30 November 2009

Sylacauga, Alabama Meteorite Strikes Woman 55 years ago- other News 30NOV09

On this day in history

Chicago Tribune
In 1954 Elizabeth Hodges of Sylacauga, Ala., was slightly injured when an 8 1/2 -pound meteorite crashed through the roof of her house. ...

Der erste belegte Unfall mit einem Meteoriten

WELT ONLINE - Berlin,Germany
Trotz dieses Meteoritenfalls wird die Wahrscheinlichkeit, von einem Meteoriten getroffen oder verletzt zu werden, zumeist als äußerst niedrig eingestuft. ...

Sekrety meteorytu z Marsa

Polskie Radio - Warszawa,Mazowieckie,Poland
W 1996 roku wielką międzynarodową dyskusję spowodowała meteoryt ALH 84001 – najprawdopodobnie najlepiej zbadany fragment skały w historii. ...

Remembering a first
The Daily Home Sat, 28 Nov 2009 20:48 PM PST
Fifty-five years ago, on Nov. 30, 1954, the first and only meteorite to strike a human hit Ann Hodges while she was taking a nap on her couch in her home in Oak Grove, just outside Sylacauga.

Encyclopedia of Alabama paints state story

The Hodges meteorite strike. An 8.5-pound meteorite crashed into the Sylacauga home of Ann Hodges on Nov. 30, 1954, hitting her hip as she napped on her ...

Custody battle brews over Rywanda Plainview meteorite

A BITTER ownership battle has broken out over the discovery of Queensland's second biggest ever stony meteorite. Tom King, 53, was caretaker at Rywanda ...

Meteor row headed to court

ABC Online
It weighs 25 kilograms and is believed to be the state's second largest stony meteorite. It was removed from alongside a fence on a grazing property about ...

Special to The Washington Post

Washington Post
The International Meteor Organization (http://www.imo.net) says this year's Geminid meteors might be worth watching. It peaks on the post-midnight morning ...

Mercury is point of celestial triangle

Akron Beacon Journal
13 into the morning of the 14th, the Geminid meteor shower peaks. This shower is fairly reliable, producing up to 100 meteors an hour. ...

Life on Mars

The rock in question is an achondrite meteor fragment which is believed to have been blasted off the Martian surface over a billion years ago. ...

29 November 2009

South Africa Meteor update and Other 29NOV09

The hunt for the meteorite continues

Primedia Broadcasting - Eyewitness News
The Johannesburg Planetarium said on Saturday it now believed that the meteorite that flew over Gauteng last weekend could have disintegrated into the ...

Solo Sailor Spots Pacific Bolide

Universe Today
The International Meteor organization relies on reports just like this from observers in the field….or in this case “all at sea”. Jessica Watson a student ...

Long clear nights and meteors are coming up

Daily Press
Plus, there's a bonus in the 12th month — the annual Geminid meteor shower. Be prepared to be up all night on Dec.13th-14th when the Geminids reach their ...

Peak of Geminid meteor shower slated for Dec. 14

Enid News & Eagle
By Bob Killam The peak of the Geminid meteor shower is the evening of Dec. 14. December's new moon makes this a perfect year for dark-sky Geminid peak ...

First Signs of Life Possibly Discovered on Mars Meteorite

The meteorite arrived on our planet more than 13000 years ago, after floating through space for more than 16 million years. When it was originally studied, ...

Special Broadcasting Service
Martian meteorite shows signs of life

Special Broadcasting Service
Now an even closer look at a meteorite from Mars suggests it may show signs of life after all. In 1996, David McKay of NASA's Johnson Space Center in ...

CERN - Falling into Hadrons` Well - "Our Place in the Cosmos" =

ALICE - follows the White Rabbit down the Rabbit Hole
CERN fires up LHC successfully!

Alice by Jan Svankmajer, Česko

Two circulating beams bring first collisions in the Large Hadron Collider

Geneva, 23 November 2009. Today the LHC circulated two beams simultaneously for the first time, allowing the operators to test the synchronization of the beams and giving the experiments their first chance to look for proton-proton collisions. ... [more]

Large Hadron Collider - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), currently built and coming into operation, is the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator, ...


Maya Water World- Well of Spirits Caught in Time
National Geographic Magazine

Symphony of Science -
'Our Place in the Cosmos'
(ft. Sagan, Dawkins, Kaku, Jastrow)

MP3: http://symphonyofscience.com

"Our Place in the Cosmos", the third video from the Symphony of Science, was crafted using samples from Carl Sagan's Cosmos, Richard Dawkins' Genius of Charles Darwin series, Dawkins' TED Talk, Stephen Hawking's Universe series, Michio Kaku's interview on Physics and aliens, plus added visuals from Baraka, Koyaanisqatsi, History Channel's Universe series, and IMAX Cosmic Voyage. The themes present in this song are intended to explore our understanding of our origins within the universe, and to challenge the commonplace notion that humans have a superior or privileged position, both on our home planet and in the universe itself.

For more science remixes, check out http://symphonyofscience.com

28 November 2009

Green Fireballs- H. G. Wells 28NOV09

The War of the Worlds
- written by
H. G. Wells (Wikipedia link)
original post 25AUG09 replay 26NOV09 updated28NOV09
Chapters 1-12 of H. G. Wells' story
based on the 1897 publication in Pearson's Magazine.
narration by Orson Welles
(Wikipedia link)
H. Springer/TOYMAN Studios Production 2008
posted on YouTube

Part I - The Falling Star (best part)

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Canada Meteor/Meteorite News- 28NOV09

Fireballs spotted in Edmonton sky

The Vancouver Sun- November 27, 2009 5:16 PM
EDMONTON — Ah to be an early riser: first to the paper, first to the coffee, and, of course, first to the occasional fireball scorching through the sky. ...

