30 April 2011

Franklin, Indiana Meteor Fireball April 29, 2011

Franklin Indiana Meteor ~11:30pm April 29, 2011
Guest37 (guest): Just saw a large tail shooting star over Franklin Indiana at around 11:30pm April 29, 2011. It lasted several seconds.


Unknown said...

I think i may have. Heard/felt the sonic boom from this. I was using the restroom which had no windows of corse. I heard a powerful boom, i even felt it. My step father said he saw a large flash right before the boom. This was just before 10:30 CST. Could that have been that same event? I hope so. I am located in mendota, il. If anyone else witnessed this event please post your info hete, i would like to track it down if it is a meteorite fall near by.

Ashley said...

I saw this too over Muncie, Indiana at approx same time. It was very large and bluish/green

Rick said...

I was on westbound I-70 around Richmond and it appeared west and a little south from me. While it appeared to be very close, I couldn't tell you if it was 10 miles or 100 miles away. Unlike others I have seen, this one appeared to be coming straight down, with a brilliant flash just before disappearing. It was several seconds long with changing colors. Quite impressive.

Ashley said...

I was looking south west at the time I saw it in Muncie. It did appear very close. I have never seen one so close..in fact I said to my husband that it looked lower than some airplanes that pass over us all the time on the way to Indy. It was by far the largest, longest lasting one I have seen...that I why I had to look it up to see if anyone else saw it.

Anonymous said...

I to saw a fireball in the sky April 29th 2011.

Atlanta Ga.

Huge, can anyone confirm it was real.