31 March 2011

Fort Collins, Colorado Meteor 31MAR2011

Fort Collins, Colorado Meteor 06:20 am 31MAR2011
Date/Time – 31MAR2011 0620 Mountain Time
your location when viewed (city, country) – Fort Collins, Colorado
location in sky for the start and end of the meteor with angle from the horizon for the start and end) – up approx. 30 degrees from horizon when first seen; went behind cloud cover approx 5 degrees above horizon at end – it was basically almost directly north from me
direction you were facing and meteor was moving right or left? – approx north; meteor was moving slightly right – almost straight down
color(s) – very bright yellow with some orange – little to no trail that I could see; daylight was getting strong – I couldn’t see any stars
meteor direction of travel – almost straight down, but a little to the east
duration (secs) – approx 2 seconds before it went behind clouds on horizon
brightness (bright as Venus, Moon, Sun?) – the brightest falling object I have ever seen, especially considering the light conditions brightening so much – brighter than the moon; more like a streetlight (one of the more orange ones)
any sounds (sizzle or booms) – I was in my car – did not hear any sounds
fragmentation were pieces falling off ? – I did not see any, or any trail behind it
and other comments that you think are important – it was a larger signature than any other falling object I have seen … it looked about as big as a pencil eraser diameter from my perspective
Robert Burns
Thank you Robert for the perfect sighting report!!! -LunarMeteorite*Hunter- Tokyo

Arvada, Colorado 6:19 am
I saw the same exact thing in Arvada, CO at the same time (my clock said 6:19am). It looked like it had to have landed on a house or something. Seemed closer to Arvada than Ft. Collins.  -Anon.  Thank you, Arvada!

Ft. Collins, CO
I also saw this meteor this morning. I live in the foothils above Fort Collins. It was as described. Very bright with almost no tail. - Gary Lyman, Fort Collins, CO Thank you Gary!

Ft. Collins, CO
Saw the same thing in Fort Collins.  Meteor was traveling west to east (right), in the lower north east quadrant in the horizon. Was very bright and from the vantage point I had, it did have a tail. No other fragments trailing falling object.  - Lisa  Thank you Lisa!

Boulder, CO
Looks like the same event the others are reporting. Approx. 6 20 am. I was driving north on highway 93 towards Boulder, approx. near highway 128 junction. Meteor was seen to the north east at approx 30 degrees east. Elevation approx 35 degrees above horizion. It was VERY bright and maybe the apparent size of 0.5 inches or my fingernail. It was bright and appeared burning. I actually looked up looking for a plane or something to see if it had fallen off something.  - Daniel
Thank you Daniel!

Golden CO. March 31, 2011
I saw the same meteor (?) this morning driving north on highway 93 just leaving Golden. It was in the northeast corner of the sky dropping at a slight angle to the east. It was a huge bright ball (much bigger than any planet or star in the sky) of light that took about 3 seconds to span the sky. I did not see a tail or any other debris. Cool way to start the work day!
-Brenda  Thank you Brenda!

Loveland, CO
I was Northbound on Taft Ave in Loveland about 6:20 AM.3-31-11, about a block north of 1st street. I Saw a bright ball of green light light about 30 deg. to my right falling at a slight angle from left to right. I saw it for only a second or two. No sound at all that I heard. I saw no fragments and I don't remember seeing much of a tail. It seemed to me to the size of a baseball. I thought it had came down in town. My 1st thought was that it was a flare. But one usually sees a flare go up and lasts a lot longer. - Joe.  Thank you Joe!

Broomfield CO March 31, 2011 6:20 AM
your location when viewed (city, country) – Broomfield CO
location in sky for the start and end of the meteor with angle from the horizon for the start and end) – started about 30 degrees above the horizon, almost straight down
direction you were facing and meteor was moving right or left? – I was facing almost due north, fell with a slight fade to the east.
color(s) – bright white
meteor direction of travel – Straight down.
duration (secs) – 3-5 secs
brightness (bright as Venus, Moon, Sun?) – Brightest and largest thing in the morning sky.
any sounds (sizzle or booms) – I was in a vehicle and heard nothing.
fragmentation were pieces falling off ? – Stayed the same size all the way down until it disappeared behind the ridge.
and other comments that you think are important – I have seen fireballs before, nothing like this. No tail, almost perfectly round and quite large. -NorthernWizard   
Thank You NorthernWizard!!!!!

NW Fort Collins, Colorado
We saw the same meteor this morning at 6:19. We were traveling north in our car in NW Fort Collins Colorado. We saw something that looked like a green flare or a firework at 20 degrees above the horizon. It fell all the way to the horizon, we were sure that it must have hit the ground. It is by far the brightest falling object we have ever seen. -Howard and Randi  
Thank you both!

Wellington, CO
My husband saw the same meteor at this time. He was driving/facing north on I-25 near Wellington. He saw it fall and disappear into a cloud. There were no fragments and there was no tail, just a very bright ball of light. - Anon.

