23 May 2013

Queensland, Australia Meteors 23MAY2013

Queensland, Australia Meteors approx. 18'30 and 19.35 AEST 23MAY2013
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Queensland, Australia Meteors 23MAY2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
23MAY2013 ANDREW sunshine coast queensland AUSTRALIA 19.35 AUST EST 2 to 3 seconds realisticly facing NW came from SE heading NW appeared 1 oclock in the sky and everything disappeared at about 10 oclock in the sky greens and blues then orange and a faint but noticable boom about a minute later very bright , moon nearly full in eastern sky yes about 4 or 5 larger chunks as well as what looked like the usual 'sparks but only in the last 1 second no just the first time of hereing a boom , this one was very large and i have witnessed many large ones ,a couple at day ,but this one is definatey the best and biggest

23MAY2013 luke k moggil, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia approximate 19:30hrs 3 sec E-W, right to left, facing north blue trails following scattering chucks, then orange flame explosion bright as venus yes multiple trailing looked pretty amazing, very short lived but colourful explosion

23MAY2013 Corbet TAMBORINE,QLD,AUSTRALIA 27.9°S, 153.1°E 1935 GMT+10 (AUST EST) 2 - 3 seconds starting about 45 deg above north horizon, travelling to the north white very bright but not as bright as the nearly full moon single fireball with a tail nil

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