01 May 2013

Florida Green Fireball Meteor 29APR2013

Florida Fireball Meteor approx. 01:24 EST 29APR2013
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Florida Fireball Meteor 29APR2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
29APR2013 Evans Sanford, FL 1:35:00 Less than 5 seconds North/Northeast of Sanford Florida No sound/Red trail/Bright flash at horizon Flash was equal to bright flare flash Trail had dust appearance, almost like a missile would look Too fast for a camera, I just happened to look up at the right time to see my first LARGE meteor

29APR2013 Steve Land O Lakes, Fl 1:24 A.M. 4 Seconds North Green Blue  Vibrant Sun No None

29APR2013 STEPHANIE NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL. US 01:22 EST 3-4 SECONDS Facing West. Traveling from north to south, like right to left. Green/Blue straight streak of light. Bright like the sun, lit up the yard with greenish-blue light. NO It was bright enought that I could see it after it was gone, kinda like if you look at a light or the sun and look away but can still see it.

  I saw the first fireball at 1:30 am. It lit up the whole yard and drew my eyes to the sky. I saw a teal colored streak in the sky with a break in the middle. Two minutes later I saw another small one. Five minutes later I heard a big boom to the east. I'm in Ocala National Forest in Paisley. -Jamie Archer 

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