07 April 2011

Fort Payne, Alabama Two Meteors 6APR2011

Fort Payne, Alabama Two Meteors  2015hrs EST & 2350hrs EST 6APR2011

My name is Brian Coleman and I live in Fort Payne, Alabama; I stumbled across your blog while trying to find if someone else had witnessed the bright, old-looking meteors I witnessed on the evening of 04/06/2011.  I witnessed the first greenish hue fireball in the sky to the northwest of my house just before it faded out nearing the ground at approximately 2015hrs EST.  I had seen meteors before but never such a brilliant green and partially discounted the event as someone firing a green firework that didn't have, or failed to report.  Later that evening near 2350hrs, I witnessed a second green fireball.  This time the object was between my house and the mountain directly to my east.  Judging from the trajectory, I would guess that the impact would have to be actually on the side of the mountain.  It had the same characteristics as the first:  green and yellow in appearance and faded just before nearing the ground.  I am curious if anyone else had witnessed either of these, to me, odd events.
Thank you
Brian Coleman

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