07 April 2011

Tallinn, Estonia / Finland Major Event! Meteor- Bolide 5APR2011

Tallinn, Estonia Bolide  20:40-20:50 Europe/Tallinn) 5th april, 2011
Me an my friend saw something like meteor about 20:40-20:50 Europe/Tallinn (5th april). It wasn't even dark yet and the asteroid was really near and really bright (kind of flame in movies like armaggeddon). It was about 20 degrees of sky long and flame was really really clear. It could not be anything else, cause it was quite fast. It lasted about 3 second. It took place in Tallinn, Estonia.
Direction was from south to north. No pieces were falling off and there was no sound.
If anyone else saw it, then i would be very thankful when I could have more information about that more.
And please keep my information confidential. Also i can answer more questions if needed.
Regards! -
Thank you very much Ingmar!

Estonia, Rae vald, Rae küla, 20.50 local time 5 April.
I sighted shooting star around 20.50 local time in Estonia, Rae vald, Rae
küla, 5 April. Direction from south to north. Star was extremely bright,
it was visible approx 5 seconds. The size and brightness of the star was
similar to an airplane light during take off. -Agnes
Thank you Agnes!

Another Reader writes:
Accorinng to this news article shooting stars were seen in several cities yesterday: Tampere, Nokia, Riihimäki, Hämeenlinna, Nastola, Nurmijärvi, Veteli, Seinäjoki, Salo and Oulu.

Light phenomena hundred sightings from all over the Finland
Published: 04/05/2011 21:51, Updated: 05/04/2011 23:13

According to eyewitnesses, the songs are very bright, and fall rapidly. Also has become a public safety answering points calls.It is an exceptionally bright fire ball.
Pirkanmaa Emergency Response Centre, at 20.51 in the evening was a phone call about a strange light phenomenon Ruovesi Murole Channel Road. The alarm came ilmaliikenneonnettomuutena.

- The alarm came to us ilmaliikenneonnettomuutena. Fire brigade started a movement, when a caller said that a strange phenomenon had gone close to the surface condition hämyssä.

- We secure match, is there any man-made drops from the sky down to earth until the Fire Officer Kari Kankaanpää said.

Rescue Department was, however, ATC and the Armed Forces ilmavalvonnalta informed that all aircraft have landed safely.

- When the kamaraltakaan not found anything, so fire brigade was left nothing to be done, Kankaanpää said.

During the mission, we were informed that Tampere was the light corresponding to a phenomenon observed in the cloth of the head.

"Burning the trees above the track"
The first caller described the case of Kankaanpää that: "The burning of trees above the track flown."

- Probably it is a light phenomenon bright blue sky, "says pelastuspäällikkö Esko Kautto Tampere Regional Rescue Department.

- The current assumption is that there is a weather-emergent perception.Today, southern Finland, there have been many similar phenomena, "says Esko pelastuspäällikkö Kautto.

Sightings in different parts of FinnishIlta-Sanomat entering contacts on the basis of the same or similar light phenomenon was also seen at least in Tampere, Nokia, Riihimäki, Hämeenlinna, Nastolan, Nurmijärven, Veteli, Seinäjoki, Oulu, Salo, and even in the evening sky.
One eyewitness describes what he saw fire.
- No sound and lighting was not part of the phenomenon putoamisnopeus was really great.

"Spring is the time to fire balls"The stars and space -Journal writes today on its website that "spring is the time to fire balls."
It is an exceptionally bright star of the flights.
Fireballs occur in the spring equinox the weeks surrounding the sky more than usual, but a precise explanation has been found.
According to the magazine became a major balls may end up meteorites to the surface.
According to the newspaper Tuesday night's phenomenon is a case of exceptionally bright fire ball, which is potentially able to reach the surface of the meteorite. If so, it has reached the "direction of the Gulf."
Ursa that so many observations of an individual became a ball comes less than once a year.
- The fireball created when the size of a few kilos of rock hit the atmosphere, and it takes the atmosphere into smaller pieces, Tampere Ursa President Kari A. Kuure says Aamulehti .
Jussi Niiranen, Sari Autio, Kalle Pirhonen


Internet Query suggests meteor seen in Estonia/Finland 5APR2011:
Finland Meteor- Shooting Star 5APR2011
Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia arrived from google.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News:
 Philippines Big Shooting star Meteor? 4APR2011" by searching for shooting star finland 5th april 2011.  

(This post was originally made on 5APR2011 4:48pm Tokyo Local Time but is now being reposted on 7APR2011 5:55am due to several new reports.)

If anyone saw this event please email time and location seen to 


tulipallo=fireball , valoilmiö=light phenomenon , kirkas valo = bright light , taivaalla=in the sky

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Accorinng to this news article shooting stars were seen in several cities yesterday: Tampere, Nokia, Riihimäki, Hämeenlinna, Nastola, Nurmijärvi, Veteli, Seinäjoki, Salo and Oulu.