17 May 2013

Kansas Meteorites Map

Meteorites Found in Kansas Map
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Meteorites Found in Kansas, USA
v.1 C 2013 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth / USGS
162 records found for meteorites with places that contain "Kansas"
AchillesOfficial1924Kansas, USAH516 kgGoogle Earth 
Admire **Official1881Kansas, USAPallasite,
180 kg37Google Earth 
Almelo Township **Official1949Kansas, USAL53.18 kg47Google Earth 
Anson **Official1972Kansas, USAL63.9 kg56Google Earth 
AnthonyOfficial1919Kansas, USAH520 kgGoogle Earth 
ArgoniaOfficial1940Kansas, USAPallasite,
84 gGoogle Earth 
Attica **Official1996 or 1997Kansas, USAH45.62 kg84Google Earth 
BeardsleyOfficialY1929Kansas, USAH516 kgGoogle Earth 
Beeler **Official1924Kansas, USALL611.62 kg47Google Earth 
Belle Plaine **Official1950Kansas, USAL678.8 kg30Google Earth 
Bison **Official1958Kansas, USALL611 kg62Google Earth 
Blakeman **Official1983Kansas, USAL4113.7 g101Google Earth 
BrenhamOfficial1882Kansas, USAPallasite, 
4.3 MTGoogle Earth 
BrewsterOfficial1940Kansas, USAL617 kgGoogle Earth 
Brownell **Official1971Kansas, USAL62 kg63Google Earth 
Bunker Hill **Official2002Kansas, USAL628 kg100Google Earth 
Burdett **Official1940 or 1948Kansas, USAH58.6 kg40Google Earth 
Cabin CreekOfficialY1886Arkansas, USAIron, IIIAB48.5 kgGoogle Earth 
Caldwell **Official1961Kansas, USAL-imp melt12.9 kg81Google Earth 
Calico Rock **Official1938Arkansas, USAIron, IIAB7.28 kg33Google Earth 
Cedar (Kansas)Official1937Kansas, USAH64.9 kgGoogle Earth 
Cimarron **Official1948Kansas, USACM287Google Earth 
CoffeyvilleOfficial2006Kansas, USAH535.9 kg98Google Earth 
Colby (Kansas)Official1940Kansas, USAH52.4 kgGoogle Earth 
Coldwater (iron)Official1923Kansas, USAIron18.4 kgGoogle Earth 
Coldwater (stone)Official1924Kansas, USAH516 kgGoogle Earth 
CoolidgeOfficial1937Kansas, USAC4-ung4.5 kgGoogle Earth 
CovertOfficial1896Kansas, USAH561 kgGoogle Earth 
CullisonOfficial1911Kansas, USAH410 kgGoogle Earth 
Delaware **Official1972Arkansas, USAL48.35 kg86Google Earth 
Densmore (1879)Official1879Kansas, USAL637.2 kgGoogle Earth 
Densmore (1950) **Official1950Kansas, USAH611.3 kg47Google Earth 
Densmore (c)Official1956Kansas, USAOC3.9 kg83
Dispatch **Official1956Kansas, USAH220 g30Google Earth 
Dresden (Kansas) **Official1953Kansas, USAH56.76 kg40Google Earth 
DwightOfficial1940Kansas, USAL64.1 kgGoogle Earth 
EdmondOfficial1983Kansas, USAH64 kgGoogle Earth 
ElkhartOfficial1936Kansas, USAH5573 gGoogle Earth 
Ellis County **Official1948Kansas, USAH64.69 kg56Google Earth 
Elm CreekOfficial1906Kansas, USAH47 kgGoogle Earth 
Elyria **Official1971Kansas, USAIron, IIIAB10.9 kg52Google Earth 
FarmingtonOfficialY1890Kansas, USAL589.4 kgGoogle Earth 
FayettevilleOfficialY1934Arkansas, USAH42.36 kgGoogle Earth 
FranklinvilleOfficial1888Kansas, USAL6108 gGoogle Earth 
Galatia **Official1971Kansas, USAL623.9 kg56Google Earth 
GarnettOfficial1938Kansas, USAH44.79 kgGoogle Earth 
Gaylord **Official1983Kansas, USAH48.48 kg66Google Earth 
GoodlandOfficial1923Kansas, USAL43.63 kgGoogle Earth 
Goose CreekOfficial1999Kansas, USAH52.13 kg85Google Earth 
Grant CountyOfficial1936Kansas, USAL62.3 kgGoogle Earth 
Great Bend **Official1983Kansas, USAH628.77 kg62Google Earth 
GretnaOfficial1912Kansas, USAL582 kgGoogle Earth 
