07 April 2011

Tennessee / North Carolina/ Alabama/Arkansas/Kentucky Meteor 6APR2011

Tenn, N Carolina, Alabama Bolide 6APR2011
Red=AMS;Yellow=ELP;Aqua=LMH sightings reported
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Tennessee / North Carolina/ Alabama/Arkansas/Kentucky
6APR2011 Meteor
(c)MEO- NASA, Bill Cooke
Tennessee / North Carolina/ Alabama/Arkansas/Kentucky
6APR2011 Meteor Data
(c)MEO- NASA, Bill Cooke

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Dyersburg, Tennessee Meteor ~8:22pm 6APR2011
I don't know alot about these things but my husband wanted me to get on the net and see if there was some type of showers. We live in Dyersburg, Tennessee. We sighted a large What looked like a fire ball about 15 to 20 minutes ago. Very bright. It looked as though it was the size of a basketball coming down. Only lasted few seconds before was gone. Beautiful. Came across this sight maybe u know. What it was and maybe helpful to your work. Thanks  -Christy
Christy wrote more:
It was 8:22 pm. No sound. It looked like an airplane at first. Then we noticed it was on fire. That made us really pay attention. Came out of south was heading north. It was a greenish blueish color.I guess you would call turquoise. It was not small. Nothing was falling off of it. Just was so bright and firey. Would really love to know what its called or I guess What it was. Have never seen anything like it. Thanks. - Christy
Thank you Christy!  You most likely saw a green fireball.  You are lucky; most people never see one.

Lobelville, TN USA Meteor ~7:00 pm 6APR2011
i saw a metior flair in lobelville tn usa
at 7:00 pm date 5,6,11 i saw a light out of the corner of my eye it was like a expanding flame in the sky then it blew up it was not big but i saw it and it was like nothing iv ever saw. -Johnny G.

Memphis, TN Huge Meteor about ~8:30 pm 6APR2011
Saw a HUGE meteorite over Memphis, TN about 8:30 pm, in Memphis, TN. It was HUGE. What was odd though, it didn't look round. I couldn't figure out what I was seeing. Almost thought it was a plane crashing, but it burned out before hitting ground. That thing did some damage to something when it hit! -Debbie Mosley

Hickory, NC Meteor Spotted 9:15 pm EST 6APR2011
about an hour ago 9:15 est. i am in hickory nc
- Gina Moser

Knoxville, TN HUGE! Meteor 9:40
I live in Knoxville TN and saw it around 9:40. It was amazing. It was HUGE! It was a large ball of light with a long tail and it arched beautifully in front of the moon. I had to get online and see if I imagined it because it was so unreal. I'm glad you all saw it too. I saw it straight on and it was headed north. I didn't see any fire though. I was at a stop light luckily so I got to watch it go until it was out of sight. Micheline G
your location when viewed (city, country) – KNOXVILLE TN USA
location in sky for the start and end of the meteor with angle from the horizon for the
start and end) - north to south just below the moon
direction you were facing and meteor was moving right or left? – facing it, moving from up to down on the ground not across
color(s) –green and blue bright
meteor direction of travel – north to south just below the moon
duration (secs) – 5
brightness (bright as Venus, Moon, Sun?) – sun
any sounds (sizzle or booms) – no
fragmentation were pieces falling off ? – no
and other comments that you think are important –
Your Name and contact information (contact information will remain confidential)
KNOXVILLE TN USA ~9 pm Bright as the Sun Bolide 6APR2011
I saw this as i was gazing at the stars on a blanket with my binoculars. I have no idea who to tell and I googled it and found this site. Basically I was looking at the moon and just below it I noticed a light which was green and blue. It got bigger and longer and wider and finally disappeared. My brain could not understand what i saw. I have seen these before but way way way smaller and not as bright at all. This was bright enough to light up the sky. My husband was inside and I ran in and told him what i saw he told me it was a metor. I said it had the longest widest tail i have ever seen and was just below the bright crescent moon, just below it this is why I saw it since I was looking at the moon through my binoculars. It scared me a little because it was as bright as the ones in the movies, could it have been a comet? IDK I mean was it a near earth comet? How big does something have to be before considered a comet??? I think it was a comet and not a meteor. -sophie

Huntsville, Alabama falling star 8:30 pm 6APR2011
Just entered a post on Lunarmeteoritehunters blog about a meteorite I saw tonight 4.6.11 in Huntsville AL around 8:30.  It fell out of the center of the sky to the North west, very bright, like an airplane, really, much brighter than planets.  It had a long tail and fell slowly compared to other "falling stars" I have seen.  The color went from white, to pinkish, to seafoam green.  
It disappeared over the trees.  It probably lasted 5 seconds, although it seemed to last for a long time.  
Samantha Hathorn, Owner, Big Dipper, Sam & Greg's Pizzeria

Cookeville, Tennessee
Saw an amazing fireball go across the sky. Vivid colors of fire then to greenish glow. Long tail... at 8:25 p.m. April 6, 2011.
found your site and am glad to report this wonderful viewing. WOW!
Glenda Nelms
Knoxville, Tennessee
Guest619 (guest): I just saw at 9pm ET in knoxville Tennessee a HUGE meteor fall out the sky with a long blue green tail that went on forever and was very wide. I am in Farragut off Lovell road (pelissipi Highway) I almost fainted it looked like those in movies that end the world. no joke
It was directly below the moon and fell at a bird's flight across from me, how would i know where it landed? would this make the news? wow i am so amazed and a little scared about what i saw. I had my binoculars since I was star gazing

Chattanooga, TN
Guest865 (guest):Just saw a meteor in Chattanooga, TN.Time was 9:55 PM ET. started in Eastern sky and lasted aprox. 3 sec.Line of sight distance about 45 degrees.White with yellow tail.