Meteor/Meteorite News 28NOV09

Bushies squabble over hunk of rock from a meteorite

Courier Mail
By Sophie Elsworth THIS is the meteorite, currently in police hands, at the centre of a bizarre custody battle. It is actually believed to be the state's ...

Filmpje: grote meteoriet verlicht Utah

Seven Days - Netherlands
Het exploderende geluid kwam doordat de hete klomp honderd kilometer verderop neerkwam in een woestijn. Volgens de NASA was de vuurbal een meteoriet. ...

Mars'ta hayat var!

Haber Türk - ‎2 hours ago‎
ANTARKTİKA'YA 13 bin yıl önce düşen bir meteor üzerinde yapılan incelemeler bilim dünyasında büyük heyecan yarattı. Meteor üzerindeki incelemelerini ...

PENELITIAN NASA - Di Batu Meteor Ditemukan Fosil Makhluk Hidup

Harian Global - ‎8 hours ago‎
Sebuah bukti baru seputar kehidupan ruang angkasa mulai terungkap di mana dalam kandungan sebuah batu meteor ditemukan fosil makhluk hidup mikroba. ...

New Evidence For Ancient Life On Mars
Slashdot Fri, 27 Nov 2009 15:02 PM PST
siddesu writes in with "compelling" new data that chemical and fossil evidence of ancient microbial life on Mars was carried to Earth in a Martian meteorite. The finding is being highlighted by the same NASA team who made the initial discovery 13 years ago. Spaceflight Now has more details of the analysis. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Have You Heard The One About Life On Mars?
Discovery Channel Fri, 27 Nov 2009 14:54 PM PST
A 13,000 year old meteorite from Mars, found in 1984 in the Allan Hills Region of Antarctica, is back in the news. The rock caused quite a stir when NASA announced during an August 1996 press conference that it contained ...

Fresh claim for fossil life in Mars rock
New Scientist Fri, 27 Nov 2009 09:10 AM PST
The 1996 claim that a meteorite contains microbe fossils from Mars has been boosted by the rejection of a non-biological explanation for the minerals...

Space rock custody battle
The Courier Mail Fri, 27 Nov 2009 05:00 AM PST
THIS is the meteorite, now in police hands, at the centre of a bizarre custody battle. It is actually believed to be the state's second-biggest stony meteorite....

NASA: There Was Life on Mars
Pravda Fri, 27 Nov 2009 04:59 AM PST
NASA is believed to have found strong evidence that there was once life on Mars. Scientists working on a meteorite discovered in 1984 told the Spaceflight Now website that mineral microstructures in the rock were the remains of magnetic bacteria....

NASA finds new evidence for life on Mars
TG Daily Fri, 27 Nov 2009 03:36 AM PST
Meteorite contains fossil bacteria....

Meteorit s Marsa doneo bakterije na Zemlju

Za meteor Alen Hils 84001 prvi put se čulo 1996. kada su u njemu pronađeni fosilni ostaci. Stručnjaci su tada verovali da je u pitanju kontaminacija stene ...

NASA Scientists Claim Proof of Life on Mars
Novinite.com Fri, 27 Nov 2009 03:35 AM PST
NASA scientists claim that microscopic structures found in a Martian meteorite are the most compelling evidence yet that life exists on the planet Mars.

Week's most clicked

Cairns Post
Kuranda residents report seeing a strange yellow light cross the night sky, and are still waiting for answers about the mystery meteorite-like sighting. ...

De koehandel rond Van Rompuy: 'Wordt Europa één gigantisch België?'

Express.be - Antwerpen,Belgium
Ze vonden microscopisch kleine wormachtige structuren in een Martiaanse meteoriet die ruim 13.000 jaar geleden op de aarde neerstortte en zijn ervan ...

Research 'Strengthens Case' For Life On Mars

Sky News
Nasa scientists working on a meteorite discovered in 1984 have found "strong evidence of Martian life," sources told the Spaceflight Now website. ...

Na Marse bol život. Tvrdia to vedci z NASA

SME.sk - Bratislava,Slovakia
Allan Hills 84001 je meteorit, ktorý pred 13-tisíc rokmi dopadol na územie ... Tvrdili totiž, že v meteorit sa nachádzajú pozostatky po baktériách, ...

Получены новые доказательства присутствия бактерий на древнем Марсе

Компьюлента - Москва,Russia
Метеорит ALH84001, как считается, откололся от поверхности Марса около 4 млрд лет назад, ... Приблизительно 15 млн лет назад метеорит попал в космическое ...

Метеорит едва не се сблъска със Земята

News.bg - София,Bulgaria
Както съобщава в четвъртък швейцарското издание "24 Heures", като се позовава на южноафрикански астрономи, небесното тяло е преминало на едва 90 километра ...

27 November 2009

Meteor/Meteorite News 27NOV09

Poor Sue may have starved to death

Toronto Star
It appears it wasn't only climate change or meteor impact that made the dinosaurs extinct. but another problem as well. Until recently, I believed that the ...

Życie na Marsie prawie pewne

Wirtualna Polska - Gdańsk,Poland
Według naukowców, marsjański meteoryt, znaleziony w 1984 roku w Antarktyce, ... Chodzi o znalezione w meteorycie kryształki magnetytu i maleńkie skamieliny ...

Mysterious 'fireball' sighting not science fiction

The Daily News of Newburyport
Referred to by astronomers as a "fireball," it is caused by a larger-than-average particle, perhaps from a Leonid meteor shower, shooting through the ...

ASA vindt 'overtuigend bewijs' van leven op Mars

Express.be - Antwerpen,Belgium
Volgens de wetenschappers werd de meteoriet van het Marsoppervlak gerukt door ... De wetenschappers slaagden erin de herkomst van de meteoriet naar Mars te ...

