08 April 2011

Long Beach, California ~9-10 pm Two Meteors 8APR2011

Long Beach, California ~9-10 pm 8APR2011 Two Meteors!
I saw a huge flash on the way to Long Beach, California from Whittier city tonight (4/8/11 between 9pm-10pm). My bf was driving while I was in the passenger seat. When we got to Long Beach near the ships and sea, we saw a bigger flash in the sky a head of us. Both him and I were starting to concern. We had no idea what it was. At first I thought It could be a lightning even though the sky is clear and nice out. The second time, it definitely didn't look like a lightning. We thought it could be a nuke! but of course it wasn't that. It was big flash. Did anyone see it? 

Info?  LunarMeteoriteHunters@gmail.com

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