14 April 2011

OH PA WV MD NJ Meteor 11:35 pm 13APR2011

Baltimore, MD. Meteor 11:35 pm 13APR2011 
Baltimore MD. April 13th. 11:35 PM. Saw a very bright meteor in the western sky with a sparkler tail. Brightest I've ever seen. maybe 20 degrees north of the moon. -Dave Tanner

Balltimore, Maryland Greenish Emerald Streak Shooting 1:35-11:40 tonight (4/13/2011)
I live in Balltimore, Maryland and around 11:35-11:40 tonight (4/13/2011) I was getting off the 295 exit to get onto 695 going towards Towson I noticed a greenish (emerald color) streak shooting across the sky. Did I really see a comet? I wanted to know if you know of any scheduled comets coming in view of our area around this time and if anyone else as reported seeing something similar tonight in the sky? Thanks, Romelle B.  Sorry no comets scheduled this week.

New Jersey Meteor 11:45 pm 13APR2011
I just saw a meteor at 1145 pm in NJ 4/13/2011 looked huge like a white ball with a trail of neon blue and green trail of flames following it as it dropped straight down from the sky.First time I have ever seen anything like that. It was amazing!!! -mamayamaha

Greenbelt, Maryland 11:30 pm 13APR2011
I saw a brief, bright white light not long after 11:30 pm, above Greenbelt, Maryland (intersection of Washington Beltway/495/95 and Baltimore-Washington Parkway/295). It was in the northeastern sky and moving from southeast to northwest. The northwest side of it looked like a bright burst of white light. This was followed on the southeast by a white tail. Overall, it followed a smooth arc, as I would have expected, but it made an erratic jagged dip down, across, and back up before it disappeared. (It looked celestial to me, but we do get a lot of varied aircraft here because we are near both Washington, DC, and NASA.)

Independence Ohio Meteor ~11:42 April 13, 2011
As I was driving home this evening I spotted a meteorite.
I was traveling eastbound on Pleasant Valley Road and noticed a blue-white streak seemingly traveling north to south in the south / southeast sky.
It was approximately 11:42 EST. I was in Independence Ohio and looking south. It was bright enough to take my attention off the road. Hank D.


Granvile, Ohio
I saw a fire ball between columbus and granvile ohio around 1135pm 4.14.2011 appeared to be heading north in the eastern sky. - FreshBasted

Youngstown, NY 
While letting the dog out I saw an emerald green sparkling tail meteor at 1140pm. For me it appeared to the south soaring very low. Awesome!

Blackwood NJ
Just saw a green fire ball with a yellow tail shoot down the sky in Blackwood NJ.Amazing to see!
Danielle Curcio Maiocco

Harrisburg, PA large meteor blue/green with a large tail11:40PM
Harrisburg, PA around 11:40PM saw a very large meteor blue/green with a large tail traveling south-east. I have never seen anything like it. It looked as though it was going to land just a mile or so away. It was so close.

Silver Spring MD
Guest400 (guest): I just saw a green and yellow fire ball about 7 mins ago. From Silver Spring MD

Guest783 (guest): I live in Williamstown,NJ...about 20 mins ago saw a fireball so close that the i was able to see an orange glow off the tail of it. Never in my life have i seen something so close!it was an experience i will not forget.

 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
I saw the same bright light-green shooting star towards the south. Waterloo, ON.

Clarksburg, WV
Guest566 (guest): I was driving north on I79 between Rt 50 in Clarksburg, WV and Jerry Dove Dr about 11:35 pm on April 13,2011 when I spotted a white ball of light that appeared to be an object on fire falling fast and straight down. I thought it was a plane on fire at first.It appeared to be in the local area around Bridgeport,WV and disappeared behind the treeline.


Unknown said...

I saw the same bright light-green colored shooting star towards the south.
Waterloo, ON, Can.

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Henrietta, NY April 13, 2011

I saw a meteor last night on my way home around 11:40 at night. It was in the eastern sky at an angle of around 60 degrees traveling south. It was a brilliant green with a spectacle of incinerating debris ripping off of it. It was the third I’ve ever seen, and the first at night. Very curious as to how far it made it before ending it journey. Seamed way to high to have ended in NY. Judging by its path I would say south PA or MD.

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Pittsburgh, PA April 13, 2011

I saw a bright green fire ball outside my window at around 11:45 PM EST. It was very low in the sky and falling fast, seems like it could have possibly landed near by.

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April 13
Live in Northern VA and I saw the same thing, it was gorgeous and is engraved in my memory forever. I couldn't believe how big it was!