12 April 2011

Perth, Australia Meteor? 12APR2011

Perth, Australia Meteor? 06:30 am 12APR2011
We saw what appeared to be a meteor in the dawn sky approx 06.30 Perth Western Australia 12 April 2011 heading in a south easterly direction. Not a very long tail, but very bright. Other people seen it but nothing on tv here?

Anyone else see a meteor?  email LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

i sore it at about 6:50
i was on my way to work in malaga - perth ,
anyone know wat it is

Buttsy6 said...

I too witnessed the meteorite on that Tuesday morning at approx'6:20am.

Was facing the right way for the best view ever. My peripheral vision showed what I originally thought to be a star....gaining in size and intensity. I witnessed it's entry into earths atmosphere evident by it's greenish tail, this lasting for only a few seconds as it travelled from South-West to North-Easterly direction. Was expecting a flash on the horizon from impact but there was none. I would expect that at least some of this meteorite would have touched down somewhere.

Was surprised to hear nothing on this in the local papers or news media.

Most amazing thing I ever saw !