27 May 2013

PA VA MD NJ NY Meteor 26MAY2013

PA VA MD NJ NY Meteor approx. 2100. EDT 26MAY2013
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PA VA MD NJ NY Meteor 26MAY2013
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Initial Meteor Report
26MAY2013 Jane meyerhofer Leesburg, VA. US 2100. EDST 5 secs East to west Green/white Brighter than Venus Broke into several pieces Smaller than the moon but way bigger than a planet

26MAY2013 Alexander Eichenlaub Bellefonte, PA 21:03:00 3 sec SE-NW Pink/Purple (pop sound) Same as Venus Three pieces at end of trail Four witnesses.  Not sure if popping sound is related.

26MAY2013 K. Perez Edgewood, Maryland USA 2101/EDT 1-1.5 seconds N I was facing NE Bright white light flashed across sky no sound associated with event White bright No Direction I was facing there is a clearing between trees, just happened to be looking in that direction when bright light flashed across through that space was able to very briefly view light through trees as it continued. Appeared to be traveling very fast

26MAY2013 Elena Tjaden Syracuse, ny usa 9:00 pm est 2 or 3 seconds from our view West Fast flying fireball Bright as fire No No sound

26MAY2013 Steve Osmanski Fayetteville, PA, USA 2105 EDT 3 seconds Start-ENE Stop-NNW White color, no sound Magnitude -10 Split into at least pieces right before burnout Had glowing trail about 5 degrees long

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Unknown said...

I saw a bright white light come from what look like a star but the brightness only lasted for 3 seconds or so. After about 30 seconds it faded after changing course.

Unknown said...

Me and my sister were driving and just happened to look westerly, and seen what looked to be a perfect blue orb falling into our atmosphere. It wasn't like your typical shooting star, didn't see it burn out due to trees, and had a slight trail, but you could see that it was circled like a baseball! definitely wasn't an aircraft.