23 April 2011

California Bright Flash a Meteor? 21APR2011

Hemet, California  9:56 pm 21APR2011
I Saw a huge blue explosion in the sky tonight! 9:56pm, April 21, 2011 Hemet Ca. Explosion lit up the entire horizon and half the sky. Did not hear any sound. It was in the Western Sky from me -Carrie

Double Green Flash in Los Angeles, California
I also saw a similar double green flash-- on the night of april 1st, thought. I was driving south on beverly glen toward westwood village and a good part of the sky just above the horizon flashed vivid green twice before going out. Both my girlfriend and I saw it, remains one of the more bizarre things Ive seen. From the other user's description it sounds like the same event in the same place, though he may have recalled the date incorrectly. I remember it was the first because we were driving home from a birthday party that day. Perhaps the same event recurred twice? Not likely.
Jon H.

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