In Meteor, NASA Sees Best Evidence Yet of Life on Mars

By Jane Yager| Posted 3 minutes ago| Share (Newser) – A Martian meteorite that hit Antarctica 13000 years ago offers “very strong evidence of life on Mars,” ...

Американцы нашли жизнь на марсе

Росбалт.RU - Санкт-Петербург,Russia
Так называемые биоморфы, как выяснилось, присутствуют ниже поверхностного слоя метеорита, сообщает The Times. Этот факт означает, что они уже присутствовали ...

Evidence of life on Mars lurks beneath surface of meteorite, Nasa experts claim

Times Online
It showed that microscopic worm-like structures found in a Martian meteorite that hit the Earth 13000 years ago are almost certainly fossilised bacteria. ...

Meteor explodes in blaze of colour | World News | Newscomau

VIDEO shows amazing footage of a meteor exploding, as experts try to locate the out-of-space visitor.

Над Южной Африкой сгорел метеорит

Интерфакс - Москва,Russia
RU - Метеорит едва не столкнулся с землей на Юге Африки. Как сообщило в четверг швейцарское издание "24 часа" со ссылкой на южноафриканского астронома, ...
translated in English, reads:
Above Southern Africa the meteorite has burned down
The Interfax - Moscow, Russia
RU - the Meteorite
Hardly has not collided with the ground in the south of Africa. As has informed on Thursday
The Swiss edition " 24 hours " referring to южноафриканского the astronomer, ...

Rock may contain 'space bugs'

Ireland Online
New evidence has made it more likely that remnants of Martian microbes were transported to Earth in meteorite, it was revealed today. ...

Martians 'came to earth'
Perth Now Thu, 26 Nov 2009 15:40 PM PST
NEW evidence has made it more likely that remnants of Martian microbes were transported to Earth in a meteorite, it was revealed today.

Evidence of life on Mars lurks beneath surface of meteorite, Nasa experts claim
MalaysiaNews.net Thu, 26 Nov 2009 15:37 PM PST
END: Module - M24 Article Headline with landscape image (d) --> BEGIN: Module - Main Article --> Nasa scientists have produced the most compelling evidence yet that bacterial life ex...

Rock may contain 'space bugs'
Press Assoc. via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News Thu, 26 Nov 2009 07:32 AM PST
New evidence has made it more likely that remnants of Martian microbes were transported to Earth in a meteorite, it has been revealed.

TRAVEL : Fossils of Martian Bugs Found on Meteorite
Kompas Thu, 26 Nov 2009 03:40 AM PST
The fossilised remains of Martian bugs have been discovered on a meteorite that crashed into the Antarctic 13,000 years ago

Bacteria from Mars found inside ancient meteorite
Daily Telegraph Thu, 26 Nov 2009 02:34 AM PST
Martian bacteria arrived on Earth on a meteorite which smashed into the Antarctic 13,000 years ago, Nasa scientists believe.

Fossils of Martian bugs found on meteorite that landed on Earth 13,000 years ago
Daily Mail: World News Thu, 26 Nov 2009 02:21 AM PST
A study by scientists from the American space agency Nasa has found chemical signatures in the rock strongly associated with life.

Microscopic Martians may have arrived on Earth 13,000 years ago
New Kerala Wed, 25 Nov 2009 23:02 PM PST
London, November 26 : A leaked NASA report has disclosed that microscopic Martians arrived on planet Earth about 13,000 years ago, hitching a ride on a meteorite that smashed into the wastes of the Antarctic.

26 November 2009

South Africa Meteor Report 21NOV09 26NOV09

Meteorite entry in Northern Province
a report to the Meteor and Comet Director of SA
by Magda Streicher

At the farm site around 15km from the Zimbabwe border, 16km north of the
little town Alldays at South 22o30 and East 20o07. a meteor entry was seen
on Saturday night at 23h SA Time and 20h UT Time from this site, but the
time might be slightly out.

The brightest light ever seen was light up the bush field as far as the eye
could see, you should be able to read a book! The next second an impact
sound close to that of a bomb blast which sound like a definite ground
impact sound, follow up with an after sound that went over into a rattle
sound which last for around 3 seconds. My room windows rattle and suddenly
it was dead silence.
I ring various people around the area Sunday morning and there was a few who
saw the bright meteor entry.

A guy from Botswana report just over the border at Platjan border post, who
was outside in the field at the time. He reports that the blinding meteor
turn into a fiery red purple fire ball. In this stage a loud sizzling sound
was heard, burning smoke was seen and the earth was rambling with windows
shaking like mad. His children cried and was very scared by it all.

Another report from a farm close to Platjan, around 30 km west from the town
Alldays, he thought his house is been blast away and ran outside with shock.
He also had a report from a guy who stayed at Phalapie around 100km inside
Botswana who heard the impact sound and saw the blazing light of the meteor.

A man who was in Waterpoort just north of the Southpans mountain between
Louis Trichardt and Alldays. He reports a blazing white meteor light up the
field and travel with speed. He also heard the impact sound, although not
that loud. He was about 120km east from the Platjan border post.

Monday morning 23November, I talk to another Botswana guy who said that the
impact was like a bomb blast close to him. He stayed around 20 kilometres
from the Botswana border in South Africa. Because of the rain no fire was
report in the area around us. It looks like the sound was been heard over a
radius of more that 150 kilometres.

Follow up Wednesday 25 November 2009.
Perhaps the people closest to the posible site, stayed 61km west of Alldays
SA, and report that after the maybe impact of the meteor the ground was
rambling and trembling. He also saw a double flash. His neighbour just north
around 15km south of the border post Platjan report that one of the walls in
the house crack and it sound like the door was moving into its frame. He
also heard a hissing sound, smoke and a very red western horizon with a
burning red purple coma. This might be the closest that we came to the
impact site.

