it was no longer visible we heard a very loud boom, almost like it was thunder!

S@Clover Creek,VA Meteor 11:02pm 29MAY2011
(guest)wrote: Witness the blue-greenish meteor. We view it from clear cut mountian top. It was so bright it lit up entire ground. Travel from east to west and was viewable for 2-3 secs. About 2-3 minutes later we heard loud rumble and slight tremble of ground. When this happened all the crickets and frogs instantly became quite. Very exciting to say least. The meteor passed barely north of clover creek, va.

S@Spruce Knob Lake Campground, WV
We were camped at Spruce Knob Lake Campground and also saw and heard this event. From the rough campground layout, the fireball traveled roughly north and lasted approximately 2 seconds once we saw it. It was greenish blue with some orange in the trail. A hissing sound accompanied the visual sighting of the fireball meteor. A few minutes afterwards, we heard a loud and distant explosion that rumbled and echoed for a few seconds (off in what I would guess was a north easterly direction from the campground. Brightness was venus or brighter. - Chad B.
Excellent Report!!!

S@Montrose, WV Approximately 11:00 PM, May 29.
Description: First saw the fireball (bluish white in color) almost directly above me. Maybe around 80 degrees. As I viewed it, it didn't seem to move much, only slowly as it seemed to be coming straight down in my direction. This lasted for approximately 5 seconds. Then it slowly veered to my left (northeast) and began to dim and finally went out. The whole event probably lasted 8-10 seconds. It was a short time later (approximately 6 seconds) I heard two distinct explosions (booms) and another 2 or 3 seconds later a third one. The sound came from the Northeast. 
Direction: At the beginning of this event I was standing in my yard and suddenly everything lit up. It came from a high southeasterly direction and veered to the northeast as it was dimming out. The actual constellation and position of the sky where it first appeared was between Hercules and Bootes. -Debbie R  Excellent Report!!!

S@Big Bend Campgrounds, near Upper Tract, West Virginia
It was between 11:00 and 11:30 on Sunday, May, 29. We were camping at Big Bend Campgrounds, near Upper Tract, West Virginia. It pretty much ran straight West to East. It wasn't in the sky for long. It was bright green, and I didn't hear anything when I saw it. About 3 to 5 minutes later we felt the ground shake, as if there was a big explosion, but that was probably unrelated. It was pretty bright. Kind of looked like a firework in the sky. Sorry, no pictures or videos -Matt

Waynesboro, Pennsylvania bright (as the sun) green light at 11:02 p.m. EST 05/29/11
Saw a very bright (as the sun) green light fall what appeared to be southwest in waynesboro, pennsylvania at 11:02 p.m. EST 05/29/11. Never saw that color light in the sky before. Appeared to have fallen to earth. Lost sight of it behind a treeline. Didn't hear a sound but was standing by a running a/c exchange unit. Was it a meteorite?

Trafford, Pennsylvania Very Bright Fireball 11:04 pm EST 29MAY2011
Date: May 29th 2011
Time: 11: 04 pm
Location:  Level Green/Trafford, Pennsylvania
Color: Red & Green With Yellow/White Streak/Tail Connected or Following While It Falling
Brightness: Very Bright  - Danielle 

Chambersburg, PA at 11:00 P.M.
Sighted in Chambersburg, PA at 11:00 P.M. 

Floyd, Virginia Bright Green at 11:06 PM
seen in Floyd, Virginia at 11:06 PM. Bright green with red shooting from behind. - Anon 

I saw a bright blue ball with an orange tail falling through the sky around 11:05 pm.
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North Carolina zip code 27565 biggest blue / green, turning red  meteor 11:15 pm
11:15 PM we saw the biggest meteor we've ever seen in the northern sky. It appeared to be blue / green, turning red as it passed the horizon. We are located in North Carolina zip code 27565. - John H 

Meteor Cascade, MD 
Seen a ball of fire yellowish and green in western sky approximately 15 minutes ago

Odenton, Maryland (USA) very colorful meteor 11:15pm May 29
I just saw a very colorful meteor that appeared to be very low. I'm assuming this because of the brightness and size of the trail of light. It was about an inch in width and 2 feet in length. My location is Odenton, Maryland (USA) and in was in the Western sky. Oh, timing of the sighting was about 11:15pm May 29. -Sam

Pittsburgh PA intensely bright green light just after 11 PM
I live in Pittsburgh PA, and I saw what I can only suppose was a meteor
tonight -- at any rate, it fit the classic description. It was an
intensely bright green light falling directly towards the earth; it
started out relatively low in the sky and lasted about 5-6 seconds. It
also left a visible trail behind it, and I could swear (though my
boyfriend disagrees) that I heard it making noise -- sort of like a faint
hissing sound. It happened probably just after 11 PM. Thanks,Sheila

Monroeville Pa. 
Bright green meteor at 11:03pm on May 29th.
Observed while driving southeast in Monroeville Pa.
Beautiful streak, with brilliant color. Amazing how close it appears to be.
Todd Sent from my iPhone

Winchester, VA.
At 11:02 PM EST on 5/29/2011 I saw a large meteor heading North/Northwest while driving on highway 37 near Winchester, VA. It was low in the sky about 30 degrees above horizon and I lost sight of it when it dropped below the tree line. It was a bright color like a white/yellow sun and had a smoke trail following it. It only lasted a second or two before it went below tree line. It was bright like the sun and about the size of a baseball. I was driving so did not hear any sounds. -John C

Grafton, West Virginia at 1105 pm
i was in grafton west virginia at 1105 pm saw flash then green bright light with tail at least 6 seconds north west of grafton. -Anon.

