31 July 2011

Meteor/Meteorite News 30-31JUL2011

Shooting satellites, new and old
Discover Magazine (blog)
That's a collection of four cameras in the US southeast looking for bright meteors; the idea being that if one is caught by more than one camera the path can be calculated in three dimensions, and a location of any potential meteorite found. ...

meteorobs : Message: Re: (meteorobs) Radio Meteor listening dies ...
meteorobs: Amateur meteor astronomy. ... Of course, whether the remaining analog stations would be of any use for meteor listening is open to debate. ...

Northwestern USA Fireball July 25, 2011 | American Meteor Society
In the AMS fireball table, refer to event #724 for 2011. ... the east in the cascades. then i noticed a mostly blueish fireball going from the southwest to ...

W&M Law students study "space law"
The Virginia Gazette Thu, 28 Jul 2011 23:54 PM PDT
WILLIAMSBURG - William & Mary Law School students Brittany Law and Lillian McManus are now experienced in âspace lawâ after a rare property case involving the Lorton Meteorite fell out of the sky and into an examining room of Doctors Marc Gallini and Frank Ciampiâs Williamsburg Square Family Practice in Jan. 2010. ...

Trail of crumbs discovered from potentially hazardous comet
Astronomy Magazine
By SETI Institute, Mountain View, California — Published: July 29, 2011 This +2 magnitude February Eta Draconid was filmed by Peter Jenniskens with one of the low-light-level video cameras of the Cameras for Allsky Meteor Surveillance (CAMS) station ...

Delta Aquarids and Perseids meteor showers coincide this week
“In the great meteor shower of August, the Perseid, I wail all day for the shooting stars I miss. They're out there showering down, committing hara-kiri in a flame of fatal attraction, and hissing perhaps at last into the ocean. ...

Texas UFO: Is it unknown flying object or just a meteor
Many people wonder if Texas UFO was really an unknown flying object or just a meteor? UFO sighting in the sky of Texas has made sky enthusiasts and experts anxious. Early risers in the city were lucky to watch the reported UFO on the local breakfast TV ...

Holbrook - 99th Anniversary Meteorite Hunt
5 min
A quick video I did of the 99th anniversary meteorite hunt that Ruben Garcia ( mrmeteorite.com ) organized. This video documents ...

VIDEO:Images of a Meteorite Flying Over France
31 sec
A cultural centre for the study of space located in the French city of Rennes published CCTV exclusive images of a meteorite flying ...

Charles Q. Choi, Astrobiology Magazine Contributor
Any sulfurous molecules that astronomers spot on alien worlds might be a way to reveal whether or not those distant planets host life, researchers suggest.

Meteorite crashed in France (Bretagne)CCTV
11 sec
meteorite has crashed in Bretagne (France) on july 19 2011. The stone hasn't been found yet. The sound has been heard 300km ...

1908 Mystery in Tunguska, Russia. Caretakers ...
75 min
George Carey uncovers the mystery behind the massive explosion that shook Tunguska, Siberia in 1908 which has been variously ...

29 July 2011

Meteor/Meteorite News 29JUL2011

Meteor Activity Outlook for July 23-29, 2011 | American Meteor Society
Successful meteor watching can be accomplished by viewing in a direction that places the moon far from your field of view. The situation improves as the ...

meteorobs : Message: (meteorobs) Radio Meteor Workshop just before ...
Dear meteor enthusiasts, No doubt you are aware that the 30th International Meteor Conference will take place in the beautiful town Sibiu, Romania, ...

How to photograph tonight's Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower
Tonight marks the peak of the Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower, a once a year event that can produce stunning pictures. Yes, while meteor watching is a favorite past time for many, other people desire more, namely, photographing the meteors. ...

Mars Attack! UFO Appears on Live TV in Texas
Shocked by the live sighting, viewers speculated it could instead be a shooting star, a meteor, or even an insect reflecting light from the television tower where the camera is mounted, but a UFO, really? The public is still divided, but many viewers ...