Back in Polokwane I check the radio station video footage show the time at

Magda Streicher

South Africa Bolide 21NOV09- Updates 26NOV09

Bright meteor over northern South Africa- Eyewitness Reports
by psychohistorian.org


Meteor explodes in blaze of colour

Herald Sun
By staff writers A METEOR has crashed in a blaze of colour in South Africa, but experts are unable to find where the out-of-space visitor landed. ...

South African meteor 'lights up the sky'

By ninemsn staff A meteor that crashed in South Africa lit up the sky but despite the stunning event being caught on camera, astronomers can't find where it ...

South Africa meteor display caught on film

Breathtaking CCTV footage of a meteor lighting up the night sky over South Africa has been posted online. By Matthew Moore The meteor was spotted by dozens ...

'Hot topic': meteor lights up SA skies

The Witness
JOHANNESBURG — The Johannesburg Planetarium has requested footage captured by members of the public of a meteor that sped over Gauteng, Mpumalanga, ...

Utah Bolide Meteor of 18NOV09 Idaho/Utah Videos 26NOV09

Idaho/ Utah /Wyoming Bolide Meteor (Dugway) 18NOV09
Not new news for some, but I came across two videos that I have not posted yet.

Video of 18NOV09 bolide from security camera at Friedman Memorial Airport in Hailey, Idaho
Idaho Mountain Express

Video of 18NOV09 bolide from Utah State Univ., Logan, Utah
on YouTube
posted by wootiesdotnet

South Africa Meteor Video- Limpopo 26NOV09

Gauteng South Africa 21NOV09 meteor
- Video from Limpopo

Posted on You Tube
Meteor video from Limpopo Province - 21/11/09 - Between Two Lives

"Marc, this is a security cam recording of Saturday 21/11/09 from S 24 40.793 E 030 19.763. My cam is facing East. Situated at my house in Burgersfort on the border of Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Meteor was moving from east to North." ...
Between Two Lives - http://marcforrest.posterous.com/

Meteor/Meteorite News- 26NOV09

Mogelijk toch sporen van leven gevonden in Marsmeteoriet

NU.nl - Netherlands
Nieuw onderzoek van structuren in dezelfde meteoriet (ALH 84001) heeft opnieuw indirecte aanwijzingen voor bacteriële activiteit opgeleverd. ...

Bacteria from Mars found inside ancient meteorite

Martian bacteria arrived on Earth on a meteorite which smashed into the Antarctic 13000 years ago, Nasa scientists believe. By Ben Leach Their fossilised ...

SBIG allsky camera can track clouds, meteors, and ufos

The allsky cameras are designed for extended, unattended sky watching such as monitoring the weather, detecting meteors, or keeping an eye out for ets. ...

Examining 'Marquette Island'

Opportunity is performing an extensive analysis of this rock, which initial investigation suggests may be a stony meteorite.

Martian may show signs of life Video

Video See topic http www disclose tv forum martian meteorite may show signs of life t12248 html November 25th 2009 New Findings On Alan Hills ...

Allen Hills Meteorite Thar be life? NASA

Popular Science
The same NASA team that discovered the controversial Allen Hills meteorite has shared new data that points to a biological origin for structures within the ...

Life from Mars

The Sun
The microscopic aliens arrived on a meteorite which smashed into the wastes of the Antarctic. Their fossilised remains have been found in ...

Approaching 'Marquette Island'

... a rock informally named "Marquette Island" as the rover was approaching the rock for investigations that have suggested the rock is a stony meteorite. ...

New Findings On Alan Hills Meteorite Point to Microbial Life
Universe Today Wed, 25 Nov 2009 06:28 AM PST
Scientists caused quite a stir in 1996 when they announced a meteorite had been found in Antarctica that might contain evidence for microscopic fossils of Martian bacteria. While subsequent studies of the now famous Alan Hills Meteorite shot down theories that the Mars rock held fossilized alien life, both sides debated the issue and [...]

Martian meteorite surrenders new secrets of possible life
Spaceflight Now Tue, 24 Nov 2009 21:46 PM PST
Compelling new data that chemical and fossil evidence of ancient microbial life on Mars was carried to Earth in a Martian meteorite is being elevated to a higher plane by the same NASA team which made the initial discovery 13 years ago.

25 November 2009

Meteor/Meteorite News- 25NOV09

Records de meteorits, eclipsis i cometes

Diario de Ibiza - Ibiza,Ilas Baleares,Spain
A un altre dels seus articles, per exemple, va explicar exactament què havia passat amn un meteorit que havia caigut al´illa l´octubre de 1923 i que va ...

Gauteng Meteor- Meteorite
Meteor belongs to the state

Primedia Broadcasting - Eyewitness News
“By law in this country any meteorite which hits the ground belongs to the state. So it will be given over to the universities to study its origins and its ...


Amazing meteor lights up sky

The Sun
By STAFF REPORTER A STUNNING meteor dazzled stargazers as it hurtled towards the Earth in a blaze of green light. The astronomical phenomena lit up the ...

Meteor lights up Joburg sky

Independent Online
This is CCTV footage of the meteor spotted in Gauteng on November 21, 2009, after 11pm, according to Eyewitness News. Earlier, the Johannesburg Planetarium ...

Martian meteorite surrenders new secrets of possible life

Spaceflight Now
BY CRAIG COVAULT Compelling new data that chemical and fossil evidence of ancient microbial life on Mars was carried to Earth in a Martian meteorite is ...

Priority nickel targets identified at Yarrabubba JV Project

The Yarrabubba Project covers a large diameter meteorite impact structure that has similar geological features to those at the large Sudbury mining camp in ...

