07 April 2011

Peten, Guatemala Fireball 6APR2011

Peten, Guatemala C.A. Fireball  7pm 6APR2011
Peten, Guatemala Meteor 06APR2012
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Hello; I live in Peten, a province of Guatemala C.A. This afternoon at 7pm I saw a fireball the size of a football crossing the sky from south-east to north-west really fast; after five seconds of seeig it, it broke in at least three pieces. It was rather bluish than orange.
Thanks, Julio H

Possible Fallen Meteorite in North Guatemala Being Investigated
Latin American Herald Tribune
GUATEMALA CITY – The director of Guatemala's National Seismology, Vulcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology Institute said Tuesday that authorities are investigating a possible fallen meteorite in the northern province of Peten.