Hardtner **Official1972Kansas, USAL613 kg53Google Earth 
Harrison TownshipOfficial1945Kansas, USAL63.26 kgGoogle Earth 
HatfieldOfficial1941Arkansas, USAIron, IAB complex21 gGoogle Earth 
Haven **Official1950Kansas, USAH66.1 kg8Google Earth 
Haviland (a)Official1937Kansas, USAH51035 gGoogle Earth 
Haviland (b) **Official1976Kansas, USAH52.09 kg62Google Earth 
Haviland [crater] **Crater<1000 aKansas, USAImpact CraterGoogle Earth 
Hesston **Official1951Kansas, USAL612.9 kg8Google Earth 
Hill CityOfficial1947Kansas, USAIron, IVA11.7 kgGoogle Earth 
Hope **Official1955Arkansas, USAIron, IAB-MG6.8 kg8Google Earth 
HoraceOfficial1940Kansas, USAH519.7 kgGoogle Earth 
Hoxie **OfficialY1963Kansas, USAOC266 g29Google Earth 
HugotonOfficial1927Kansas, USAH5350 kgGoogle Earth 
IngallsOfficial1937Kansas, USAH6226 gGoogle Earth 
Inman **Official1966Kansas, USAL/LL3.47.25 kg41Google Earth 
Jerome (Kansas)Official1894Kansas, USAL429.6 kgGoogle Earth 
Joe Wright 
Official1884Arkansas, USAIron, IIIAB42.6 kgGoogle Earth 
Johnson CityOfficial1937Kansas, USAL610.4 kgGoogle Earth 
KackleyOfficial2006Kansas, USAH41368 g93Google Earth 
Kalvesta **Official1968Kansas, USAH410 kg47Google Earth 
Kansas State Univ.Official2004Kansas, USAH4301 g89Google Earth 
Kansas Univ. **Official1900Kansas, USAL62.8 kg81
Ladder CreekOfficial1937Kansas, USAL635.1 kgGoogle Earth 
Lamont **Official1940Kansas, USAMesosiderite38.69 kg81Google Earth 
Larned **Official1977Kansas, USAAubrite-an28.1 kg97Google Earth 
LawrenceOfficial1928Kansas, USAL6515 gGoogle Earth 
Leon **Official1943Kansas, USAH530 kg39Google Earth 
Leoville **Official1961Kansas, USACV38.1 kg49Google Earth 
Leoville (b)Official1969Kansas, USAOC2.5 kg83Google Earth 
Little River (a) **Official1967Kansas, USAH64.4 kg49Google Earth 
Little River (b)Official1965Kansas, USAH4/511.7 kgGoogle Earth 
Long IslandOfficial1891Kansas, USAL6564 kgGoogle Earth 
Lost Creek **Official1916Kansas, USAH3.84.02 kg86Google Earth 
LurayOfficial1976Kansas, USAOC861 gGoogle Earth 
Marion (Kansas) **Official1955Kansas, USAL52.89 kg30Google Earth 
Mayday **Official1955Kansas, USAH46.9 kg5Google Earth 
Mayfield **Official1972Kansas, USAH438.4 kg53Google Earth 
McCracken **Official1980Kansas, USAH4/51530 g69Google Earth 
Melvern Lake **Official1950Kansas, USAH57.75 kg65Google Earth 
Miller (Arkansas)OfficialY1930Arkansas, USAH516.7 kgGoogle Earth 
Miller (Kansas) **Official1950Kansas, USAH4970 g8Google Earth 
Modoc (1905)OfficialY1905Kansas, USAL635 kgGoogle Earth 
Modoc (1948)Official1948Kansas, USAH61800 gGoogle Earth 
MorlandOfficial1890Kansas, USAH6295 kgGoogle Earth 
Nashville (stone)Official1939Kansas, USAL625 kgGoogle Earth 
Ness County (1894)Official1894Kansas, USAL682 kgGoogle Earth 
Ness County (1938)Official1938Kansas, USAH4652 gGoogle Earth 
Ness County (c)OfficialKansas, USAOC399 g83
New AlmeloOfficial1917Kansas, USAL58 kgGoogle Earth 
NewportOfficial1923Arkansas, USAPallasite,
5.6 kgGoogle Earth 
NorcateurOfficial1940Kansas, USAL63.2 kgGoogle Earth 
NorforkOfficialY1918Arkansas, USAIron, 
1050 gGoogle Earth 
Northbranch **Official1972Kansas, USAH576 kg81Google Earth 
Norton CountyOfficialY1948Kansas, USAAubrite1.1 MTGoogle Earth 
Oakley (stone)Official1895Kansas, USAH627.7 kgGoogle Earth 
OberlinOfficial1911Kansas, USALL52.5 kgGoogle Earth 