Dec. skywatch: Meteor shower, blue moon

AZ Central.com
One of the best and most reliable meteor showers takes place in mid-December, when the Geminid meteors make their annual appearance. ...

Colorado-Grand Junction Police Officer-Video Camera Sights Utah Meteor
WATCH: Dash cam captures meteor over GJ
A meteor was visible over the Grand Valley just after midnight Wednesday (18NOV09). A Grand Junction police officer was driving near Sam's Club when out of the night ... http://www.kjct8.com/Global/story.asp?S=11560356

Smoke trail left by brilliant meteor

Astronomy Magazine
Observers in Tucson, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, and Los Angeles also observed light from the meteor. At the University of Utah, seismometers picked up a slight ...

Is case finally closed on 1965 'UFO' mystery?

A meteorite? A wayward classified aircraft? Reentering space hardware of Earthly origin? An alien craft from afar? Whatever took place in Kecksburg, ...

Video of meteor over Gauteng 21 November | Marc Forrest.com

By Marc
I have also just come across a 2nd video of the Gauteng meteor from a building somewhere in Johannesburg. This one is really cool as you get a full view of the horizon, and it is also slowed down. ...
Marc Forrest.com - http://www.marcforrest.com/

South Africa Meteor/Meteorite News- Gauteng Meteor Videos 21NOV09 24NOV09

The video of the Gauteng Meteor from the Mustek building can be seen here:

This Gauteng Meteor video was taken from a building somewhere in Johannesburg with a full view of the horizon, and it is slowed down:

24 November 2009

Meteor/Meteorite News- 24NOV09

METEOR: Leonid Meteor Shower Caught On Dashcam...

Behind this light show, the Leonid meteor shower. The shower apparently happens when the earth slams into remnants of the Comet Tempel-Tuttle.

More Eyewitness accounts of the meteor

Jacaranda 94.2
Botswana- These Meteorite created a complete daylight effect as far as I could see, except it was like a quartz halogen pure white light, which gradually faded to a ...

Probe underway into Gauteng meteor sighting

Primedia Broadcasting - Eyewitness News
Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor on Monday requested detailed information about the meteor that passed over Gauteng at the weekend. ...

Meteor spotted over Grand Valley

A meteor was visible over the Grand Valley just after midnight Wednesday. A Grand Junction police officer was driving near Sam's Club when out of the night ...
VIDEO: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid2149109001?bctid=52177658001

New York Times
Stellar Design | Astronomy Posters

New York Times
... below, in which Page uses diagonal lines to create interstellar objects in relief — and calls to mind the gentle descent of a meteor shower. ...

Meteor lights up night sky

JOHANNESBURG - Amateur astronomers are star-struck with the possibility that a meteorite might have crashed to earth somewhere in South Africa on Saturday ...

Gauteng abuzz after meteor sighting

Primedia Broadcasting - Eyewitness News
Eyewitness News has also received reports of the meteor being spotted as far as Botswana. “There was a very bright explosion, where the sky lit up as if it ...
Meteorite expert shares knowledge with teachers

By Stacy O'Brien - Red Deer Advocate As a meteorite rocketed across the sky in Alberta just over a year ago, associate professor Christopher Herd was ...
Search on for alleged meteorite

Primedia Broadcasting - Eyewitness News
Amateur astronomists across Gauteng said on Monday they were focussing their search for an alleged meteorite, which allegedly plummeted to earth on Saturday ...

Strange lights spotted over Kuranda

The Cairns Post
The Cairns Post has been contacted by a local resident who describes seeing a strange yellow light about 7pm, which she suspected was a meteorite. ...

Plan for Human Mission to Asteroid Gains Speed
By Leonard David
SPACE.com’s Space Insider Columnist
posted: 23 November 2009 11:56 am ET
BOULDER, Colo. – Call it Operation: Plymouth Rock. A plan to send a crew of
astronauts to an asteroid is gaining momentum, both within NASA and industry
circles. ... [more]

Italian Meteor/Meteorite News- Week Prior+ 23NOV09

Pazzesco meteorite illumina a giorno lo Utah

SiciliaInformazioni.com - ‎8 時間前‎
Mercoledì scorso un meteorite caduto nello Utah ha letteralmente illuminato a giorno città e paesi per poche frazioni di secondo. ...
Crazy meteor lights up day Utah
SiciliaInformazioni.com - 8时间前
Wednesday, a meteorite crashed in Utah has literally brightly lit cities and towns for a few fractions of a second. ...

Pazzesco meteorite che illumina a giorno lo Utah

NanoPress (Blog) - ‎2009年11月21日‎
Mercoledì scorso un meteorite caduto nello Utah ha letteralmente illuminato a giorno città e paesi per poche frazioni di secondo. ...
Crazy meteor as bright as day Utah
NanoPress (Blog) - 2009年11月21日Wednesday, a meteorite crashed in Utah has literally brightly lit cities and towns for a few fractions of a second. ...

YOUTUBE/ Video - Un meteorite illumina a giorno lo Utah

Il Sussidiario.net - ‎2009年11月19日‎
YOUTUBE - Come si vede in questi video, come in altri diffusi in rete, ieri notte un meteorite ha solcato i cieli dello Utah, negli Stati Uniti. ...
YouTube / Video - A meteorite brightly lit Utah
The Sussidiario.net - 2009年11月19日
YOUTUBE - As seen in this video, as in other popular network last night was a meteor crossed the skies of Utah the United States. ...

