04 April 2011

Two Meteors over Puerto Rico 3APR2011 The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News

Rio Grande, North Coast of Puerto Rico ~8:30 PM 3APR2011
Last night April 3,2011 around 8:30 PM saw two balls of fire I am assuming they were meteors traveling east to west in Rio Grande, North Coast of Puerto Rico . They were not to high in the sky and were about 10 seconds in spacing between them. Thought the were part of an air show that is going on this weekend in Ceiba but these were traveling to fast to be an airplane and were glowing in fire all around. Interested to know if anybody else saw them.
Miguel  Thank you Miguel!

If anyone else saw these meteors in Puerto Rico please email your report:

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Unknown said...

I saw two objects going at an incredible speed around 1 pm in central NJ they could be meteorites but these objects were round and were not on fire, I thought more of a UFO than 2 meteorites.