13 May 2013

Arizona Meteor 12MAY2013

Arizona Meteor 23:35 MDT 12MAY2013
-Sonics and Fragmentation Reported
-- Meteorites on the ground?
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Arizona Meteor 12MAY2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
12MAY2013 David Ankney Maricopa AZ USA 23:33:00 3 sec west to east Amber/orange fireworks bright yes long tail breaking up may have come down withing 30 miles

12MAY2013 Thomas Hughes Avondale, AZ, USA 23:35 MT 15-20 Sec NW-SE/ Left to Right/ Facing East White with orange tail Moon Fragmented south of Phoenix Nice =)

12MAY2013 Pamela Dickens Tucson, AZ 23:35 MST 3 Secs N.W. - N.E. Left to right, facing North Bright red and white around the body and also the tail. About 1/3 as bright as a full moon, much brighter than a common "shooting star." Not that I saw Spectacular sight.

12MAY2013 Nathaniel Smalley Phoenix, AZ 23:35:00 5-10 seconds Start NW traveling SE White/Orange Bright as moon Can't confirm The fireball extinguished in the Sotheastern sky and a few seconds later I believe I heard a 'pop' sound

12MAY2013 Jessica Morrison Mesa, AZ 11:45 p.m. About 15 sec West to East Almost pinkish in color. No sound. About twice as bright as shooting star. Yes parts falling off behind. It burned for sometime and eventually broke off and burned out.

12MAY2013 mike Tucson, AZ 2215 5-10 secs W-E, N-S Red, Blue same as moon yes there were two seperate objects

Dr. Don McCarthy and his group (Astronomy Camp) were on Mt Lemmon (or Mt Bigelow) just north of Tucson and witnessed the meteor event and reported sonics heard. - Dr. Larry Lebofsky, Tucson
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