Al museo Zannato adesso c'è spazio per le meteoriti

Il Giornale di Vicenza - ‎10 時間前‎
Esposto vi è inoltre una copia del cannocchiale di Galileo Galilei, un meteorite di 2 kg di peso da poter toccare, video e programmi interattivi e una ...
Tusk now at the museum is no place for meteorites
Il Giornale di Vicenza - 10时间前
Complaint There is also a copy of the telescope by Galileo Galilei, a meteorite weighing from 2 kg to touch, video and interactive programs and a ..

Astronomia: oggi passaggio grande stella cadente su Roma

Notizie - MSN Italia - ‎2009年11月17日‎
... Emilio Sassone Corsi; 'Si e' trattato di un piccolo sciame di Leonidi nel quale si trovava un bolide' cioe' un meteorite grande e luminoso. ...
Astronomy: big step today shooting star
Rome News - MSN Italy - 2009年11月17日
Emilio Sassone Corsi, 'has' is a small swarm of Leonids in which he was a bolide 'ie' a meteorite large and bright. ...

Russian метеорит Meteor/Meteorite News- Week Prior+ 23NOV09

Шерстистые мамонты и гигантские бобры вымерли не из-за упавшего метеорита

ГАЗЕТА.GZT.ru - ‎2009年11月20日‎
Шерстистые мамонты и гигантские бобры, населявшие территорию Северной Америки, вымерли не от падения метеорита, как считалось ранее. Об этом говорится в новом исследовании американских ученых. До сих пор считалось, что причиной резкой гибели древних животных стало падение гигантского метеорита, ...
Woolly mammoths and huge beavers have died out not because of fallen meteorite
ГАЗЕТА.GZT.ru - ‎2009年11月20
Woolly mammoths and the huge beavers occupied territory of Northern America, have died out not from falling a meteorite as was considered earlier. About it it is spoken in new research of the American scientists. Till now was considered, that the reason of sharp destruction of ancient animals became falling a huge meteorite...

Канзас: отец и сын уверены, что к ним во двор упал метеорит

Новости Америки - ‎2009年11月18日‎
Они уверены, что это – метеорит. Десятилетний Чендлер Харп (Chandler Harp) играл во дворе своего дома, когда услышал что-то похожее на взрыв примерно в пяти метрах от того места, где мальчик стоял. Обернувшись, он увидел, как грязь и осколки взметнулись вверх на полтора метр. ...
Kansas: the father and the son are assured, that to them in their backyard the meteorite has fallen
Новости Америки- ‎2009年11月18
They are assured, that it is a meteorite. Ten years' Чендлер Харп (Chandler Harp) played in a court yard of the house when has heard something similar to explosion approximately in five meters from that place where the boy stood. Having turned back, it has seen, how the dirt and splinters have shot up upwards on one and a half meter....

С Марса атакуют!

Московский комсомолец - ‎2009年11月19日‎
На высоте приблизительно в 160 метров над поверхностью Земли метеорит разлетелся на куски. Взрыв видели даже в Лос-Анджелесе. А спустя 6 часов после падения астероида жители Юты и Колорадо наблюдали в небе еще одно необычное явление — ярко-голубые облака в форме спирали. ...
From Mars attack!
Moscow комсомолец - ‎2009年11月19
At height approximately in 160 meters above a surface of the Earth the meteorite has scattered on pieces. Explosion saw even in Los Angeles. And later 6 hours after falling an asteroid inhabitants of Utah and Colorado observed in the sky one more unusual phenomenon — is bright-blue clouds in the form of a spiral....

Туман скрыл метеоритный дождь от Азии

Газета.Ru - ‎2009年11月18日‎
Люди,собравшиеся посмотреть на метеорит над территорией Азии, так и не смогли его увидеть, сообщает Associated Press. Зрелищу помешал опустившийся туман. Однако, на большей части территории Азии люди так и не увидели метеоритного дождя. Даже в горах неподалеку от Катманду собравшимся ...
The fog has hidden a meteoric rain from Asia
Газета.Ru - the ‎2009年11月18
People, going to look at a meteorite above territory of Asia, and could not see it, informs Associated Press. To a show has prevented the fallen fog. However, on a greater part of territory of Asia people and have not seen a meteoric rain. Even in mountains nearby to Katmandu gathered...

Эх, залетные!

Журнал ИТОГИ - ‎14 時間前‎
"Если бы объект был массивным, то ближайшая к эпицентру сейсмостанция непременно зарегистрировала бы момент его встречи с землей", - уверен Валерий Удоратин. Примечательно, но в феврале 2006 года, по словам геофизика, в этих местах также искали якобы упавший метеорит. Тогда в поселке Синегорье, ...
Эх, stray!
Журнал ИТОГИ - ‎14 時間前‎
" If object was massive the seismic station nearest to an epicentre by all means would register the moment of its meeting with the ground ", - Valery Udoratin is assured. It is remarkable, but in February, 2006, according to geophysics, in these places also searched for ostensibly fallen meteorite. Then in settlement Sinegore...

Видео огненного шара над Ютой

InFuture.ru - Почувствуй будущее! - ‎2009年11月21日‎
... недавно размещено в сети - Университетом Юты (Eccles Observatory). Учёные утверждают, несмотря на то, что метеор возник во время метеоритного дождя Леониды, это совсем другое. Эксперты относят его к событию в местечке Парк Форест в 2003, когда десятки метеоритов рассыпались в небе над Чикаго...
Video of a fiery sphere above Utah
InFuture.ru - Feel the future! - ‎2009年11月21...
It is recently placed in a network - by University of Utah (Eccles Observatory).
Scientists approve, in spite of the fact that the meteor has arisen during meteoric rain Leonids, it absolutely another. Experts compare it to an event in Park Forest in 2003 when tens of meteorites were scattered in the sky above Chicago...

