27 May 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 27MAY2013

ScienceCasts Comet ISON Meteor Shower - YouTube
4 min
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Bright fireball seen streaking over southern Ontario
Yahoo! News Canada (blog)
'Fireball' is the name given to a meteor that appears to be brighter than Venus — one of the brightest planets in our sky, and a 'bolide' is a fireball that burns so bright that it can outshine the full moon. While spotting a fireball is rare, the ...

Four best stargazing sights and how to see them
CBS News
The chances of seeing a meteor storm -- more than 1,000 "shooting stars" per hour -- or at the very least a strong meteor outburst with rates in the hundreds per hour, seemingly came and went at the beginning of this century with the November Leonids.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Friday Night's Meteor | Video ...
CAUGHT ON TAPE: Friday Night's Meteor. WUSA9 Photojournalist got video of a meteor ...

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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