10 April 2011

Belleville, Illinois Meteor 10:30 pm 9APR2011

Belleville, Illinois Meteor 10:30 pm 9APR2011
i live in belleville illinois and i was talking my sons friends home tonight about 10:30 and saw the most beautiful thing in the sky my son said it was a meteorite in the front of it was a glowing blue light and then green at the end never seen anything so beautiful before in the night sky.  Just wanted to email you and tell you we saw i
Amy Becker


Anonymous said...

Bloomington, IL 10:30'ish PM 9th of April, 2011
A bunch of friends & I were sitting outside when we suddenly saw the most brilliant flash of blue rapidly moving across the skyline, trailed and then was gone. Never have seen something so close to the earth. FANTASTIC

Kathy G. said...

We saw it too, in Vandalia, IL. It was amazing! Never saw anything like it before. We were sitting out on our deck, enjoying the beautiful weather. It was brilliant!

Jodie M. said...

I saw it in New Baden, Illinois- It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! It was close to 11:00 P.M., (4-9-11) and was in the Northeast heading Northwest.. Awesome!