07 April 2011

Westerly, Rhode Island Meteor Fireball 6APR2011

Westerly, RI  large yellowy-greenish ball of light  aprox. 2 am EST April 6,2011
41.348211,-71.743887 I was having trouble sleeping and we live about a mile away from the ocean.I was looking out of the window and saw a large yellowy-greenish ball of light fall relatively slowly from the sky and burn out over the ocean off the coast of Rhode Island. - tbewlay
Thank You!  R.I. was that 6APR or 7APR???

Anyone else? LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

6 avril 2011 hi im live to canada , quebec and my too ave obsevign large fireball in sky time is 10.35 pm
afther pasage a ball ave explosed and y dint no wath is this sorry my english is relly bad

Jayme said...

Thats so weird because on I live in MN, USA and a couple of my friends and I were sitting in the hottub when I was looking to the east and saw this yellow/green orb float down, I was way freaked. It was cool but definetaly didn't look like a shooting star.