05 April 2011

Martindale, Texas Two Meteors ~8:00pm CST 4APR2011

Martindale, Texas Two Meteors ~8:00pm CST 4APR2011
found your website trying to find info on what we just saw.
my son goes outside every night before bed to look at the stars/moon/sky. he just came running into the house saying he saw a meteor. i didn't really believe him and was busy helping his sister get dressed. after a couple of minutes, i went outside and he said it was gone, but right then we saw another one. it was something flying downward leaving a short trail of smoke behind it, as if burning into the atmosphere--appeared to be moving slowly which makes me think it was coming from very high up--looked pretty large. we are in martindale, texas (about 10 miles east of IH 35 between austin and san antonio), and were looking to the southeast. the one he said he saw before, was due south. - Dina   Dina thank you! 

Dina wrote more later:
well, the second one was just a couple of minutes before eight p.m. cst. the one he saw before was maybe five? minutes before that. i'm not sure which direction the first one was moving--can ask him tomorrow, but the second one appeared to be moving straight down--towards the horizon. as far as size, it is hard to gauge because it looked to be pretty far away. brightness--not very--it was still light outside--it looked like a ball of smoke (reddish or pink inside), with a short trail of white smoke following it--about the color of airplane contrails, but it was definitely not an airplane. i'm sorry i'm not very good at judging distances, so how high in the sky i could not really say--it started much higher than an airplane would fly, but our view was obsured by the trees across the river in its' descent. atticus said he thought he heard impact, but i didn't hear it. i heard some pounding sounds, but they were repetitive--most likely far away music or some kind of carpentry. never saw any fire or heard anything about it on the news. sorry i couldn't be more specific. i will talk to atticus more about it tomorrow, and see if he remembers anything else. have a good night! day? i guess it is tomorrow in tokyo. happy hunting!

If anyone else saw a meteor(s) please let me know time, location, etc. 
LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com  Thank you!

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