Roanoke, VA at 11:06 pm may 29 2011
Saw a meteor in roanoke,va at 11:06 pm may 29TH 2011!very cool colors, it looked like it was so close to us. It had a fire trail that followed behind it and no sound!

Belva, West Virginia Time: 11:03pm Date: 5/29/2011
Description: Extremely large, blue light moving in a linear path at a high rate of speed. The central ball was about the size of a full moon and the blue light surrounded it lit up the whole sky. Appeared as if it was going to hit the mountainside, "I actually braced myself for impact". Very eary...can't get rid of the goosebumbs. Travis Great report Travis;thank you!

Columbus, OH
Approximately 11:05 pm today 5/29
Spotted in eastern sky, path appeared headed straight down. Brilliant green with orange-yellow trail.

West Union, West Virginia may 29 around 11:00 PM.
West Union, West Virginia may 29 around 11:00 PM. Fast moving big green ball moving towards earth. Came from the south and it disappeared behind the hills in the East.

Harrisonburg, VA
My wife Svetlana asked me to come out on the back porch and look at the stars a few minutes before the meteorite hit at 11:02 PM EST.  My family and some youthgroup friends had a campfire going, and we were all looking at the western horizon, in a perfect vantage point to see it.  We are glad to share our observations with you.  PS: We were guest 830 on your chatroll. 
Guest830 (guest): saw fireball in dazzling colors at 11:03 PM 5/29/2011, just south of Harrisonburg, VA, almost 70 degrees vertically above us from the western horizon, (Appalachain Mtns./WV border)seeming to emanate from the Big Dipper and falling vertically downward. The predominant color was neon light green with traces of pink and yellow. The burning colors seemed to go in two phases,beginning in yellow and ending in green, lighting up sky and lasted 5-6 seconds. It looked more like fireworks than a shooting star. Bob (guest 700), it must have passed right between us,we are 2 miles south of Bridgewater, VA in Harrisonburg if it was to your east
 -John Doughty

Pittsburgh, PA
I live in Pittsburgh and was watching a movie around 11:00pm. I saw a green light moving very fast (.5-1 second) out of the window. I was facing south when I saw it. For perspective of direction, on a clock it was heading from 11 to 5 facing south. Very interesting because of the green color.
-Nathan R.

Holly River State Park, West Virginia (18 miles south of Buckannon) Green Meteor!
Saw the green meteor at Holly River State Park, West Virginia (18 miles south of Buckannon) last night around 11pm...moving right to left...unsure of my direction when sighted...no sound, but a brilliant bright green orb-like ball with a tail...it was the brightest object in the sky...we were in a wooded area so we saw it for only 2 to 3 seconds...seemed very close...when it went behind a tree line, we almost expected to hear a crash of some sort...it was awesome!! - thushion

Spruce Knob, WV
We were camping near Spruce Knob WV. It was around 11:00pm the ball was bright orange with a tail, lit up the entire campsite like it was daytime. Not sure direction of travel. Approximately 3 minutes after the light we heard a low boom which sounded extremely far away. - Corey

Fairfax, VA 
Guest406 (guest):Saw bright green fireball falling towards earth at 11:02pm last night in Fairfax, VA (merging from 66 onto 7100). It was amazing! Had a firey "tail" following it.

Washington, DC
Saw a fireball over Washington, DC yesterday evening at 11ish. Saw it fall perpendicularly from 85 degrees on the horizon to 20 degrees where it was obscured by buildings in front of us. We were facing due west at the corner of 6th and Cedar, NW. -Ellen C. McBarnette

Waynesboro, PA
Hi last night a lil after 11pm we saw a yellowish reddish and greenish with a tail fall in waynesboro pa it was amazing to see it was not going that fast but definitely seemed to have landed within 10 miles it was mainly green big fireball idk if need any other info please email me jjoehar@pail.com -Neal Harman

Champion, PA
We saw a very bright green to orange ball coming towards us in the sky then passed us with a tail and fizzled out as it came closer towords the mountains.
There were a bunch of us who saw it in Champion, PA at Mountain Pines Resort Campground just after 11:00. It was the largest and lowest one I have ever seen! If you are in the campground it was coming over the store passed the field where they had just finished the DJ dance. What a finish!- The Bodners

Waynesboro, PA
coming home from a friends house last night around 11:00pm when i saw something plunge towards the ground in the direction of Waynesboro, west of where i was. the object was blue/white in color and fairly large. -Jon

