19 April 2011

Northern Sweden Giant Meteor Fireball 19APR2011

Northern Sweden Giant Meteor Fireball  02,35-02,40 CET 19APR2011
Apr 19 2011, 4:01 PM Tokyo Timestamp
Swede (guest) wrote:: Hello! Did see a giant fireball burning for as long as i could see it during 02,35-02,40 CET Northern Sweden. It moved from west to east Real GIANT!!! The tail was about two fingers thick when you hold your arm out. I presume that it hit somewhere in Finland, or even Russia... or in the sea. If it didn`t burn up of course. But this one was SUPER HUGE! Normally I see meteors from my truck. but this was really exceptional! Anyone know where I can search for info about it?  Swede if you read this please email me; thank you!
You are searching in the correct place on this site.  Thank you Swede for your report!

Anyone else see this event?  Email LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com


Andrei said...

I'm from Romania just spotted on sky, a bright light moving very slowly, can't be a plane at leas not commercial - light was to bright, not flashing - also was to big to be a geo satelite in my opinion. Light wa very intensive. I was smoking outside when I saw it, I call my father also, we was amazed. We was watch till disapear to horizont. Incredible.

Around 9:05 PM - GMT +2

Can you confirm any astronomical event?

cynthia said...

I'm from Hollister, CA and around 830pm almost 9pm there was a very bright light that that was north of us. my son was outside the hurt his eyes not sure what it was.