OtisOfficial1940Kansas, USAL62.6 kgGoogle Earth 
OttawaOfficialY1896Kansas, USALL6840 gGoogle Earth 
Overland ParkOfficial1998Kansas, USAH41374 g85Google Earth 
Page City **Official1980Kansas, USAIron,
13.63 kg83Google Earth 
ParagouldOfficialY1930Arkansas, USALL5408 kgGoogle Earth 
Park **Official1969Kansas, USAL613 kg59Google Earth 
PenokeeOfficial1947Kansas, USAH53.58 kgGoogle Earth 
Phillips County
(stone) **
OfficialY1901Kansas, USAL657.9 kg47Google Earth 
Pierceville (iron) **Official1917Kansas, USAIron,
100 kg8Google Earth 
Pierceville (stone)Official1939Kansas, USAL62.13 kgGoogle Earth 
PleasantonOfficial1935Kansas, USAH52.3 kgGoogle Earth 
PortisOfficial1959Kansas, USAL30 gGoogle Earth 
Prairie Dog CreekOfficial1893Kansas, USAH3.72.9 kgGoogle Earth 
Ransom **Official1938Kansas, USAH415 kg47Google Earth 
Reager **Official1948Kansas, USAL6230 g30Google Earth 
Richfield **Official1983Kansas, USALL3.740.8 kg80Google Earth 
Rolla (1936)Official1936Kansas, USAH5440 gGoogle Earth 
Rolla (1939)Official1939Kansas, USAH4208 gGoogle Earth 
Rolla (1941)Official1941Kansas, USAH5435 gGoogle Earth 
Rolla (d)Official1942Kansas, USAH50 g83Google Earth 
Rolla (e)Undocumented1950Kansas?, USAOC50 gGoogle Earth 
Roundsprings **Official1986Kansas, USAH56 kg82Google Earth 
St. Peter **Official1957Kansas, USAL56.8 kg5Google Earth 
SalineOfficial1901Kansas, USAH530.8 kgGoogle Earth 
Sand Creek **Official1986Kansas, USAH52.44 kg82Google Earth 
SandtownOfficial1938Arkansas, USAIron,
9.35 kgGoogle Earth 
Sappa **Official1983Kansas, USAL65.95 kg82Google Earth 
Sawyer **Official2006Kansas, USAH48.1 kg100Google Earth 
Scott CityOfficial1905Kansas, USAH52.14 kgGoogle Earth 
Seguin **Official1956Kansas, USAH6750 g30Google Earth 
Selden **Official1960Kansas, USALL51560 g47Google Earth 
SenecaOfficial1936Kansas, USAH41900 gGoogle Earth 
Sharon Springs **Official1983Kansas, USAL623.4 kg81Google Earth 
Shawnee **Official2010Kansas, USAIron, 
8.18 kg99
ShieldsOfficial1962Kansas, USAH59.78 kgGoogle Earth 
Slovak **Official1962Arkansas, USAH58.22 kg63Google Earth 
Smith CenterOfficial1937Kansas, USAL61585 gGoogle Earth 
Sublette **Official1952Kansas, USAL61300 g30Google Earth 
Success **OfficialY1924Arkansas, USAL63.5 kg5Google Earth 
TonganoxieOfficial1886Kansas, USAIron, 
11.8 kgGoogle Earth 
Tribune (b)Official1981Kansas, USAOC1470 g
UlyssesOfficial1927Kansas, USAH43.9 kgGoogle Earth 
Vermillion **Official1991Kansas, USAPallasite,
34.36 kg80Google Earth 
WacondaOfficial1873Kansas, USAL650 kgGoogle Earth 
WaldoOfficial1937Kansas, USAL61300 gGoogle Earth 
WathenaOfficial1939Kansas, USAIron, IIAB566 gGoogle Earth 
Western ArkansasOfficial1890Arkansas, USAIron, IVA1750 gGoogle Earth 
WichitaOfficial1971Kansas, USAH62.37 kg88Google Earth 
WilburtonOfficial1940Kansas, USAH5208 gGoogle Earth 
Wilburton (b)Undocumented1941Kansas?, USAH5256 gGoogle Earth 
Willowdale **Official1951Kansas, USAH43 kg30Google Earth 
WilmotOfficial1944Kansas, USAH62 kgGoogle Earth 
Yocemento **Official1966Kansas, USAL45.92 kg47Google Earth 
ZenithPseudo1901Kansas, USAPseudometeorite20 kgGoogle Earth 
Information deriving from MetBull 100 or later is still subject to change by the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee.
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