Oxford, NC. Bright green ball
May 29, 2011 about 11:02 pm, Oxford, NC. Bright green ball, like the size of a basketball coming straight down from the North, slight North West, with a bright white and yellow looking tail! -O.P.Kelly
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Kenton County, KY
i live in southern kenton county of Ky. it was between 10:35pm-11:00pm (i was letting my dog out
and when i was it i stayed out there to see if it would happen again.) i was it in the east for like 2 seconds. it just caught my eye. the color was of a yellowish, very .bright ( like a full moon) didn't hear nothing. looked like a shooting star, but insteaded of a size of a pea it was like a quarter size. -starrcaste2003rh

East Pittsburgh, PA
20 mins East Pittsburgh Saw it in the wanna say North Eastern sky later in the night. I guess it was around 11 since thats what others on here are saying. Appeared low in the sky. Was a green/white color ball about the size of the full moon with a trail following it. Fell at an angle and dissapeared behind the tree line with no sound. -Justin

Mannington, WV
I am from Mannington WV an last night between ten and eleven we saw something in the sky to the east. It seem to come from west to east. It looked like a ball of fire in the sky. -Jennifer B.

Rixeyville, VA  time: 11:00pm (approx) date: May 29, 2011
time: 11:00pm (approx)
location: Rixeyville, VA
myself, 3 adults and my 11 year old saw a meteor falling, it was slow, lasted about 5 seconds, had a green glow with an orange trail in the western sky about 30 degrees -Lisa

Mount Laurel, NJ
I saw a huge green meteor(ite) at 11:03 pm EST in Mount Laurel, NJ. Much larger than any that I have seen before. It seemed to be due west from me. -Jonathan 

Henderson, WV 25106
Saw this event at roughly 11:00 p.m. EST from from a Lat/Long of 38 degrees 45 min North / 82 Degrees 7 min West. Henderson, WV 25106.
Yellow/Orange ball with smoke trail appeared almost stationary to dropping while coming at us. Slow decent. ~ 2 seconds to fall to horizon.
Unlike the other posts, the point of (possible) impact was to my east/north/east. Leading me to believe that my location was near the end of its travels.
Last night just happened to be the first "visible" night our area has had in 27 days. First light with our new telescope and meteorite to boot. -Brian & Rachel

Pittsburgh, PA
hey! last night, 5/29/11 at 11:02 pm, i was coming across the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh, PA, toward downtown. A green shooting star, not very high up in the sky, came from over our heads, straight over downtown Pittsburgh. It illuminated the clouds around it, and there was no sound that we could tell, and it lasted about 5 seconds. It seemed to be lowering in altitude as it travelled. Would this have been a meteorite? And did anybody else see it other than my son and I? -Anon

Columbus, Ohio
Approximately, 11:05pm I saw a bright light directly overhead which disappear for a second then reappeared east of where I saw it. It lasted about a second. It disappeared over horizon. I am located in Columbus, Ohio. -Jeff Macklin

Charlottesville, Virginia
I also saw a fireball falling in the Western sky from my home in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was bright blue with an orange-red tail, very large compared to anything I've seen in the way of falling objects. It just lasted a split second, completely silent. This was at about 11:05 pm EDT although it might have been a minute or two earlier/later. I first thought it was a flare or unexploded fireworks but then realized it must have been a meteor. jmm

Guest486 (guest):May 29th, 11:00pm, Huge Green Meteor in South East Sky from Martinsburg, WV

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania around 10:15 pm???? May 29th
I saw it in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania around 10:15 pm May 29th. It was very low in the sky and very bright green. It lasted about 3 seconds, i thought it might have been a firework except it was a steady glow. -Randy G.

Durham, NC 12:30 am???
I was drivin with my husband and kids at 12:30 am on highway 55..as a usual routin...we were talkin then all of a sudden my husband yelled shocked look at that...it was a greenish yellowish object that came from the sky straight down super fast leavin no time to react...should I be worried??...omg can u explain. -anna roman

Oak Grove Theater, Verona, VA around 9:50 to 10:20 EST???
We were in the middle of a performance when it happened. We actors heard the crowd murmuring and talking as it happened and after the show most of the audience reported a bright and spectacular meteor(?) arcing from audience right to audience left in the sky above the set on stage. It is an outdoor stage and to be seen above the set would put it in an east to west direction at least midway up from the horizon in the northern part of the sky. They were taping the performance last night so it might be possible it was caught on video. We guessed the time to around 9:50 to 10:20 EST but don't know for certain because we were mid scene when it happened. -Patrick Smith

Parkesburg, PA
I googled meteor for May 29th because I needed confirmation that what I saw was actually a meteor. About 11:00 pm, May 29, 2011 was driving on route 30 west in Parkesburg, PA, just approaching the intersection of route 30 and route 10, when I saw a bright green light appear out my drivers side window. It was headed downward toward the 5:00 position (if the sky were a clock face) and had a streak of what I would describe as exhaust trailing it. I only saw it for about 3 seconds then it disappeared. Couldn't hear anything because the windows were up and I had the air conditioner on. I would loved to have been able to catch it on film. - M.C. Johnson

Butler, PA
Last Night around 11:05PM 5/29/2011 I seen a Green Fireball (Very Noticable) I noticed while looking South from where I live. In Butler Pa, It had a trail that was easily noticable as well. No Noises, It was a quiet night, i did wait and anticipated a noise to be made. -Christopher N

Northampton, PA May 29th, between 10:30 and 11 PM
Northampton, PA May 29th, between 10:30 and 11 PM, bright yellow fireball moving silently from south to north directly overhead. Last night I was letting my dog out back and I looked up and saw a bright yellow fireball about a 1/2" in diameter moving at a quick pace directly over my house. I ran inside as it passed overhead, to go out front to continue viewing and it was still burning bright like the sun heading from south to north before it fizzled out in the north. The total event lasted about 20-25 seconds. -Anon.

