13 May 2013

In History- Virginia Meteor Happened 11MAY1922 not 12MAY1922

In History- Virginia Meteor Happened 11MAY1922 not 12MAY1922

The Great Meteor of May 11, 1922
Popular Astronomy, Vol. 33, pgs. 502-506
by Chas. P. Olivier
  On the night of May 11, 1922 at 11:15 EST, a great fireball or meteor appeared over North Carolina, and travelling northward, burst over Amelia County, Virgina. ... more-

Reno Evening Gazette
Reno, NV
May 12, 1922
Richmond, Va., May 12 - With a detonation that was heard forty miles away, a meteor appeared to fall to earth some distance north of Lawrenceville at about 11:15 last (night), according to reports reaching here. The phenomenon was said to have rocked the earth not unlike an earthquake, shaking houses and awakening residents of Lawrenceville. The countryside for miles around, it was said, was lighted up as bright as midday, and the meteor emitted a swishing sound as it hurled through space.
  Reports reaching Norfolk said the meteor exploded with a force that shook houses and broke windows in and around that community. The flash of the meteor was plainly seen at Norfolk, 100 miles each of where it is estimated to have fallen.

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In spite of several of several newspapers posting today about "this day in history", I cannot locate anywhere an actual newspaper story about the "May 12, 1922 – A 20-ton meteorite lands near Blackstone, Virginia, USA"  -LunarMeteoriteHunter

research note- status unconfirmed
1922 _ 12 MAY: A 20.3-tonne/20-ton meteorite lands in a field near Blackstone, Virginia, leaving a 46 sq m/500 sq ft hole in the ground.

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