30 April 2011

Palmyra, New Jersey Meteor ~12:15 am 30APR2011

Palmyra, New Jersey Meteor ~12:15 am 30APR2011
I was driving down route 130 N around 12:15am and I saw, to my direct right, something falling out of the sky. It looked at first like a shooting star, but it was going REALLY fast and falling down instead of moving horizontally. Then it kept getting closer and closer and it got bigger and I realized that it wasn't a shooting star. It was a big blue glowing ball of...something. It had a tail and it seemed to have dissipated a few hundred feet above the tree line of Palmyra New Jersey. It all happened within a span of a few seconds. I didn't really know what it was, but I google searched the date and location with words like "sky" or "meteorite" but I couldn't find anything. I just hope that everyone is okay. -H G  You most likely saw a meteor. Thank you for your report!

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Kitimat B.C. Canada were a small town in northwestern B.C. near the coast. On April 29 2011 at aproxx. 10 pm pst i noticed a large object in the northern sky from our town, falling in an easterly direction. Viewed it for a longer period of time than most falling stars till it disappered behind a small cloud gathering and our local snowcapped mountain ranges. Very large with lots of trailings but very short tail. I also thought it may be a plane at first or possible satilite burn up. Bright white with yellowish hues.puts us at approxx. same time frame, does it not. We all saw somthing very large come very close to our planet, larger than most of us have ever seen b4, from my viewing perspective it was falling left to right horizontally, north to north east, towards your location.I would also like to find out what that was. Larry Epp at longwkndlarry@hotmail.com