23 April 2011

Chatbox Meteor Reports

Somerset County, Pennsylvania Meteor 9Pm 17APR2011
Apr 19 2011, 10:52 AM Tokyo Timestamp
Guest451 (guest):April 17,2011 9PM Southwest PA,Somerset County.Large meteor, I think,with firey tail traveling south.

London, UK 10 pm 18APR2011
Apr 20 2011, 6:50 AM Tokyo Timestamp
Adam Makowski wrote :saw two distant stars travel from southwest to south east over london UK on 18th April 2011 at around 10 pm. Within an hour (unrelated) a helicopter was following a small object with a red light. First sighting was like two stars moving through space whilst keeping the same distance apart and following the same line of travel. Could have been between 9 and ten pm GMT. can`t give coordinates as don`t understand them yet. Seen from south and traveling east. 18-04-2011

Perth, Western Australia 2:50 am 20APR2011
Apr 20 2011, 5:48 PM Tokyo Timestamp
Guest426 (guest):from Perth Western Australia.. was driving roughly east along Gnangara Rd last nite at 2.50am and saw the biggest fireball or meteor I've ever seen. It appeared to be decending down in the East/Southeast at about 20-30 degrees off the vertical. First noticed it at about 2 hand widths above the hozizon and I reckoned it flared to about a small fingernail at arms length... whole process about 2-3 seconds. Like I said biggest and brightest I've ever seen. -Simms

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