Pittsburgh, PA
I saw a bright green glowing ball (I think a meteorite?) flying through the air last evening (5/29/11) at 11:02 pm. We were travelling by car in Pittsburgh on the Roberto Clemente Bridge toward downtown Pittsburgh, so the direction we were traveling must have been Southeast. It came from behind us, directly over our heads, straight over downtown Pittsburgh, and our view of it was then hidden by the skyscrapers. It was as bright as a green flare, if there were such a thing. It was soundless as far as we could tell, travelling very low (like that of a small aircraft?), made the clouds around it glow green, and descended as it flew. The whole thing took about 5 seconds. I fully expected to hear or see some type of explosion, but we did not. CRAZY!!!!! -Stephanie G

New Hope, VA,
I live in New Hope, VA, and I also saw the huge meteorite that fell about 11:00 pm on May 29, 2011. I have never seen anything so big in my life. I thought it was a falling firework! I was in my backyard and I believed this "firework" fell in the field behind us. Then I realized I had not heard any sound, and knew it was a "falling star". It appeared to be blue, like a blue flame, with a white interior and an orangish tail. It looked as big as a basketball falling twenty feet away. It lasted about 3 seconds, falling straight down in the western sky. It disappeared behind our treetops, but like I said, I thought it fell into the field behind us because the great size of it made it appear to be just 50 feet away! I posted it on facebook, and when others reported seeing it too, I realized how big it really was. -Rhandle Kennedy Excellent Report!

Roanoke, VA at 11:06 5/29/11
I just want to verify the meteor in Roanoke,va at 11:06 5/29/11. I live sw of the city and it was due north from me. It looked like it was dropping almost straight down. It had a large red tail and a bright blue and white base. -Ly Kimsong

Huntington WV
My wife and I were driving home Sunday night 5-29-11 approximately 11 pm heading east on i-64 in Huntington WV, when a extremely bright and fast green thing shot right in front of us from right to left at an angle that I sware it had to hit the ground just maybe a mile from the interstate. It was only about 4 – 5 seconds but it shocked us completely. There were other people driving that had to see it as well. We were both certain it was not a firework and I am convinced that it was definitely a meteor. It was a spectacular thing to see and I wish I could have gotten a picture. -David C.

Moon Township, PA
Moon twp, pa - Clearly saw a very bright blueish-green light falling at high speed from say 11 to 5 oclock around 11pm sunday, may 29th..I knew it wasn't off this world so I searched and here I am...makes sense now. -Anon.

Fairfax County,Virginia
Guest493 (guest):Largest fireball I have ever seen. Was approx 10pm on Sunday, May 29,2011. Fairfax County,Virginia. Many,many, many times larger than any meteor or fireball I've ever seen. Was bright and large enugh to draw my attention while driving. can find no articles or references to it via google searches. Lasted a few seconds and long enough for us to watch it and comment on it in the car. Not sure of the direction given that I was driving and not sure of my direction in the car. Did travel to the tree line horizon without diminishing brightness. Gave me the impression/concern that it might have landed somewhere.

Braxton County, WV
There were four of us sitting at a campfire on Sunday night. Three of us saw a meteor. We now have, what we believe is the meteorite. Will give more info after we have had it examined. -Mona.C.

Webster County,WV
RRI was at my family's camp in the mountains in Webster County,WV. We were watching for shooting stars and weren't having any luck, so everyone was in bed by eleven, except me. I laid back in a lounge chair in the middle of an open field. All the suddden the sky lit up and there it was. Correction: It was 11:08 on 5/29. I have a voice recording to post also. Anon. (Guest)

Burnsville, Bulltown Camp, in WV
I was camped at Burnsville, Bulltown Camp, in WV on Sunday Night, May 29. My husband and I were sitting outside around 11:00pm and we both saw what appeared to be a falling star. It was much bigger than any other we had ever seen. It was orange/yellow in color and had a tail. This was like the size of a basketball. It was huge. Didn't hear anything, but seemed like it was pretty close. The direction was North East. -Shauna

Bel Air, MD
Bel Air, MD 21014, A bright green meteor at 11:00pm Sunday 5/29/2011, traveling east to west. The object passed directly overhead & in the same direction that I was traveling in my car, so I only observed it after it had passed overhead. At 1st sight it appeared about 1/4 the sized of a full moon. -djdzbinski

Corinth, KY just north of
We were camping just north of Corinth, KY over the weekend. At about 11 p.m. Sunday I saw a green light about the size of a softball -if the full moon were the size of a basketball- move east across the sky, turn orange and vanish. I shouted look look look, but nobody with me knew were to look and I was the only one who saw it. The event lasted about two to three seconds.