Wyoming did you see this??? Please let me know.  Thank you.
If anyone else has seen this or other events please email me at 

Date/Time –
your location when viewed (city, country) –
location in sky for the start and end of the meteor with angle from the horizon for the start and end) – 
direction you were facing and meteor was moving right or left? – 
color(s) – 
meteor direction of travel – 
duration (secs) – 
brightness (bright as Venus, Moon, Sun?) –
any sounds (sizzle or booms) –
fragmentation were pieces falling off ? –
and other comments that you think are important –
Your Name and contact information (contact information will remain confidential; if you wish to have your name not published please let me know; thank you!) -

(Please cut and paste the questions onto an email; answer the questions the best that you can and kindly email the information to me; Thank you!!!)

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NEOs Close Approach April 2011 Green Fireball Alert 31MAR-3APR2011

Alert- Green Meteor Fireballs 31MAR-3APR2011

Expect some more green fireballs to be seen from March 31 - April 3, 2011.
Two asteroids 2011 FA23 2011 FT9 will make a "close" approach on 1APR and debris will be leading or trailing their passing.  Have your cameras ready for a capture.  Get outside to see if you can.  Hope we have some clear skies!  Ready Alberta??? If you see one please email LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com  Thank you! - Tokyo


AU = ~150 million kilometers
1 LD = Lunar Distance = ~384,000 kilometers
267221 (2001 AD2) 2011-Mar-310.103340.2400 m - 890 m19.124.82
(2011 EL51) 2011-Apr-010.138253.8110 m - 250 m21.815.62
(2011 FA23) 2011-Apr-010.00542.14.4 m - 9.8 m28.914.07
(2011 FT9) 2011-Apr-010.01947.515 m - 35 m26.26.28
(2011 FR2) 2011-Apr-010.093036.227 m - 60 m25.04.73
(2011 EW29) 2011-Apr-010.124248.3180 m - 410 m20.810.46
(2004 FJ29) 2011-Apr-020.151559.0140 m - 310 m21.416.98
(2009 UD) 2011-Apr-020.096337.59.9 m - 22 m27.26.25
85953 (1999 FK21) 2011-Apr-030.178969.6590 m18.016.57
(2011 FR6) 2011-Apr-030.126149.148 m - 110 m23.712.18
(2004 XN50) 2011-Apr-040.147157.2480 m - 1.1 km18.731.02
(2010 TK19) 2011-Apr-040.169465.928 m - 63 m24.98.66
(2010 TK55) 2011-Apr-050.069327.047 m - 110 m23.712.49
(2009 HE60) 2011-Apr-060.081331.720 m - 44 m25.75.24
(2011 BE38) 2011-Apr-100.123348.0560 m - 1.3 km18.416.57
(2010 VB1) 2011-Apr-100.169966.158 m - 130 m23.36.81
(2007 WC5) 2011-Apr-150.089334.89.2 m - 21 m27.38.07
141484 (2002 DB4) 2011-Apr-150.160662.51.4 km - 3.1 km16.414.94
(2011 EW4) 2011-Apr-160.194175.563 m - 140 m23.16.87
260141 (2004 QT24) 2011-Apr-170.140554.7590 m - 1.3 km18.313.24
(2010 UP) 2011-Apr-170.101239.433 m - 73 m24.65.09
(2011 FS6) 2011-Apr-230.139154.137 m - 82 m24.34.91
(2011 EM51) 2011-Apr-230.046618.1110 m - 250 m21.99.83
(2010 HW20) 2011-Apr-230.069026.816 m - 36 m26.14.99
(2003 FF5) 2011-Apr-230.054421.262 m - 140 m23.26.36
(2004 HQ1) 2011-Apr-240.105341.060 m - 130 m23.210.80
(2011 DV) 2011-Apr-250.099938.9210 m - 470 m20.56.62
(2010 TU5) 2011-Apr-270.090435.2430 m - 970 m18.918.72
(2008 UC202) 2011-Apr-270.02288.96.0 m - 13 m28.24.00
(2003 FU3) 2011-Apr-300.146557.0180 m - 400 m20.915.34
Credit: http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/ca/

30 March 2011

Los Angeles, CA Meteor 29MAR2011

Los Angeles, CA  Meteor 8:09-8:30pm March 29, 2011
We saw a meteor in Los Angeles, CA by Westwood between 8:09-8:30pm March 29, 2011...
Have there been any reports?
Thank you,

Beverly Hills, CA Green Double Flash March 29
When I was driving east on santa Monica blvd into beverly hills, I saw a massive quick green double flash from a source that was most likely on the ground. What is this? Do small meteorites cause this to happen? - D. Berry
No, not usually.  Meteors only flash when they are several miles high in the upper atmosphere.  What you may have seen was something on the horizon that "appeared to be near" the ground. - LunarMeteorHunter, Tokyo

Has anyone else seen this?  IF so please email your report to LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com  Thank You!