Burns, TN
Burns, TN April 6 8:30 pm CST. Meteor went over my house.Huge. Bright. Moving very fast.

Micheline Gahagan: Knoxville TN 9:40pm saw phenomenal ball of light with the longest tail stretching across the sky just below the moon. I was facing West and it seemed to be moving North. It was going left to right. It lasted for about 5 to 6 seconds if not longer.I didn't notice anything falling from it.

Harvest, Alabama, USA 4/6/2011 approx 8:20 pm
Date/Time – 4/6/2011 approx 8:20 pm
your location when viewed (city, country) – Harvest, Alabama, USA
location in sky for the start and end of the meteor with angle from the horizon for the
start and end) -
direction you were facing and meteor was moving right or left? – west, meteor was to my right moving left
color(s) –light orange or pink that turned into a light blue before dimmed out
meteor direction of travel – southwest
duration (secs) – 5 to 7 seconds
brightness (bright as Venus, Moon, Sun?) – very bright colors like the sun. very vivid. 
any sounds (sizzle or booms) – no sounds that i could hear but was in a car
fragmentation were pieces falling off ? – not that i saw
and other comments that you think are important – one of the neatest things i have ever seen in the sky. -Chelsy

Guest596 (guest): 8:30 pm April 6 Cookeville,Tennessee southeast to northeast direction. long tail green fireball.duration about 3-4 seconds.

Niota, Tn.
After 9, not sure exactly.
I had just stepped out onto the back porch. About the get into our hot tub
when I just a HUGE orange fireball. It moved across the sky and right thru the
moon and then just disappeared. It was so awesome. I've never seen that
before. I'm not good with directions and stuff so I can't put all that. But it
did travel left to right...lasted just a few seconds. No sound... I live out
in the beautiful country around Niota Tn.  -Patti

Farragut TN
I was driving down Parkside Dr. towards Lovell Rd. In Knoxville/Farragut Tennessee about 9:20 pm on April 6th (last night) when I saw a huge egg shaped ball of light shoot across the sky towards Oak Ridge right over the tree tops. I was pretty freaked out and my first thought was "I just saw a UFO!" I think it must have been a meteor though... It was pretty awesome, very large and as bright as the sun. It was shooting across the sky for 3-5 seconds and then disappeared.
Miranda, Farragut TN

Talbott, TN
My Son and I were driving home on April 6, 2011 at 9:15pm and saw a meteor in Talbott TN. The Meteor was a 1/2 from us at about 3000 ft heading from South to North. We seen it change from a fire ball to a greenish/blue when it entered the clouds then it burn out. It was a beautiful site.  Ande Munsey Talbott TN.
Guest815 (guest):Pretty sure I saw one on the outskirts of Montreal. It was falling North as I was driving West on the highway. Looked like a mini yellowish fire work that was fizzling out.

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your location when viewed (city, country) – 
location in sky for the start and end of the meteor with angle from the horizon for the
start and end) - 
direction you were facing and meteor was moving right or left? – 
color(s) –
meteor direction of travel – 
duration (secs) – 
brightness (bright as Venus, Moon, Sun?) – 
any sounds (sizzle or booms) – 
fragmentation were pieces falling off ? – 
and other comments that you think are important – 
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Samantha said...

Saw the same object Christy saw, but in Huntsville, AL. For us, it was a large "falling star". Started from the center of the sky and "fell" towards the North West. It was white, then pinkish, then finally a sea-foam green or turquoise, before it disappeared behind the trees. About an hour ago.

~Knower of Stuff~ said...

Look... I get that this report is decades late... but there wasn't any email or internet back then.
I lived in Memphis... and this was sometime between 6/81 and before 1983... because I know I had worked at the planetarium until 6/81... and had moved from my apartment near Mem. Int. Airport in 83.
Time: sometime in the afternoon (I think)... but in broad daylight... sunny day.
I looked up, traveling from South to North was a HUGE asteroid, larger than my hand, at arm's reach... burning, smoking... could see red fire, and craters... tremendous detail of object. Could easily see chunks falling off, and just dropping.
No sound at all.
Seemed to take as much as :30 seconds before I could no longer see it.
Almost as amasing as that was... even more amazing: I heard NOTHING about it in any news media, and no one else I knew saw it.
From having worked in a planetarium with scientists, I know this had to have been a near-miss... just bouncing off the atmosphere... because if it had hit... something that large would have been an E.L.E. without any doubt.
Has anyone heard, or witness this same even?