Frankfort, Ohio, USA
Date/Time: May 29, 2011; 11:00 EST
Location: We were very near Frankfort, Ohio, USA
Start/Stop Location in sky (Direction of Movement): We were driving almost due East at the time of the sighting, I think. The fireball descended from about our 12 o'clock position to perhaps 10 o'clock at a near 45 degree angle (traveled from east towards the north well above the tree line). We saw the fireball throughout it's entire flight.
Brightness: At least as bright as a full Moon.
Duration: perhaps 1 second or so. Color/Sounds: Very bright green fireball; we heard no sounds.
Good luck! David Land

Brownsville, PA 15417
Sunday, May 29 at approximately 11:02 pm
Travelling: North to south
Bluish Ball falling from sky... appeared for just a few seconds as we sat on the back deck of my brother's farm. It was much larger than a shooting star... a moonlike appearance. As it went down over the trees it just disappear. We looked at each other in amazement. Witnesses, 5. Three were teenagers down over the hill. They said could see the ball change colors... blue, green, white.
Not sure what it was but it was amazing! -Lisa

Incoming links to Story:

Large meteorite from May 29 could be on the ground near W.Va.
June 3, 2011 - 03:20 PM


!! - Two Fireballs Seen Over US - !!

Two Fireball Meteor over NE USA/Canada May29/30

Two Fireballs Seen Over U.S. Update asteroid 2009 BD Close Aproach : NEO



~9:00 pm EST 29MAY2011 MA,NH,ME RI Event v.10
Meteor ~9:00 pm EST 29MAY2011
 (click to enlarge)
v.3(c) 2011 LunarMeteorite*Hunter / Google Earth

Drawing of Meteor seen from Natick, MA ~9:00 pm
(c) 2011 Samantha Hankey 
Natick, MA ~9:00 pm 29MAY2011
I was sitting out last night as it was getting dark around 9ish and all of the sudden I saw a green shooting star! I saw it in Natick, MA and I believe that I was facing North and it was shooting East to West. There was a long trail behind it with a kind of pulsing yellow flash behind it. It was really bright and green, and seemed rather large and slow for a shooting star, and somewhat low. At first I thought it was a firework. I attached a quick drawing to describe what I mean. Can you tell me what it was that I saw?! Best, -Samantha Hankey

Peabody, MA Large Green Fireball ~9:00 pm
I was sitting on my deck in my back yard in Peabody, MA. I saw large green fireball. Looked like a firework type of flare being set off in the neighborhood, until I realized it was moving in the wrong direction, downward. It was in the sky long enough that I was able to point it out to my wife although she had been looking the other way. It was in the North East sky, moving downward and westerly across the sky. -Bob Treacy, Peabody, MA

Worcester, MA. on 495 north about 9pm, May 29th 2011
We were travelling from Worcester, MA. on 495 north about 9pm, May 29th 2011. Watching through the windshield we saw what appeared to be a large shooting star that resembled a bright green firework crossing in front of us traveling East to west lasting approx. 3 seconds. Seemed to burn out with sparks at the head and disintegrate. No sound, no smoke. -Anon.

Providence, RI Green with white fireball Date: Between 8:45 to 9:00 pm May 29, 2011
Time: Between 8:45 to 9:00 pmLocation: Providence, RI
Color: Green with white
Direction: Not sure
Brightness: Very Bright
Duration: Approx. less than 5 sec.
It happened so fast, I thought it was a UFO. - K. Phan

York, ME
Last night about 9 pm we had a sighting, of what we thought was a meteor, that was at a low altitude, and traveling west,to the north of us at a high rate of speed. Today we noted a black rock looking object in our yard in York ME.
Having never paid that much attention to the subject before, I am certainly not sure, but I strongly susp[ect the object in our yard is a meteroite.
IT was definitely not there yesterday before dark, and there is no activity going on around our house that would account for a stray rock ending up here. It landed in a gravel walkway, and hard enough to push in a plastic drain pipe that is installed under the rockway
Attacched find some photos I just toook of the object. Rough dimensions are 6'x9'x3".
Does anyone have any interest in investigating such object, and how would I contact them?
-J. O.

Danvers, MA.
May 29, 2011 a little before 9PM until a little after 9PM in Danvers, MA...5 people watched orange balls...first one, then two closer together, then perhaps 4 to 5 more travelling from the lower southeast, about 20 degees above the horizon, in an arc to about 35 degrees above the horizon in a northerly direction before they disappeared from sight below the treeline about 30 feet from the east-facing porch we were sitting on...they were larger than Venus is when I've seen it at it's largest low on the horizon and bright and silent and moved smoothlly at a moderate constant speed...not like anything I've ever seen before!...what were they??? - Cathy R.

