17 May 2013

Kentucky Meteorites Map

Meteorites Found In Kentucky, USA Map
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Meteorites Found In Kentucky
v.1 C 2013 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth / USGS
26 records found for meteorites with places that contain "Kentucky"
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Bath FurnaceOfficialY1902KY, USAL686 kgGoogle Earth 
Burnwell **OfficialY1990KY, USAH4-an1504 g82Google Earth 
CampbellsvilleOfficial1929KY, USAIron, IIIAB15.4 kgGoogle Earth 
Casey CountyOfficial1877KY, USAIron, IAB-MG723 gGoogle Earth 
Clark CountyOfficial1937KY, USAIron,
11.3 kgGoogle Earth 
Cumberland FallsOfficialY1919KY, USAAubrite17 kgGoogle Earth 
CynthianaOfficialY1877KY, USAL/LL46 kgGoogle Earth 
Eagle StationOfficial1880KY, USAPallasite, PES36 kgGoogle Earth 
Edmonton (Kentucky)Official1942KY, USAIron, IAB-sLM10.2 kgGoogle Earth 
Frankfort (iron)Official1866KY, USAIron, IIIAB10.9 kgGoogle Earth 
FranklinOfficial1921KY, USAH59.06 kgGoogle Earth 
GlasgowOfficial1922KY, USAIron, IIIAB20.4 kgGoogle Earth 
Kenton CountyOfficial1889KY, USAIron, IIIAB194 kgGoogle Earth 
La GrangeOfficial1860KY, USAIron,
50.8 kgGoogle Earth 
Louisville **OfficialY1977KY, USAL61300 g55Google Earth 
Marshall CountyOfficial1860KY, USAIron, IIIAB6.8 kgGoogle Earth 
Middlesboro **Crater<300 MaKY, USAImpact CraterGoogle Earth 
Monticello **Official1982 or 1985KY, USAHowardite210 g80Google Earth 
Mount VernonOfficial1868KY, USAPallasite, PMG159 kgGoogle Earth 
Murray **OfficialY1950KY, USACM212.6 kg8Google Earth 
Nelson CountyOfficial1856KY, USAIron,
73.03 kgGoogle Earth 
ProvidenceOfficial1903KY, USAIron, IIIAB6.8 kgGoogle Earth 
Salt RiverOfficial1850KY, USAIron,
3.6 kgGoogle Earth 
ScottsvilleOfficial1867KY, USAIron, 
10 kgGoogle Earth 
SmithlandOfficial1839KY, USAIron,
5 kgGoogle Earth 
Walltown **Official1956KY, USAL61600 g54Google Earth 
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Source- http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php

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