21 April 2011

Italian Coffee and Lyrids Fireball from Italy 19/20APR2011

Station Name: IMTN-Ferrara3-TLEtracker-(C) F. Zanotti
Observer: Ferruccio Zanotti
Location: Ferrara N 44.8181, 11.6167 E, alt. 9 m
Direction: z: 33 ° v 18 °
Camera: EX-Mintron Colour 62V6HP integration 2x (1/25s) Computar 6mm F/0.8
Fireball passed over Austria.
Fireball 2011.04.20_22.51.46 ± 1 UT
Full track (J2000)
RA: 319,146
Decl i: 43,645
AR f: 336,590
F decl: 39,633
Transit Duration: 3.32
Duration wake: 0.00
No fragmentation
No flare
Apparent magnitude max: -5.5 ± 0.5
Zenithal magnitude: -10 ± 0.5
Meteor shower: Lyrids
Notes: initial height of 15 ° FH: 4 °
Spectrum to first order: NO
Color camera: Yes

case projection assuming the ground as a starting point and end point at 90 km to 50 km:

xvid video: http://www.ciph-soso.net/FE2008/M20110420_225146_Ferrara_TL.avi

Bolide (as identified by UFOAnalyzer Lyride a) very low in the west probably alrgo the coast of France.
In my shot the fireball disappears behind a building when it is still the most (so far) of its brightness, that given the low altitude at the time of his death behind the building (only 4 degrees altitude ) Should have been spectacular when viewed from closer.
Fireball 2011.04.19_20.54.33.670 ± 1 UT
Track incomplete (J2000)
RA (degrees): 99,826
Decl i (°): 2,309
AR f (°): 98,483
Decl f (°): -10,568
Initial azimuth (°): 259.34
Initial height (°): 14:19
Final azimuth (°): 251.16
FH (°): 4.06
Transit duration (s): 4280
Wake duration (s): 0.000
No fragmentation
No flare
Apparent magnitude max: -7.2 ± 0.2
Zenithal magnitude max: -13.0 ± 0.2
Meteor shower: Lyrids
Note: The fireball disappears behind a building during its maximum brightness
Spectrum to first order: NO
Color camera: NO
VLF radio signal: NO
Eco VHF radio: NO

Lyrids Fireballs:

(observer: Ferruccio Zanotti )

( observer: Nico Montigiani )

Ferruccio Zanotti
IMTN ( Italian Meteor and TLE Network )

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Anonymous said...

biggest fireball my son and I have ever seen driving home @ 9pm hawaii...we've seen alot, too...it was huge...stunning