Greenfield, MA at approx 9pm EST
My son and I spotted what looked like a huge fireball/meteorite on 5/29/11 over Western MA near Greenfield, MA at approx 9pm EST.
It was big and fast-- I actually thought it was a helicopter on fire falling from the sky! It was traveling from East to NE and we saw it go down within 2 - 3 seconds. The sky was overcast which made the sudden bright light even more dramatic. - Susan D.

Randolph, MA, USA.
I am writing you from Randolph, MA, USA.
On Sunday night May 29th just before 9PM approximately 8:55 PM local time I noticed a brilliant fireball in the eastern sky it was moving from south to north and started in the east and ending in the east north east. The meteor was dropping at about a 30 deg angle to horizontal. It was brilliant white and quite large, probably at least -4 or brighter. As the meteor got lower in the sky you could see "smaller" pieces coming off it. Lasted perhaps 2-3 seconds
Regards, Peter McGurk

Phillipston, Mass 8:40pm
May 29, 2011 at 8:40pm in Phillipston, Mass . It was the end of dusk. I went to close the kitchen window and saw an immense bright lite behind some trees in the northeast. It was heading to the north and went straight down into the north horizon. It was so bright, at first I Thought there must be a plane in trouble it was so low. Then it passed out of the tree line and I realized it was a fireball. It was as bright as a white moon may be brighter and had green on the outside circumference and a tail very long, as long as the event, 3 seconds? AWESOME. -LUCKY

Stoughton/Canton Massachusetts
Was on 95N in the Stoughton/Canton area at about 9pm Sunday when a huge ball of light went across the sky. At first I thought it was a plane crashing since I was not too far from Norwood Airport. It was much brighter and larger than any other "shooting star" I have ever seen. It lasted several seconds and then seemed to break up. Any other reports of this tonight?

Concord, Massachusetts - May 29, 2011 - in the east between 8:50 pm and 9:00 pm. 
I was indoors, but the great brightness got my attention. It seemed to
be moving very rapidly downward, away from me, and to the north -
though I may remember incorrectly! - and it quickly passed below the
tree line. Also, it may have been green.

Dedham, MA Green streak 9pm May 29th
Driving on 95 past exit 18 in Dedham Massachusetts at about 9pm on Sunday May 29th. Green-white streak, from south east to norhtwest, broke and formed two streaks following same line. lasted 3-5 seconds.
Wow! -Kate D

West Stockbridge, MA
We were sitting on our deck last night around 8:30 (May 29, 2011) and I noticed a bright "star" to the north. The sky was still not very dark. It appeared to be a planet about the brightness of Venus or Jupiter, but of course no planet sits high (maybe about 50 degrees up from the horizon) and north. We watched it for a few minutes, and then I went and got binoculars. It looked white and disk-like, did not appear to be moving, and as we passed binoculars it changed to an orange color, and got much fainter. When I got the binocs back it had split into two little yellowish clouds at 2 and 7 o'clock orientation to each other, the lower of them still had a bright point. Within a few more seconds nothing could be seen. The entire event seemed to last at least a few minutes!
Joe Rose

Conway, MA 01341
4 of us saw a bright fire ball last night (on May 29)
Location: Conway, MA 01341
Time: guessing 8:30ish?? It happened just after true dark
had fallen.
We saw the fireball for a few seconds, very low in the sky,
through a low spot in the hills
It was very bright--much brighter and larger than a planet,
almost as large as the moon
Color: Greenish, big fiery head and a wavy tail. Overall
shape and proportion of a tadpole.
Direction: It moved very slowly downward. We're guessing it
was to the northeast of us It was totally silent -Janet

Northborough, MA 
near Marlborough while heading East on Route 290 around approximately 9 pm. Spotted by both myself and my passenger.
Start and Stop location in sky, it was traveling from south to north, almost parallel to the earth, seemed so close as if it was going to hit the nearby Best Buy
It was bright, with green and yellow colors, seemed to last at least 5 seconds. Never seen anything like it!!! Any reports on where it landed and how far away from Earth is actually was?
Thanks! -Rachel Rego

Boston, MA at slightly before 9PM
Looking to the east, the meteor moved from south to north, starting at about 40 degrees above the horizon and ending above 35 degrees above the horizon
The event lasted approximately 4-6 seconds and covered a 6-8 degree arc across the sky
The brightness was significantly brighter than Venus and comparable to the moon on a bright night  The main meteor was a bright white shine with a white corona with a white tail before it broke apart into seven pieces, 2 large, 5 small, with the small pieces moving more downward while the larger two continued on the original trajectory. -Maxwell D.L.

