21 April 2011

MO NE IA MN Meteor 20APR2011

Auxvasse, MO Meteor 8:45 pm 20APR2011
Bright light (did not notice a trail) headed WSW over and down at medium speed towards Columbia, MO around 8:45 PM 20 APR 2011. As seen from my west home window near Auxvasse, MO. - GORDON G

Eastern Nebraska
I was biking through eastern Nebraska when i saw the green meteor others have described. By the time I noticed it, it started high in the southern horizon, streaked southerly at a graceful fast arc for about a second. It gave an erie blue-green light through the haze.
My parents in Des Moines, Iowa also saw it south-west of their location.

Guest694 (guest) wrote:
approx 850pm CDT in Columbia, MO...I just saw a bright green fireball streak across the sky,lasting longer than a shooting star....looked like white/red/orange at the tail,lasted several seconds.

Jason Mcjunkins wrote :
around 8:50-9:00 p.m. cst in kaiser, mo. i saw a green fireball appear in the sky and shoot downward toward the horizon like a shooting star only much larger than any shooting star i have ever seen it was traveling at a very fast speed and was gone in seconds.

Green Meteor (MO) 2011-4-20
Traveling west on I-70 just past Columbia, MO at about 8:30PM April 20, 2011. Viewed a large green object in the northern sky moving rapidly SW toward horizon. It appeared abruptly and was gone less than 2 seconds. Much too fast for a plane and much larger than any falling star my wife or I have ever seen. Burning a bright emerald green color with some blue. This light cut out well before the horizon. We were traveling to KC for the night and wondered if it touched down in MO or KS. -Jason n Katrina

Guest604 (guest): Mid Nebraska. Saw a large bluish whit light streak accross the sky at 10p.m. on the 20th. Not sure what it was, but it was as fast as a falling star.

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Anyone else see this?  LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com


Cathy Evenson Roberts said...

Lincoln, NE - Walking in South Lincoln on Prescott Ave [Union College]....great view of the sky....beautiful Meteor sped across the sky in a amazing [bright-burst] arch in colors of blueish-aqua hues. WOW! Spectacular! Cathy

Anonymous said...

Driving South on I-29 from Sioux City, IA towards Omaha. Saw bright green fireball with a tail look like it fell straight in front of us.
20APR2011 approximately 9:00pm.

Burning Light said...

At 8:48 pm, Wednesday, April 20th, 310 degrees to the NW,
I saw a brilliant green fireball low, traveling NW to W, start at 15 degrees, end at 10 degrees elevation, bright green, short tail, saw a few small pieces brake off as it fell, burned out before it hit the horizon from my point of view, lasted 3-4 seconds. I was at the Arcade Fire concert, outdoors at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, MO, took direction and time info and recorded this account onto my iPhone immediately after it happened. Beautiful!