Texas Meteor Sighting 29MAR2011

Fort Worth, Texas Meteor or Space Junk Burning up 11:30PM 29MAR2011
At approximately 11:30PM I saw what appeared to be a meteorite burning up in the atmosphere or space junk burning up. I was driving south on Interstate 35 about 15 miles north of Fort Worth, Texas when I saw a brilliant whitish-green light tracking in a southerly direction. I first saw it through the windshield of my car at approximately directly overhead. It tracked almost directly south before burning out in about 5 seconds. - H. Majors

Has anyone witnessed a meteor ?  Please provide the time, your location and what you saw.  If so please email me at: 
 Thank you!

Rome, Italy Meteor 30MAR2011

Rome, Italy Meteor 07:05 (local time) 30MAR2011
There were several search inquiries on Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News for a meteor seen from Rome, Italy.  Some checking with Italy shows a report:

 Bolide seen Guidonia (ROME)
This morning at about 07:05 (local time) I have seen in the direction of about 246 ° SW, a shooting star too bright and with a long trail to be called that, I think it was just a fireball. Is anyone able to spot and confirm my observation? The move was, for an eye, a 20 degrees, I had never seen anything like it in an hour during the day!!

If you saw this please leave your information on the IMTN site below or email LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com  Gratzi !

Original Italian post on ITALIAN METEOR and TLE NETWORK:

Thank you, Ferruccio, IMTN!!!

Pittsburgh, PA. Green Meteor Fireball 30MAR2011

Pittsburgh, PA. Green Meteor Fireball 1 am 30MAR2011
I live in Pittsburgh,Pa. I just saw what I believe is a green shooting star falling directing downward from the sky torward the ground. Lasted about 3 seconds and had no sound. It came from the south and wasn't very far up in the sky. Happend on march 30th, 2011 around 1 am. It honestly freaked me out. Could you explain what this might be? - Sharon

Sharon you most likely saw a green fireball!  Congrats!

If anyone else saw this please email LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com

Thank you!

New Zealand Large Meteor Fireball 29MAR2011

Large meteor seen across NZ
New Zealand Herald
By Hayden Donnell and NZPA A meteor that illuminated the sky with a brilliant blue and white light as it exploded over New Zealand last night was likely to have been the size of a desk. Reports of a bright flashing light in the sky about 11pm were ...

Meteor explodes over North Island
meteor exploded 80 kilometres above Auckland last night, giving a dramatic light and sound show for those lucky enough to see it. Did you see it? Do you have photos? Email us at newstips@stuff.co.nz It was seen over a wide area of the North Island ...

If you saw this meteor event let us know...  please email your sighting report; thank you!!!


Meteor/Meteorite News 30MAR2011

International Dark-Sky Week: April 1-8, 2011
By William Atkins You'll be able to see the night sky better if you observe International Dark-Sky Week from April 1 to 8, 2011, and throughout the year, as fantastic celestial sights will be better unveiled, such as the Lyrid meteor shower on the ...

Durban 'UFO' was satellite debris
Times LIVE
The burning fireball crossing Durban's skyline last week was from outer space but "was not a UFO", the African Space Institute said yesterday. Those who saw the bright light on Tuesday night described it as a glowing circle or ring moving fast towards ...

Earth as a target
Astronomy Magazine
By Liz Kruesi About 50000 years ago, an asteroid impacted Earth's surface and created Barringer Crater (also known as Meteor Crater) in northern Arizona. It dug out a hole nearly a mile wide. Peter Kresan Earth has been hit by asteroids and comets in ...

Rocks in solar system looked like candy floss
Hindustan Times
Researchers from Imperial College London and other international institutions made the discovery after highly detailed analysis of a meteorit e fragment ...

Gujarat hopes its Jurassic Park will draw tourists
Vyas said it was widely believed that this place was a part of the `Shiva crater' that was formed millions of years ago by a meteor crash. The meteor crash, and the later volcano eruptions devastated this area, scientists believe. ...

Ga. science museum gets NASA fireball camera | The Associated ...
By The Associated Press
Tellus Science Museum in north Georgia is the newest site added to NASA's fireball camera network that tracks meteors.

'A Professor, a President, and a Meteor: The Birth of American Science'
 PhysOrg.com (press release)
"A Professor, a President, and a Meteor: The Birth of American Science" is published by Prometheus Books. Credit: Prometheus Books When a fiery meteor crash in 1807 lit up the dark early-morning sky in Weston, Connecticut, it did more than startle the ..

News On 6, Amateur Astronomer Capture Bright Light Shooting Across Oklahoma Sky

News On 6
Amateur astronomer James Beauchamp visited Six in the Morning Friday to discuss how he got video of what was most likely a meteor falling from space. "They're very common, it's just that people don't see them very often. It just happens we had a clear ...

Meteorite Just One PIece of an Unknown Celestial Body
2 min
Date- 28th Mar 11 Source- carnegiescience.edu 'Scientists from all over the world are taking a second, more expansive, look at ...