14 May 2013

California Fireball Meteor 13MAY2013

California Fireball Meteor approx. 21:35 PDT 13MAY2013
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California Meteor 13MAY2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
13MAY2013 Barbra Point Reyes Station, CA About 22:00 PST 6-7 sec W to E Green Venus No Very bright

13May2013 Kat M Las Flores, CA 92688 21:36:00 15 seconds max SE to NW Bright white possibly tinted bluish green Super bright No fragments It had a tail

13MAY2013 Niilo Tippler Los Angeles, CA, USA 21:32 PST 1-2 seconds NE->NE, 50deg->30deg Bright white center, Bright green outer, no sound Brighter than full moon Multiple
fragmentation trail Very Bright, almost like a green flare, but much faster.

13May2013 Mitchell cooper Sylmar ca USA 21:30:00 10 seconds North Bright light falling to earth Sun 3 parts Thought it was going to explode on earth

13MAY2013 julie riverside, ca 936 2 sec i was  facing north sky, straight down path in sky bright green no or small tail small bright point of light, moving fast no none

13MAY2013 jon chandler valley center california 21:35 approx 3 seconds headed falling rapidly blue green extremely bright none had a long trail

13MAY2013 Rachel Los Angeles, CA 21:30 PDT 5-7 sec I was facing NE, appeared to be moving directly overhead towards the NE. It was bright and amazing! Colors ranged from bright blue/white to orange to yellow in bursts. We were inside so can not comment as to sound. As bright as a firecracker Not that we could see Wish we had had a camera on the ready; sadly, none.

13MAY2013 John Del Mar, CA 21:20:00 5 seconds start NE looking north bright white with green tail brighter than moon did not seem to fragment no

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