05 October 2017

Breaking News- Yunnan, China Superbolide Meteorites Likely 04OCT2017 w/Video

Breaking News- Dali, Yunnan, China Super Bolide 04OCT2017 w/Video
Meteorites Likely- MeteorRats Scramble!
2-4 meter superbolide just fell over southern China!
Updates pending!

Dali,Yunnan, China Super Bolide 20:08 Local 04OCT2017
Meteorites Likely- MeteorRats Scramble! 

Yunnan Bolide Event 12:07:05 UTC
99.4 deg LAT / 28.1 deg LON
0.54 kt energy release
37 km above ground detonation

Slide Show of Bolide-

From MPML (Minor Planets Mailing List)
Looks like the new CNEOS page has kept much more up to date- just 7 hours ago a bolide traveling 14.6 km/s fell over the northern parts of China's Yunnan province, near the northern border of Myanmar!

They estimate a radiated energy around 192 gigajoules, the making it the most energetic "impact" in several months after the 2017/06/20 event, and the most energetic "impact" over land in over a year since the 2016/06/27 event over Mauritania!

It's the middle of the night in China, so unsurprisingly I haven't been able to find any photos or new sources on it, but expect the news to catch on in a few hours! This is the largest impact over china since the 2000/12/15 event, and will definitely merit attention in one way or another.
~Sam Dean / MPML

The event occurs at about 8 pm local time, and because it was a holiday in China (mid-autumn day of which there is a tradition of moon-gazing) there are a lot of witnesses. There are also reports about ground shaking after the flash.
  Unfortunately the area is quite mountainous, so meteorite search would be difficult.
Cheers, Yeh, Quan-Zhi / MPML

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