18 May 2013

NJ VA PA MD NY Meteor Reports 18MAY2013

NJ VA PA MD NY Meteor Reports 00:15-01:00 EDT 18MAY2013
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NJ VA PA MD NY Meteor Reports 18MAY2013
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Initial Reports-
18May2013 John Pennington, NJ 1:00:00 5 sec s-n bright yellow not sure but really bright no traveling low

18MAY2013 David Manassas, Va ~00:45 ~3 Seconds E-W Blue Flickering Bright as moon but smaller, Bluish in color Obscured by clouds I personally only caught the last 2 seconds of it, but neighbors saw it from 'high noon' to horizon.  Moved very quickly.

18MAY2013 steve springfield va usa 00'45am 3 seconds north green very bright circle too fast

18MAY2013 John P BERKELEY SPRINGS 00:40 EST 10 sec United States Light Blue/Blue Same as sun Yes Very Load Deep Pitched Explosion Bright Looks like it may have hit the ground.. The light traveled far down to about a 0 degree angle

18MAY2013 Brian Mayer York, Pa 35 10 secs Nw-SE and Southern Sky blue steak and fireball at end bright blue and orange glow at end none none

18MAY2013 Daniel Harper Westminster, Maryland, USA 1:35 am eastern standard time maybe 3 or 4 seconds i didnt really time it i wax facing west Just bright blue and disappeared behind some tree cover similar to the moon not that i saw whole group of us saw it at a bonfire

18MAY2013 Anthony The service road of the Long Island Expressway in Maspeth, NY, USA Around 0030 or 12:30 am EST Maybe 5 seconds. I was facing West towards the New York City skyline and the Moon. It appeared below the Moon  and moved South to North. Similar pale yellow glow to the moon at that time but with some of what almost appeared to be green in the tail. I would say it's brightness was similar to the moon or just a notch below that. None that I could see. I was walking near the Long island Expressway and from the angle I stood at the New York City skyline was blocked by the walls next to the expressway. I saw the object just over the wall but beneath the moon in the sky. I've never filed a report like this before and I hope this is a sufficient amount of information.

18MAY2013 Matt Pritt Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 00:15 EDT approximately 3-5 seconds traveling in a southeasterly direction, I was facing towards the south at the time greenish blue streak with longish tail, seemed to flash just a bit before disappearing streak was bright enough tpo be seen clearly despite normal interference from city lights, but not so bright as to illuminate the whole sky didn't notice any pieces falling off Noticed event when I was walking south on McKee Place (300 block) in Pittsburgh, noticed the streak as I had looked up and to the left slightly, if my path would be considered 12 o'clock I would say the object moved at a trail that would be 10:30 ish or so before flashing brightly before disappearing from view

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