10 April 2011

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 10APR2011

Fire In The Sky - WBRC Weather
By Wes Wyatt
Earlier this week a meteor illuminated the night sky over Tennessee. Thanks to the “All-Sky MeteorCamera Network”, this image was captured as the meteor passed over the University of Tennessee Space Institute. ...

1969年に南極で発見された小惑星起源と思われる隕石から非常に小さい新種の鉱物が発見されワソナイトと名づけられたこの発見はナノテクノロジーの応用例であると共に ...

Meteor Crater? - Google Earth Community
First post so be kind here, just noticed this and didn't see any other posts on this one. Looks to me like an ancient meteor crater over 9 miles wide at its ...

Leonid Meteor Shower Hatta, Oman Time-Lapse
Shot for two consecutive nights over the Hajar Mountains in Hatta, Oman. A two and half hour drive from Dubai. I caught a big ...

Bright Fireball Leads To Meteorite Search In Tennessee
Space Daily
At approximately 08:21:57 pm CDT on April 6, 2011, NASA all-sky meteor cameras located at the University of Tennessee Space Institute, in conjunction with the Hands-On Science Center in Tullahoma, Tennessee, and at the Walker County Science Center in ...

Sliced: Earth's Steady Rain of Rocks and Other Assorted Space Stuff | DISCOVER
Discover Thu, 07 Apr 2011 12:43 PM PDT
Earth is constantly being pelted with debris from outer space. Thousands of tons of material rain down on us annually, mostly in the form of dust; many of the bigger chunks break up in the atmosphere, but meteoritesmeasuring at least a few feet across reach our planet about once a year. Stony meteorites, or chondrites such as this fragment of the Axtellmeteorite, found in Texas in 1943 are ...

NASA - Bright Fireball Leads to Meteorite Search in Tennessee
Did you see a bright flash in the sky over Tullahoma, Tenn., on the night of April 6? NASA is seeking meteorites.

Large Fireball Event Reported 4611 | American Meteor Society
Tennessee Meteor Track April 6th 2011 ... encourage to make a report to the American MeteorSocietywwwamsmeteorscom or to the Meteoroid Environment Office ...

Video: Spring Fireballs
Universe Today
by Nancy Atkinson on April 8, 2011 For reasons yet unknown, the rate of midnight fireballsincreases during the weeks around the vernal equinox. It's a beautiful display, but where do they come from? Last month, we reported on a network of fireball ...

Meteor brighter than the Moon blazes through Tennessee sky
The season of the falling sky has arrived in a big way in America as a meteor that was brighter than the crescent Moon streaked through the sky in Tennessee before crashing into an area estimated to be on the Tennessee-Kentucky border. ...

近年来被发现的陨石数量逐渐增长随着人们对其兴趣的增加一个非法销售陨石的市场也 ... 负责美国在南极寻找陨石项目的地质学家拉尔夫P哈维说陨石买卖存在一个黑市其组织 ...

南極の隕石から新種の鉱物 NASA邦人研究者発見 45億年前に誕生か ...
米航空宇宙局(NASA)は5日、NASAジョンソン宇宙センターの中村圭子研究員がリーダーを務める研究チームが、南極で見つかった隕石(いんせき)の中から新種の ...

Cold asteroids may have a soft heart
PhysOrg Fri, 08 Apr 2011 02:20 AM PDT
A new analysis of one of the most well-known meteorites on Earth provides strong evidence that the prevailing view of many asteroids is wrong. Rather than randomly mixed blobs of rock and dust stuck together, it appears that the asteroid that was the source of the Allendemeteorite was large enough to have had a molten core, even though its surface remained cold and solid. The new view also ...

Scientists Find New Type Of Mineral In Historic Meteorite
SpaceRef Thu, 07 Apr 2011 20:29 PM PDT
NASA and co-researchers from the United States, South Korea and Japan have found a new mineral named "Wassonite" in one of the most historically significant meteorites recovered in Antarctica in December 1969.

Bright Fireball Leads To Meteorite Search In Tennessee
SpaceDaily Thu, 07 Apr 2011 18:08 PM PDT
by Staff Writers Tullahoma TN (SPX) Apr 08, 2011 Did you see a bright flash in the sky over Tullahoma, Tenn., last night? Have we got a scavenger hunt for you...

GAM 2011 News - April 9

It's a big weekend for Global Astronomy Month 2011!  Here are some of the programs.

April 9 marks GAM’s ultimate observing event: the Global Star Party.  Of course, it’s B.Y.O.T. - Bring Your Own Telescope - but encourage even those who don’t have one to come anyway. All are invited, all will be excited.  It is amazing that when we turn our gaze upward all religious, national, cultural and political barriers fade into the darkness.  April 9th is the time to come out under the stars, bridge gaps across the seas, and join your brother and sister skywatchers in proving that the world is, in fact, “One People, One Sky.”
April 9 - Stars for All

Beginning at 20.00UT
If you have been waiting for your turn to leave for an unforgettable cruise across space and time, Global Astronomy Month (GAM2011, April 2011) is bringing to you that chance! Fasten your seat belt and fly to the stars, just connecting with your computer to this web page! Meet other friends online and share your thoughts with them. The Universe will look as never seen before, are you ready?
Reminder: April 10 - OPTICKS
: Live audio-visual radio transmission performance between Earth & Moon
Reminder: April 10 and 11 - NASA "Voyage into Deep Space" 2011
 - Live Webcast with Sonification for the Blind
10 to 16 April - Lunar Week

The Moon—Earth’s traveling companion in space—is an integral part of life on Earth. Still, few people notice it or recognize its importance to us.  Through out Global Astronomy Month, the Moon will be celebrated via MoonDays
. A week-long special series of programs, from April 10 through 16, will be dedicated to the Moon to help people rediscover our closest companion in space. Lunar Week takes place while the Moon is well-placed for observation in the evening sky.  As the Moon's phases and positions change during its orbit around the Earth, there will be Moon-themed star parties to observe the Moon by telescope and naked eye, educational programs, online observing events, competitions and a celebration of the Moon in different cultures.
 by Daniel Fischer

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