Донецкий гербариум в контексте скандала с ГЕРБОМ

Донецкий коммуникационный ресурс - ‎13 時間前‎
А нет ли смысла изобразить упавший еще в 1814 году метеорит Бахмут L6, кусочки которого оцениваются среди любителей за рубежом в 500 долларов за грамм? Или другой метеорит, найденный в 1976-м в куске каменного угля? Если только он еще не весь разворован и не пущен на продажу. ...
Donetsk гербариум in a context of scandal with the ARMS
Донецкий коммуникационный ресурс- 13 時間前‎
And whether is not present sense to represent meteorite Бахмут L6 which has fallen still in 1814 which slices are estimated among fans abroad in 500 dollars for gram? Or other meteorite found in 1976 coal in a piece? If only it all is plundered and not started up on sale....

Обломки комет смогут увидеть барнаульцы в ночном небе

ИА "Атмосфера" - ‎2009年11月17日‎
Как рассказала корреспонденту asfera.info старший научный сотрудник Барнаульского планетария Наталья Павлова, этот метеоритный дождь слабый: частота падения «небесных камней» невелика: 10-15 метеоритов в час. «Метеоритный поток бывает очень сильным раз в 33 года. Последний был в 2000 году, ...
Fragments of comets can see барнаульцы in night sky
ИА "Atmosphere" - ‎2009年11月17
As Natalia Pavlova has told to the correspondent asfera.info the senior scientific employee of the Barnaul planetarium, this meteoric rain weak: frequency of falling of " heavenly stones » is insignificant: 10-15 meteorites at an o'clock. « The meteoric stream happens very strong time in 33 years. Last was in 2000...

Из-за компьютерного сбоя в США отменены авиарейсы

Сейчас - ‎2009年11月19日‎
Точное число перенесенных рейсов не сообщается, однако известно, что только авиаперевозчик AirTran Airways отменил 22 рейса, сообщает РИА "Новости". Ранее сообщалось, что в американском штате Юта тысячи человек стали очевидцами редкого явления: в земной атмосфере взорвался метеорит.
Because of computer failure in the USA flights are cancelled
Сейчас - ‎2009年11月19
Exact number of the transferred flights is not informed, however it is known, that only air carrier AirTran Airways has cancelled 22 flights, informs RIA of "News". Earlier it was informed, that in American state Utah of thousand person became eyewitnesses of a unusual occurrence: in a terrestrial atmosphere the meteorite has blown up.

Угроза из космоса: как защитить планету

Вести.Ru - ‎2009年11月20日‎
А если метеорит упал на курятник и убил трех куриц, скорее всего, это и обсуждать никто не будет. Все зависит от последствий", - считает директор Института астрономии РАН Борис Шустов. Сегодня открыто около 100 тысяч астероидов. Большинство в диаметре от километра и более. ...
Threat from space: how to protect a planet
Вести.Ru - ‎2009年11月20 And if the meteorite has fallen to a henhouse and has killed three hens, most likely, it and will be discussed by nobody. All depends on consequences ", - director of Institute of astronomy of the Russian Academy of Science Boris Shustov considers. Today it is opened about 100 thousand asteroids. The majority in diameter from kilometer and more....

Первая попытка освободить Spirit закончилась неудачей

Lenta.ru - ‎2009年11月18日‎
Изначально миссия этих марсоходов была запланирована всего на 90 марсианских суток, однако в настоящее время ее продолжительность уже перевалила за 2 тысячи. Второй аппарат, Opportunity, в настоящее время продолжает движение к кратеру "Идевор". По дороге ему удалось обнаружить несколько метеоритов...
The first attempt to release Spirit has ended with failure
Lenta.ru - ‎2009年11月18
Initially mission of these mars rovers has been planned all on 90 Martian day, however now its duration already has passed for 2 thousand. The second device, Opportunity, now continues movement to a crater "Идевор". On road it was possible to it to find some meteorites...

Самые очаровательные пустыни мира

РБК - РИА РосБизнесКонсалтинг - ‎2009年11月19日‎
Ученые обнаружили в Сахаре удивительное место - гигантский кратер, оставшийся после падения огромного метеорита предположительно 1,2 километра в диаметре. Произошло это задолго до строительства пирамид - около 28 с половиной миллионов лет назад. Космический гость опалил несколько десятков ...
The most charming deserts of the world
РБК - РИА РосБизнесКонсалтинг - ‎2009年11月19
Scientists have found out in Sahara a surprising place - the huge crater which has remained after falling of a huge meteorite presumably of 1,2 kilometers in diameter. There was it long before construction of pyramids - nearby 28 and a half of millions years ago. The space visitor has singed some tens...

Главная мусульманская святыня Кааба. Справка

РИА Новости - ‎2009年11月19日‎
Некоторые ученые считают его очень крупным метеоритом, другие исследователи видят в нем большой кусок неизвестной вулканической породы, ведь каменистая Аравия изобилует многими потухшими вулканами. Согласно же мусульманской традиции, этот камень Бог даровал изгнанному из рая Адаму после его ...
Main Muslim relic Кааба
РИА Новости - ‎2009年11月19日‎
Some scientists consider as its very large meteorite, other researchers see in it the big piece of unknown volcanic breed, in fact stony Arabia abounds with many extinct volcanos. According to Muslim tradition, the God granted this stone to Adam expelled from paradise after it...

Дело о мамонтах

Вокруг Света - ‎2009年11月19日‎
Взрывы, подобные тем, что наблюдались при падении Тунгусского метеорита, вызвали сильнейшие пожары и загрязнение атмосферы Земли, что привело к глобальному похолоданию на планете. Несмотря на вероятность этой гипотезы, Уильямс и Джил считают, что исчезновение мамонтов началось еще до ...
Business about mammoths
Around of Light - 2009年11月19
Explosions similar to that were observed at falling of the Tungus meteorite, have caused the strongest fires and pollution of an atmosphere of the Earth that has led to global cold snap on a planet. Despite of probability of this hypotheses, Williams and Джил consider, that disappearance of mammoths has begun still up to...

