10 May 2013

Oshika, Namibia Meteorite Fall 09MAY2013

Oshika, Namibia Meteorite Fall 09MAY2013
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Onesi, Omusati, Namibia Location Map
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Oshika, Namibia Meteorite Fall 09MAY2013
Source- New Era
Meteorite strikes mahangu field
"A piece of meteorite, the of a size of a small ball or two human fists put together made such an impact that people within a radius of over 200km were able to hear the explosive impact, feel the resulting tremor and observe the blinding light that followed as it landed". ...more-

'UFO' sparks bomb fears in northern village
"Oshika - a remote village in the Onesi area of the Omusati Region - was gripped by fear of bombs when an object believed to be a meteorite fell there in the early hours of yesterday.
The incident had, according to worried eyewitnesses, all the hallmarks of a military attack - a sound similar to that of a warplane, a loud explosion and a suspicious landing time."...

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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