19 May 2013

KY IL AR TN MO MS Meteor 18MAY2013

KY IL AR TN MO MS Meteor approx.22:40 CST 18MAY2013
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KY IL AR TN MO MS Meteor approx.22:40 CST 18MAY2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
18MAY2013 Tristen Dixon Vilonia, AR 22:45:00 5 seconds Faced east, went from south to north Green/white Very bright white No None

18MAY2013 Jb Augusta, Arkansas, USA 22:40:00 Aprox 4 sec S-N Bright blue green white flashes Bright as the moon flashes as bright as the sun like lightning Small pieces like sparks Could swear I heard a distant jet like noise which may have been an actual jet but it did directly coincide with the meteor so ????

18MAY2013 Michael Schoelzel Mascoutah, IL, USA 22:40 cst the last 2 seconds start east traveled west, I was lookiing south super brilliant white & Green super bright fragmentation yes, looked like it disintegrated with green fragments as it was breaking 2nd probably most amazing thing I've seen, right after last weeks observation, interestingly in the same area of the sky from my point of view, simply breathtaking, something is really not right here, I've been fascinated with the sky all my life, but only in recent years, or better yet months have I ever witnessed such wild activity, thank you for the interest, I feel better now having reported it!

18MAY2013 Gerard Randolph Lewisburg, TN USA 10:30-40 Central Time It was not beyond 30 seconds.Fiery E-W Was looking at the sky and saw what appeared to be a falling star, but started getting bigger as it kept moving toward the west. Looked like a huge ball of fire. Fiery looking. Towards the tale of it it was falling off. Really an amazing sight!!!

18MAY2013 Trevor Sales Bowling Green Ky Usa 2230 ish central standard 5 seconds United States no sound large burning fireball white flame trail with green front approximately lunar brightness appeared to be breaking slightly from my perspective approximately similar in size to the footage I saw of the large fireball seen in Russia recently shown on the daily show

18MAY2013 David Edwardsville, il 22:30:00 aprx 4 to 8 seconds. I was not expecting it Just caught it in the corner of my eye and it got my attention I was facing south it moved from n-e to s-w I saw a bright blue green streak with a long tail. it went out before hitting the ground. it was EXTREMELY close at least as bright as a full moon I could see larger lighted pieces falle from the tail area. i think I caught a faint sight of something after light went out. like I said It was CLOSE It was awesome. i am not a star gazer but wish I had my camera.

Meteor Sighting in Hot Springs, AK
I was headed west down highway 270 B around 10:30 pm on may 16th 2013. A big green meteor shot across the sky traveling north to south. It was an awesome sight. The front of it was a distinctive green color and it had a long tail behind it that appeared to be an orange color. Little pieces were breaking off of it as it approached the tree line and went out of sight. feel free to reply if you have any questions. I sighted it in Hot Springs Arkansas. - Cody B.

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Unknown said...

We seen this on the way home from vacation and wondered what it was. So decided to look it up and found this. It was the most amazing thing we have ever seen! Same time about 22:40 and like a blueish color very bright! About 5 seconds.

Unknown said...

Bright green object spotted in sky over Louisville, ky while driving. So bright I thought it was a Roman candle fire work, when the object didn't move in the sky while driving as a branch or bird would I was amazed and told my wife to look but it was already gone maybe 5 seconds. Absolutely beautiful, my first experience as such. I've seen satellites moving in low orbit on clear nights but this was something in a whole different category. Again absolutely beautiful. Makes you thing just where it landed with a wide net of viewers.