Warwick, Rhode Island (USA)
While travelling North on Rte.95 in Warwick, Rhode (USA) at approximately 8:57 PM Eastern Standard Time, I saw a remarkably clear blue/green light streak across the eastern horizon at roughly 15 degrees to the horizon, heading from South to North. My observation lasted only 2 or 3 seconds and near the end of the observation ( to my left and northward) there was a flash and what appeared to be a large fragment break off and fall. What I found most startling was how clear and close this phenomenon appeared. This thing appeared large to me and yet was most likely very far away. Amazing !
At first I thought maybe something had happened at the airport in Warwick, RI which was very much in the direction I was looking; but upon reflection that made little sense because of the speed at which the object seemed to be traveling. There were fireworks that night (Memorial Day holiday) but I've never seen any type of fireworks have a trajectory as flat (dead flat) and so close to the horizon. Also, there was no other event(s) in the vicinity anywhere near that time.
Sincerely, -Bill Walsh

Salem, NH USA
I saw a bright green (flourescent) type color ball with a tail of glowing white small balls, a cloudy looking stream behind it that did not seem to dissipate like you would expect smoke to, streaking very quickly thru the sky toward earth, this was around 9:00pm, a bit after I believe, as my husband and I were walking our dog, in Salem NH USA. I am not sure what it was, so bright and looked very low in the sky to me.  -Audrey Lang

Gilmanton, NH
Date and time: May 29th 2011, at 9:00 pm
Town: Gilmanton NH
Direction of movement: West to East
Duration: 4-6 seconds
Brightness: moderate
Color and sounds: A light to medium green with a white tail - Anon

Melrose, MA. USA.
Guest177 (guest): Last night I saw the fireball while sitting on my porch. At first I thought it might be a roman candle because of the green glow and what looked like a piece splitting off. It was moving too fast though and streaked straight across the sky.This is the fourth fireball I have seen.
The greatest was in the late 60's and looked like a flaming basketball. That one was also reported across the northeast to the mid atlantic region. I saw the fireball at dusk on 5/29 in Melrose MA. USA. Instead of 2 separate fire balls, I saw a large piece break away. That one looked quite green. I only saw these for a short section of the sky, between trees that blocked much of my view. I did see them cover a long enough section that I was pretty sure of what I had seen. I have just read the other reports. In Melrose, Ma it was definitely close to 9 (not 11) and was moving south to north -as seen in Boston.

North Attleboro, MA
(guest): Molly -Fireball/meteor sited May 29, 2011 @ 8:56pm in North Attleboro, MA 02763
May 30 2011, 10:12 AM

(guest): in Cambridge,MA -- walking on Kirkland Street in East direction.Looked up and saw white ball with a orange-red trail move across sky, oriented somewhat downward.I assume it was a meteor? Was quite large, or very close --but since there was so sounds I rule out fireworks. It appeared also quite large and moved fast. Whole sighting lasted about 1 sec. sorry *no sounds* The time of the sighting on Kirkland Street in Cambidge, MA was at 8:53pm.

Rochester NH 
(guest): just saw a green fireball in the sky around 9 Just before 9pm Rochester NH 

Bowdoinham, Maine
Guest180 (guest): just saw the largest meteor fireball I have ever seen, in Bowdoinham, Maine:it came at me like an airplane (or UFO),with a bright light --only when I realized it was silent, and began to change color, did I understand what I was seeing. went from blue to green to yellow and red,before sparkling out like a roman candle.about 9 pm in the southeastern sky (almost directly above, it seemed --hard to tell the direction since it was heading toward me).way brighter than venus and I believe I heard a faint sonic boom about a half minute later sorry, forgot the date:fireball on May 29th,2011, 9 pm, Central Maine

Greenfield, MA 9pm EST
(guest): My son and I saw what looked like a huge meteor/fireball last night around 9pm EST falling fast over Western Massachusetts. Near Greenfield, MA. It fell from up right to down left, and it took about 2 - 3 seconds. It was huge, much bigger than a falling star. Did anyone see this, too?
Correction: It was 9pm EST that my son and I saw this... not 8pm. It seems to be the same one the guy from York, ME saw it...

Guest225 (guest): We also saw a large green flash at about 9pm EST in Gloucester,MA in the northeastern sky

Nashua,NH 8:55 pm EDT +/- 3 min  29 May 2011
Start and Stop location in sky: I was facing approx due east; meteorite was approx 40 degrees above horizon and moved from approx 30 degrees south of due east to approx 20 degrees north of due east; Very colorful, red at head,green and some yellow, tail approx 25 degrees
Duration of event (seconds): at least 3 seconds, sounds? No -Carlene S

Boston, MA
Saw meteor 29May2011 around 9pm from a roofdeck in Boston near Mass Ave facing east toward downtown. The object was bright blue-green with a tail and streaked from south to north for about 2 seconds.Was at a very low altitude, and from my vantage point, it appeared to me to be on a trajectory to land (or burn up) near the John Hancock tower. Heard no sound. -Tuck

Northborough,Marlborough MA
Hi, found your site through google.Saw one last night while heading east on Route 290 in the area of Northborough,Marlborough MA (also just emailed this to you). Never seen anything like it!! around 9 pm. -Rachel Hyman Rego

Fitchburg, MA
I am in Fitchburg MA and I saw a fireball around 9:30 pm in the NE skies. It was moving fast and was huge,no sound though. It disappeared behind the trees. -Anon. (guest)

Ipswich, MA
In Ipswich MA, May 29th around 9pm, a several of us witnessed a very large green fireball that appeared to break into several pieces in the sky traveling north- this is the largest such event I had ever seen. -Dj_Sylwek

