02 May 2013

Breaking News - VA PA MD DC OH WV DE NJ Fireball Meteor 01MAY2013

Breaking News - VA PA MD DC OH WV DE NJ Fireball Meteor approx. 23:45 01MAY2013
-Sonics Reported!
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VA PA MD DC OH WV DE NJ Meteor approx. 23:45 01MAY2013
v.11 C 2013 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth
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Sonics Reports
VA PA MD DC OH WV DE NJ Meteor approx. 23:45 01MAY2013
v.1 C 2013 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-

01MAY2013 Erica Leesburg, Virginia , USA 23:45:00 2 seconds I was facing west and it shot to the right White and red Moon No Size was comparable to the moon

01MAY2013 Anthony Camill Venetia, PA 2342 8-9 seconds n to e (I was facing east) white blue lights on a plane coming in for a landing larger piece and two smaller falling off very bright and falling fast, and breaking up before fading out

01MAY2013 Michael Cockeysville, MD  US 23:50 EDT 2 seconds E-W yellow/white fireball moon a little.   It looked like a single ball of fireworks except that it was falling rather than ascending.

01MAY2013 melissa massillon, oh 2345 10sec s-e right to left i was facing s-e blue green moon not sure no
01MAY2013 Michael Burchett Front Royal, Va 23:45:00 7 seconds headed west travelling right bright white, fireball moon but brighter plus fireball behind unsure strange

01MAY2013 David Batchelder Washington, Virginia Eastern 3 Sec E-W white, yellow, and blue as it broke up moon Yes East to West

01MAY2013 Zach Bethany, wv, United States 23:43:00 3.2 Seconfs N-S White then bright yellow with hint of orange Nearly as bright as the Sun No fragmentation It was a pretty quick event, but spectacular nonetheless

01MAY2013 Brittany Cummings MILTON, WV, USA 23:50:00 2seconds I was facing east, and saw it start in the North Eastern sky and head west Yellow Comparable to a street lamp when staring at it at night Yes, seemed to shatter with a bright explosion once behind the tree line It's travel was comparable to that of a firework

01MAY2013 nate Clarion, pa 2345 Eastern 3 seconds north to south, facing south, close to horizon orange, no sound moon no pretty awesome

01MAY2013 Carrie Nanticoke pa USA 11:40 pm est 5 sec Sw Bluefish Moon Mambo No

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Unknown said...

I heard what sounded like thunder (but short) and then a big gust of wind. There was no wind otherwise. Very interesting to find out it was a meteor.

Anonymous said...

I live in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. At about 11:45 pm last night, I saw this fireball. The sky lit up like it was daylight. I was in my truck sitting in my driveway. I literally thought someone was shining a spotlight in the drivers window. Then I looked over my shoulder and saw it. it was huge!

I made a youtube video discussing what happened, and one of my subs told me about this blog. Very good and interesting blog. Thank You,

Phil from West Virginia