NASA's Dawn's Spacecraft Views Dark Side of Vesta
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Dawn took this image over Vesta's northern hemisphere after the
spacecraft completed its first passage over the dark side of the giant
asteroid. It is northern hemisphere winter on Vesta now, so its north
pole is in deep shadow. ...

Unseen Comet May Threaten Earth
By KSEE News Astronomers say a surprise meteor shower spotted in February was probably caused by cosmic "bread crumbs," dropped by an undiscovered comet that could potentially pose a threat to Earth. The tiny meteoroids that streaked through Earth's ...
comet's orbit indicates possible crash
San Francisco Chronicle
Sixty specialized cameras that operate at UC's Lick Observatory, the Fremont Peak Observatory and a ground-based site, formerly in Mountain View but now in Lodi under a project called Cameras for Allsky Meteor Surveillance, constantly monitor the night ...

28 July 2011

Meteor/Meteorite News 28JUL2011

New meteor shower points to a future close encounter
Discover Magazine (blog)
As I'll point out below, we pass through lots of meteor streams, so there are plenty of other comets that could hit us. I know, I know, that doesn't sound reassuring, but think about it: how often is the Earth hit by a comet? ...

A Volcano on the Moon -- Where None Should Be
Volcanoes or meteor impacts on the near side could thus cause more copious lava bleeds, which spread out across the surface and formed plains. The far side had a tougher hide, and was thus less easily damaged. That, in any case, is part of the story. ...

The Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower is coming! - Cleveland astronomy ...
Meteors are streaking through the sky thanks to the Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower In two days, the night of July 29/30 will mark the peak of the Delta ...

Trail of Crumbs Discovered from Potentially Hazardous Comet
Space Ref (press release)
Jenniskens heads the Cameras for Allsky Meteor Surveillance (CAMS) project in California. Since last October, the SETI Institute has teamed up with Fremont Peak Observatory and UCO/Lick Observatory in monitoring the night sky with low-light video ...

Ocean Search Ends After Mystery Fireball Reported - Orlando News ...
FLAGLER BEACH, Fla. -- The Coast Guard calls off a search of the Atlantic Ocean near Flagler Beach after two witnesses reported a possible downed aircraft.

Meteor shower to light up night skies until Friday
Vancouver Sun
The annual Delta Aquarid meteor shower is set to begin today and is expected to peak late Friday night, says Raminder Singh Samra, resident astronomer at Vancouver's HR MacMillan Space Centre. "Anyone can enjoy it. You don't have to be a professional ...

China meteorite: world's top 10 largest ever meteorites
Daily Telegraph Wed, 27 Jul 2011 13:15 PM PDT
The largest meteorite ever discovered was at Hoba in Namibia in 1920, 

weighing 66 tons. ...

Evidence Found for Undiscovered Comet That May Threaten Earth
A surprise meteor shower spotted by skywatchers in February was likely caused by cosmic "bread crumbs" left over from an undiscovered comet that could potentially pose a threat to Earth, astronomers announced today (July 27). The tiny meteoroids that ...

Anyone else see the meteor tonight? – Fairly Conservative
By Cindy
About 9:15 or so, I was driving east on Capitol Drive in about Pewaukee and there it was. It lasted long enough for me to tell the other gals in the c.
Fairly Conservative

Perseid Meteor Shower Begins
The summer Perseid meteor shower is getting underway as Earth enters the debris stream from comet Swift-Tuttle. Source: NASA read more: http://www.laboratoryequipment.com/news-Perseid-Meteor-Shower-Begins-072611.aspx.

China discovers enormous meteorite
One of the largest meteorites ever recorded has been discovered in the remote Altai mountains that separate China from Mongolia. By Malcolm Moore, Shanghai For decades, passing Kazakh herdsmen have carved their names on an oddly shaped rock ...

What Built Mars' Canals?
U.S. News & World Report
So researchers have hypothesized vast permafrost-sealed aquifers in extremely porous, permeable ground that was suddenly breached by meteor impacts, faulting or upwards movements of hot magma in the Martian crust. In order for that scenario to work ...

