18 May 2013

Colorado Fireball Meteor 17MAY2013

Colorado Fireball Meteor approx. 21'45 MDT 17MAY2013
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Colorado Fireball Meteor 17MAY2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
17MAY2013 Karmen Franklin Westminster, CO 21:45 MST appx 4 seconds United States, E-W, seemed to fade over the Rocky Mountains very bright white, almost yellow brighter than Venus, like a small sun just faded slowly seemed to have a tail

17MAY2013 van hecke castle rock,co. 2155 10 seconds right to left  north white moon no no

17MAY2013 Ellen Fort Collins, CO, USA 21:45 MDST 3-4 with a short break E-W Bright white with colored tail moon Don't think so bright ball of reasonable size with short tail

17MAY2013 Jordan Koenig Greeley co 930 pm 2 seconds headed north; left to right; i was facing west; distance equal to a pens length held at arms length. it was bright green, with a luminescent yellow/green. moon no parts falling off; moving at a tremendous rate of speed. The object appeared to come blindingly fast through the sky from seemingly nowhere. It was there for 2ish seconds, than it simply disappeared into the atmosphere.

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Unknown said...

I saw the same thing at around 12:30am, bright green, about two seconds long and disappeared in Lancaster Pennsylvania

Architecture Inspector said...

Both I and my wife, driving separately westward on Stagecoach Boulevard in Evergreen, CO, saw a pencil-eraser-sized greenish ball appear briefly (~2 seconds) and to drop downwards out of sight behind Chief Mountain and Rogers Peak. This occurred sometime between 9:30 and 10:00 pm. 9:45 pm as reported by others would be just about right.

Because we each saw the "shooting star" at the same time from different cars, I eliminate the possibility that it was just headlight glare that catches one's attention.