Rochester, NH USA
Time: approximately 8:50 pm EST
Place: Rochester, NH USA
Duration: approximately 6 seconds
Direction of Travel: North ... was seen in the Eastern sky
Color: Bright green with orange trailing behind
Sound: no sound
Brightness: Very bright
Other: After it had passed you could see a trail in the sky for quite some time...
leading us to believe it was not a falling star.
It seemed quite low and was expecting to hear something when it made contact, but never did.Was it confirmed to be a meteor? Regards, ~Jane

Beverly, MA meteor ~9:00 pm 29MAY2011
Jude Colangelo: meteor approx 9PM 5/29/11 Beverly MA sorry for the weird post! -Jude C

Sunday,May 29th.I am in Sturbridge,MA.?fireball I think traveling east to west with just a slight decline,almost looked like it was just moving left to right.It went behind a house out of my site.@8:30pm ish,no one really believed me. Sorry, I meant it was traveling right to left,(long day at work) I am so glad I found this here.I want to tell the friends I was with that I was not crazy! -willsnanny

Westford, MA
Hello LMH, Just wanted to report in about the bright green meteorite Sunday night May 29th 2011 at about 9 PM. I only caught a glimpse of it for about 2 seconds out the window while watching tv. I saw it from Westford MA with clear skies through an opening in the trees. It moved across the sky on a steep angle downward, as it looked from my location, ending at the northwest horizon. I’d say I lost sight of it behind the trees before it “finished”. Very bright soft green point – at first I thought it was a Roman Candle, but it was unmistakably a beautiful meteorite. It moved a bit on the slow side. I had time to jump to my feet. The tail was faint green to white. It looked like a very large meteorite at a great distance from me. If I extended the tail up and across the dome of the sky, I’d say it seemed to travel from the SW to the NE. All of the travel I saw took place very low in the sky – from 45deg downward.
This was a real nice one …. Glad so many folks saw it and reported back. Thank you for maintaining the site.  -Skip Doucette

Boston, MA
saw it too! I was visiting Boston that weekend. I was in my vehicle approaching Boston from the west on the Massachusetts Turnpike. It appeared to be east from my location - almost directly over Boston. It was an incredible ball of fire. At first, I thought it was a rocket but quickly realized it was much too big for anything man-made. I've never seen anything like it. I just remembered it and Googled it. That's how I got here. -George from Pennsylvania

Exeter, New Hampshire TWO Green Meteors ~9:00 pm/ ~10:00pm 29MAY2011
I saw the first fire ball right around 9:00 p.m. EST It was visible for about a second and a half.
It was about 11 finger lengths above the trees.
Traveling from right to left at a downward angle almost horizontal to the tree line.
Don't know if this helps anything???
The second one was within an hour later, however I saw it through the trees while I was driving... so I can not give an accurate description of where I saw it in the sky.
Please let me know if someone sends you videos.
And please keep me posted about any more news covering this event. I am very interested!
Later wrote:
The color was as bright as a green firework. Brighter than Saturn or Venus seen with the naked eye.
No sounds. I saw it from my yard in Exeter New Hampshire right around 9:00p.m. To be more exact 9:07'ish. Looking East North East. I would say it was heading West South West.
The elevation was 11 fingers over the horizon. (I Don't know the scientific or nautical terms for location/movement in the sky. :( and I apologize.) I lasted about a second and half.
I would say the start and stop distance of which I saw the meteor was about an inch and a half holding a ruler at arms length away from my face.
Thanks for a response!
Good luck on your search!
Stephen Altieri 

Two Fireball Meteor over NE USA/Canada May29

Uploaded by  on May 30, 2011 152views
This compilation about the ~9:00 pm and ~11:00 29MAY2011 meteors was made by Pablo, a kind and thoughtful person; Thank you! - LunarMeteorite*Hunter, Tokyo
MetCom Traffic (Tokyo time/date stamps):

May 30 2011, 10:06 AM
(guest): Hi, we just saw a meteor or fireball going across the sky in Essex,Ma. 8 people saw it.

May 30 2011, 12:26 PM
Guest249 (guest): T ricer 11:05 SE Ohio massive meteorite SE skys

May 30 2011, 12:45 PM
Guest249 (guest): Did anyone else see the major major meteor 11:05 EDT SE US??

May 30 2011, 1:07 PM
Guest560 (guest):saw a meteor tonight! us va fire ball with cool colors!very fast! :saw meteor in roanoke,va 11:06!very cool colors it looked like it was so close to us ! with a fire trail that followed behind it!

May 30 2011, 1:35 PM
Guest906 (guest): 11 pm, May 29, 2011, Elkins, WV. Very large orange ball with a tail lighted everything up blue, for approx 1.5 seconds.Accompanied by a static sound.

May 30 2011, 1:39 PM
Guest195 (guest): Hi, we just saw a meteor or fireball going across the sky in Centreville,VA. 11:05pm

Guest700 (guest): Bob (name) green fireball seen from Upper Tract, WV. Bright enough to read by.11:02pm tracking East thru zenith, burned going thru Gemini.

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