17 May 2013

Meteorites Found in Oklahoma Map

Meteorites Found in Oklahoma Map
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Meteorites Found in Oklahoma
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43 records found for meteorites with places that contain "Oklahoma"
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Amber **Official1934Oklahoma, USAL64.53 kg8Google Earth 
Ames **Crater470 ± 30 MaOklahoma, USAImpact CraterGoogle Earth From Earth Impact Database 
AtokaOfficialY1945Oklahoma, USAL61384 gGoogle Earth 
Beaver **Official1940Oklahoma, USAL525.63 kg61Google Earth 
BlackwellOfficialY1906Oklahoma, USAL52.38 kgGoogle Earth 
Burns Flat **Official1971Oklahoma, USAL61987 g75Google Earth 
Caddo County **Official1987Oklahoma, USAIron, IAB-ung18 kg67Google Earth 
Carnegie **Official1963Oklahoma, USAL6132.7 kg67Google Earth 
Cashion **Official1936Oklahoma, USAH45.9 kg8Google Earth 
Cleo Springs **Official1960Oklahoma, USAH424 kg81Google Earth 
Colony **Official1975Oklahoma, USACO3.03.91 kg62Google Earth 
Corn **Official1994Oklahoma, USAH55.18 kg100Google Earth 
CrescentOfficialY1936Oklahoma, USACM278.4 gGoogle Earth 
CushingOfficial1932Oklahoma, USAH4567 gGoogle Earth 
Eva **Official1965Oklahoma, USAH56.7 kg51Google Earth 
FeltOfficial1970Oklahoma, USAH65.4 kgGoogle Earth 
Felt (b) **Official1990Oklahoma, USAL3.5-55.59 kg83Google Earth 
Hardesty **Official1986Oklahoma, USAIron, IIIAB8.58 kg68Google Earth 
Hunter **Official1962Oklahoma, USALL574.6 kg56Google Earth 
KeyesOfficial1939Oklahoma, USAL6142 kgGoogle Earth 
Keystone Lake **Official2003Oklahoma, USAL5787 g102Google Earth 
KingfisherOfficial1950Oklahoma, USAL58.18 kgGoogle Earth 
KnowlesOfficial1903Oklahoma, USAIron, IIIAB161 kgGoogle Earth 
Lahoma **Official1963Oklahoma, USAL521.8 kg83Google Earth 
Lake Murray **Official1933Oklahoma, USAIron, IIAB270 kg8Google Earth 
LeedeyOfficialY1943Oklahoma, USAL651.5 kgGoogle Earth 
LoganOfficial1918Oklahoma, USAH51315 gGoogle Earth 
Lost City **OfficialY1970Oklahoma, USAH517 kg49Google Earth 
Mangum **Official2008Oklahoma, USAH4750 g100Google Earth 
Marlow **Official1936Oklahoma, USAL568 kg8Google Earth 
McAlesterDoubtful1927Oklahoma, USADoubtful meteoriteGoogle Earth 
MeersDoubtful1913Oklahoma, USADoubtful IronGoogle Earth 
Renfrow **Official1986Oklahoma, USAL681.6 kg81Google Earth 
RooseveltOfficial1972Oklahoma, USAH3.45.2 kgGoogle Earth 
SoperOfficial1938Oklahoma, USAIron, ungrouped3.7 kgGoogle Earth 
SpringerOfficial1965Oklahoma, USAH58.14 kgGoogle Earth 
TishomingoOfficial1965Oklahoma, USAIron, ungrouped260 kgGoogle Earth 
WaltersOfficialY1946Oklahoma, USAL628.1 kgGoogle Earth 
Watonga **Official1960Oklahoma, USALL3.15.03 kg101Google Earth 
WeatherfordOfficial1926Oklahoma, USACBa2 kgGoogle Earth 
Willowbar **Official1971Oklahoma, USAL62.07 kg52Google Earth 
Woodward CountyOfficial1923Oklahoma, USAH445.5 kgGoogle Earth 
ZaffraOfficial1919Oklahoma, USAIron, IAB-MG3 kgGoogle Earth 

Information deriving from MetBull 100 or later is still subject to change by the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee.
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Source- http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php

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