05 April 2011

Pune, India Meteor - shooting star huge trail April 4 2011

Pune, India shooting star huge trail 11.30 PM April 4 2011
I stumbled upon your blog when searching for shooting star. just want to report my sighting
My location is at .. Pune India and the time of my sighting was 11.30 PM April 4 2011. I saw a huge trail (biggest i have ever seen) in the sky in north west direction
Uday   Thank you so much Uday from Pune!

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Details as requested

Date/Time – april 4 , 2011 11.25 PM IST (gmt + 5.30)
your location when viewed (city, country) – Pune, India 
location in sky for the start and end of the meteor with angle from the horizon for the
start and end) –  center to down in north east hemisphere
direction you were facing and meteor was moving right or left? – right
color(s) –  bright blue in exterior and dark blue in interior
meteor direction of travel –  downwards as explained in direction above
duration (secs) –  4
brightness (bright as Venus, Moon, Sun?) – more than moon
any sounds (sizzle or booms) – nopes
fragmentation were pieces falling off ? – nopes
and other comments that you think are important – Huge trail and visible core (almost like shown in movies) the core was very big and for a moment i though it might have landed on earth..

I hope this information is useful. i am not a scientist but still i have tried my best to give accurate information :)

Cheers !

IF anyone else in Pune, India saw this meteor please send your detailed report
LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com  Thank you!

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