04 May 2013

MA PA NJ NY RI CT Meteor 04MAY2013

MA PA NJ NY RI CT Meteor approx. 03'10 EDT 04MAY2013
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MA PA NJ NY RI CT Meteor 04MAY2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-

04MAY2013 Heather Kelco old bridge, nj united states 321 10-15 seconds n-s i was facing east no sound, bright long tail disintegrating as it traveled downward and south sun it was losing pieces from the tail as it dropped long tail it was falling downward as it traveled north to south tail was long and seemed to get fatter as it was dropping could distinctly see bright pieces falling off tail

04MAY2013 Gerry ROCKAWAY NJ USA 311 7 N-S L-R EAST 400-500MPH WHITE WHITER THAN AIRCRAFT LANDING LIGHTS WAS 1 THEN 3 AT LOS Was 3x faster than local airport traffic and elongated at the loss of sight. Great!
04MAY2013 Stephanie Stamford, ct 3:15:00 10 seconds South - left to right Bright white Moon Yes N/a

04MAY2013 Sid KENDALL PARK, NJ USA 3:05:00 4-5 seconds North to South Bright light streaking across sky, no sound moon, first quarter Fell apart as it streaked across sky While watching stars, saw a bright streak across sky from North to South breaking apart leaving smaller trails of bright lights as it went south

04MAY2013 veronica whiting Allentown, PA USA 3:10am EST 20 sec left to right gold sparkle started off bright and faded yes very close...airplane distance

04MAY2013 Mike Reardon North Andover MA 03:15 hrs 5-10 sec n-s i was facing east orange/red long tail. very bright yes, seemed to be Most amazing thing Ive seen.

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