03 May 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 03MAY2013

Possible MeteoriteFragments from 1908 Tunguska Explosion Found
Thu, 02 May, 2013 01:32 PM PDT
The 1908 explosion over the Tunguska region in Siberia has always been an enigma. While the leading theories of what caused the mid-air explosion are that an asteroid or comet shattered in an airburst event, no reliable trace of such a body has ever been found. But a newly published paper reveals three differ...Continue reading Bad Science at its best!

Billion-year-old meteor could hold clues to Mars life
They found mineral and chemical signatures on the meteor that indicate terrestrial weathering -- changes that took place on Earth -- and say identification of these kinds of changes will provide valuable clues as scientists examine the meteorites further.

Possible first fragments of 1908 Tunguska meteorite!
EarthSky (blog)
On February 15, 2013, a meteor apparently exploded in the air over Russia. Since then, many have said it was the largest meteor explosion in Earth's atmosphere since the Tunguska event – also in Russia – in 1908. The February 15 event broke windows in ... Bad Science at its best!

Several satellites visible in night sky
Saturn can be seen for most of the night sky during May. Uranus is low in the eastern dawn sky. Neptune can be seen in the eastern morning sky. May 5 - The Eta Aquarids meteor shower peaks after midnight. As far as meteor showers go this is a minor one.

Ancient meteorite could reveal Martian secrets
Thu, 02 May, 2013 11:17 AM PDT
In an effort to determine if conditions were ever right on Mars to sustain life, a team of scientists, including a Michigan State University professor, has examined a meteorite that formed on the red planet more than a billion years ago. read more Continue reading

Eta Aquarid meteor shower this weekend; was Wednesday night fireball sneak ...
Washington Post
A spectacular fireball shot through the D.C. region's western skies Wednesday night, a possible prelude to the Eta Aquarid meteor shower which peaks this weekend. At least 3 dozen skywatchers in 6 states in the Mid-Atlantic reported the fireball around ...

The Second Largest Iron Meteorite Found in USA ...
3 min
This is the second largest iron meteorite found in USA. Found in 1975 in the Old Woman ...

May's meteor showers and bright star powers
Pacific Daily News
I got several inquiries about the Lyrid meteor shower last month, but the Lyrids aren't a particularly dense shower and there weren't a whole lot of meteors to see. There's a better meteor shower coming up this weekend. It's called the Eta Aquarid ...

Stargazing in May: Meteor shower, eclipses in store
Mother Nature Network
The annual Eta Aquarid meteor shower and an annular solar eclipse both occur at the beginning of May, while a less impressive lunar eclipse is set to take place at the end of the month, but that isn't all. Constellations, planets and other celestial ...

Meteor Crater-like blast today a killer - Arizona Daily Sun
Arizona Daily Sun
Ballistic shock waves radiated across the landscape as the asteroid moved through the atmosphere above Arizona at speeds in excess of Mach 50. When the iron spacerock that created BarringerMeteor Crater smashed into Earth outside of present-day ...

Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend, On May 5 2013
The Eta Aquarid meteor shower will be reaching its peak this weekend, during the very early morning hours of Sunday, May 5, 2013. The meteor shower will put on a beautiful show for those watching for a few days before and after though, so get out when ...

Plan a Meteor Shower This Weekend at College of San Mateo
Free; If you ever spend a night under the stars watching for meteors and saw something unusual, you may want to meet astronomer Dr. Peter Jenniskens. He's an expert on meteor showers and author of Meteor Showers and their Parent Comets, a 790 page ...

A gathering of three bright planets
The Guardian Charlottetown
One of two meteor showers associated with the famous Comet Halley (the other is the October Orionids), the Aquarids are not a prolific shower, with only about 15-plus meteors/hour under a dark sky. However, the Aquarid meteors hit Earth's atmosphere at ...

SA to witness meteor shower
Eyewitness News
CAPE TOWN - The South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) on Wednesday urged people to keep their eyes glued to the skies over the next few days for a meteor shower. When meteors enter earth's atmosphere they vaporise as they come into ...

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: Meteors April 22, 2013 ...
The Lyrid Meteor shower peaks on the evening and early morning hours of 22APR2013. If you have good weather and are patient you may see as many as ...

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PAGINA WEB http://www.gabehash.com/ YOUTUBE http://www.youtube.com/ Gabehash ...

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower: When And Where To Catch The Cosmic 'Ring Of Fire'
Latin Times
"Like many other meteor showers, the Eta Aquarids are caused by the Earth passing through the dust particles of a comet," states Spacedex. "In this case, that comet is Halley's Comet (1P/Halley).Each spring, Earth passes into a trail of dust from ...

Russian Meteorites Offered as Prizes at Tucson Event
Space Ref (press release)
PSI's CEO and Director Mark Sykes is available to the media to discuss the Russian meteor and PSI's plans to launch a Tucson-based meteorite lab to analyze meteorite specimens. Please contact Alan Fischer at fischer@psi.edu or 520-382-0411 to schedule ...

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