Год 2012 в календаре древних Майя

Голос Америки - ‎2009年11月20日‎
В 2003 году некоторые боялись, что наша планета будет уничтожена в результате столкновения с метеоритом. Но пока ничего подобного не произошло. По данными НАСА, планеты Нибиру не существует, и по крайней мере из того, что известно астрофизике, подобного рода планетарные столкновения просто ...
Year 2012 in a calendar ancient Майя
Voice of America - ‎2009年11月20
In 2003 the some people were afraid, that our planet will be destroyed as a result of collision with a meteorite. But while anything similar has not occured. On data of NASA, planet Нибиру there is no, and at least that is known to the astrophysics, a similar sort planetary collisions is simple...

Комета из созвездия Льва. На Землю пролился метеорный поток Леониды

ТРК "АТВ" - ‎2009年11月21日‎
Десятиметровый Сихоте–Алинский метеорит, упав в тайге на Дальнем Востоке, оставил после себя кратерное поле размером в 50 квадратных километров. Юрий Горбанёв: тут возможны всякого рода спекуляции, в плане того, что конец света. В реальности Земля непрерывно сталкивалась с такими объектами, ...
Meteoric stream Leonids
ТРК "АТВ" - ‎2009年11月21日‎
Ten-meter Сихоте–Алинский a meteorite, having fallen in a taiga in the Far East, the field in the size in 50 square kilometers has left after itself кратерное. Jury Gorbanyov: here are possible any sort of gamble, by way of that a doomsday. In a reality the Earth continuously collided with such objects...

Катастрофы Кювье и постепенность Ламарка

Независимая газета - ‎2009年11月17日‎
Катастрофы Кювье подтвердились на примере неоднократных вымираний динозавров, происходивших в результате падения метеоритов, которые оставили после себя гигантские кратеры. Идеи Ламарка вспоминали недавно в связи с открытием метильной эпигенетики, то есть «надгенной» модификации ДНК с помощью ...
Accidents Кювье and gradualness Ламарка
The Independent newspaper - ‎2009年11月17
Accidents Кювье have proved to be true on an example numerous вымираний the dinosaurs occured as a result of falling of meteorites, Which have left after itself huge craters. Ideas Ламарка recollected Recently in connection with opening метильной эпигенетики, that is «надгенной» Updatings of DNA by means of...

Московский планетарий откроется в декабре 2010 года

Domania - ‎2009年11月18日‎
В настоящее время объект находится в завершающей стадии реконструкции, большая часть оборудования поставлена. В обновленном планетарии планируется открыть самую большую общедоступную коллекцию метеоритов и лунного грунта, а также уникальное собрание астрономических приборов с древности до наших ...
The Moscow planetarium will open in December, 2010
Domania - ‎2009年11月18
Now the object is in a finishing stage of reconstruction, the most part of the equipment is put. In updated planetaria it is planned to open the greatest popular collection of meteorites and a lunar ground, and also unique assembly of astronomical devices from an antiquity up to ours...

Ледниковый период способен наступать в считанные месяцы

Экспресс К - ‎2009年11月17日‎
... индейцев кловис могла погибнуть из-за резкого похолодания. Эта развитая культура, известная, в частности, своими наконечниками копий и стрел, является предметом интенсивного изучения в последнее время. Одной из возможных причин ее гибели называют падение метеорита примерно 13 тысяч лет назад...
The glacial age is capable to come in считанные months
Экспресс К - ‎2009年11月17
... Indians кловис could be lost because of a sharp cold snap. This developed culture known, in particular, for the tips of spears and arrows, is a subject of intensive studying recently. One of the possible reasons of its destruction name falling a meteorite approximately 13 thousand years ago...

Годишен метеоритен дъжд наблюдават в Азия

DARIK News - ‎2009年11月18日‎
Тази година астрономите предсказаха върхова активност на потока, който се наблюдава най-добре от Азия. Наблюдателите може да станат свидетели на до 200-300 ...
Annual meteor shower seen in Asia
DARIK News - 2009年11月18日
This year, astronomers predicted peak flow activity, which is seen best in Asia. Observers may become witnesses to a 200-300 ...

Чому вимерли мамонти?

BBC Ukrainian.com - ‎2009年11月20日‎
Таке відкриття виключає припущення, що мамонти вимерли в результаті падіння на Землю метеорита 13 тисяч років тому. Вчені також помітили ознаки значних змін ...
Why extinct mammoths?
BBC Ukrainian.com - 2009年11月20日
This discovery eliminates the assumption that mammoths became extinct as a result of meteorite falls to Earth 13 thousand years ago. Scientists also found indications of significant changes ...

Українські мусульмани розпочали хадж

Коломия ВЕБ Портал - ‎9 時間前‎
Він вважається найвідомішим священним метеоритом, символом каяття, який спочатку був білим, але почорнів після дотиків до нього численних грішників. Його ...
Ukrainian Muslims Hajj began
Coloma web portal - 9时间前
The Kabba is the most famous sacred meteorite, a symbol of repentance, originally white, but pochorniv after touching him many sinners. His ...

Дъжд от падащи звезди в 4 поредни дни

TeenProblem.net - ‎2009年11月18日‎
Тя обещава до 300 метеорита на час, които ще могат да се наблюдават най-добре от Азия. В Европа метеоритния дъжд ще може да се наблюдава само ако потокът ...
Rain falling stars in 4 consecutive days
TeenProblem.net - 2009年11月18日
It promises up to 300 meteorites per hour, which can be seen best from Asia. In Europe, the meteor shower can be observed only if the flow ...