09 May 2013

UK Fireball Meteor approx 21'50 GMT 08MAY2013

UK Fireball Meteor approx 21'50 GMT 08MAY2013
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UK Fireball Meteor 08MAY2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
08MAY2012 Hannah Holtom Newcastle Emlyn, Ceredigion, Wales, UK 21.50 GMT 4-5 sec start East; stop West. I was facing South large, white with blue tinge brighter than Venus in a clear sky (sky tonight not very clear) no larger than I've seen before

08MAY2012 Mrs Lynne Jones Droitwich, Worcestershire. UK. 22.00 GMT 5-10 seconds E - W White Moon no just a tail N/A

08MAY2012 Robert Hawkins Evesham, Worcestershire, UK 21:42pm 8 sec facing south, travel west white ball with a long tail moon small parts happened very fast

08MAY2012 James England West Bromwich 2200 Lasted about 1.5 to 2 seconds Facing south west it travelled from south east to south west Bright green with medium green white tail Brighter than the moon green blob travelling across sky with white green tail Did not see any fragmentation went below tree line Second time I've seen the same thing in 2 months this is the first time I've reported it

08MAY2012 Antony Ingham Manchester, England 21:51:00 1 Left to Right facing South Blue and white Brighter than venue no parts falling off but big tail Very bright tail

08MAY2012 Michael Thompson Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England 21.53 2-3 seconds United Kingdom Bright Green As bright as a street light or sun no It looked much closer and traveled faster than i have witnessed before with a short trail

08MAY2012 Andrew King Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, UK 21:50 BST Observed for about 3 secs before it disappeared behind building E-W White/Green Looked similar to a firework, but was travelling horizontally.  Made no noise. None. Not sure whether this was a meteor, having not seen one before.

08MAY2012 Nick Lowerbagthorpe, Nottinghamshire, UK 21:45:00 2 sec Facing SW Traveling S-N Blue white colour no sound brighter than moon no could draw it on a picture of that area of sky

08MAY2012 allen higham on the hill nuneaton England 21:59:00 7 sec Facing south, east to west green glowing orb moving at high rate of speed, silent. magnesium like burn no was very low in the sky.

08MAY2013 Gemma Whiteman Worcester 21:46:00 4 sec SE - NW. I was facing SW saw a flash in the sky, like a fireball and then it disappeared brightness like the sun Not that I saw none

8MAY2013 Julian Buckingham Leamington Spa,  Warwickshire, Uk 21:50:00 5 secs North to south Bright blue green Nearly as bright as moon. More than any star None visible No sound from inside

120 plus Reports Thus Far!
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