11 May 2013

Santiago del Estero, Argentina Meteorite Claimed Found

A meteorite fell on a golf Alperovich in Santiago del Estero
In The Welsh farm where soybean seed, beans and corn and raised cattle, work unexpectedly interrupted by the fall of the fireball. In the El Bobadal. ...A rock of great size, about 45 inches in diameter, the machine jammed. The laborers found that it was a stone, but it was not common. "It was black and looked like an iron" revealed one of the workers. 's rock split into several parts by the force of the thresher and one of the pieces-of 689 grams was delivered... suspecting that it could be remnants of a meteorite.. ... more http://www.contextotucuman.com/nota/104529/un-meteorito-cayo-sobre-un-campo-de-alperovich-en-santiago-del-estero.html
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There was a meteor captured on taped on 21APR2013 during a rock concert held in Argentina in Santiago del Estero. -

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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Dr Marco Langbroek said...

Actually, the object on the picture with the article doesn´t look like a real meteorite at all.