27 July 2011

Meteor/Meteorite News 27JUL2011

Mystery Midnight “Fireball” Serves Up Barroom Speculation, and Vain Search, In ...
People thought there was, just before midnight Tuesday, when drinkers at Finn's, the restaurant and bar at the corner of State Road 100 and A1A, whose balcony offers a prime view of the ocean, reported seeing a fireball over the Atlantic. ...
elp allsky: Bright Meteor Fireball Over North Texas, Southern ...
Meteor Fireball Captured By Oklahoma City Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera ... Fireball Internet Traffic Sources Point To Meteor Fireball Event Over NY, ...

Giant Meteorite Discovered in China
China Digital Times
“This is a huge iron meteorite,” Zhang [Baolin, of the Beijing Planetarium] said in footage from China Central Television. “It may be the second largest iron meteorite, which can cause a sensation in China and also attract attention from [the] world's ...

Bright Meteor Over UK -- Fire in the Sky -- Sott.net
Caught on a security camera, July 19th, 2011. No location recorded....

Meteor in Kenya : News & World Events
An unknown mass believed to be from outer space on Saturday fell near Kilimambogo and Tala towns. Initially, there were reports of an explosion in ...

Giant Meteorite Discovered in China
SPACE.com via Yahoo! News Tue, 26 Jul 2011 06:29 AM PDT
This story was updated at 5:36 p.m. EDT.
W&M Law students study "space law"
The Virginia Gazette Tue, 26 Jul 2011 00:51 AM PDT
WILLIAMSBURG - William & Mary Law School students Brittany Law and Lillian McManus are now experienced in âspace lawâ after a rare property case involving the Lorton Meteorite fell out of the sky and into an examining room of Doctors Marc Gallini and Frank Ciampiâs Williamsburg Square Family Practice in Jan. 2010...

26 July 2011

Meteor/Meteorite News 26JUL2011

Cotton boys in Nasa event finals
Times of India
A 500-year-old meteor from Mars is encased in the trophy they won for their efforts. The 12 finalist countries have been divided into groups of three to present a design; the boys have been working with students from Romania, the United States of ...

Discovery - Nakhla meteorite
BBC News
When it fell to Earth a century ago, eyewitnesses saw an explosion high in the atmosphere, as the meteor split into dozens of fragments which hurtled towards them and were buried up to a meter deep in the ground. Dr Marek Kukula, Public Astronomer at ...

Images of a Meteorite Flying Over France
A cultural centre for the study of space located in the French city of Rennes published CCTV exclusive images of a meteorite flying above Brittany. Images courtesy of Francois Berthot for these images.

Massive iron meteorite discovered in China
Researchers led by Baolin Zhang, a meteorite specialist at the Beijing Planetarium, study a giant meteorite that was found in a mountainous region in northwest China. A massive space rock — one that could rank as one of the largest meteorites ever ...
Giant Meteorite Discovered in China
A massive space rock – one that could rank as one of the largest meteorites ever recovered – has been found in a remote and mountainous region in northwest China, according to news reports. The huge and oddly-shaped rock was found in the Altai 

SURE thing: Students gain experience, conduct research
Indiana State University
Christopher Gagnon and Eboni Duff are analyzing the chemical make-up of meteorites in an effort to learn more about the origins of the solar system. The three Indiana State University seniors are among 39 undergraduate students and 11 faculty members 

Northwestern USA Fireball July 25, 2011

The American Meteor Society has received reports of a very bright fireball over the Oregon-Washington area occurring near 0314 am PDT on Monday morning July 25th. Of the reports received so far, yellow, orange, and white are the most mentioned color. Brightness estimates varied widely, ranging from a half illuminated moon to that of the sun. The AMS will post any video of this object should it become available.
Summaries of this event may be seen in the AMS fireball table for 2011 at:
Refer to event #719.
Clear Skies!, Robert Lunsford