07 January 2011

نيزك Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 7JAN2011

The hunt for the lunar core

Credit: Tom Story/ASU 
Caption: Patty Lin, a postdoctoral candidate in ASU's School of
 Earth and Space Exploration, holds Northwest Africa 5000, a lunar
 meteorite in the collection of the ASU Center for Meteorite Studies.
 Lin and her adviser professor Ed Garnero use seismology to study
 inaccessible regions of Earth's interior, a technique they are now 
applying on the moon to learn more about Earth's natural satellite. ...
Baltimore Sun (blog)
Mike Hankey, an amateur astrophotographer in north-central
 Maryland, set up his camera Tuesday morning to capture images
 of some of the Quadrantid meteors...

Meteor Activity Outlook for January 1-7, 2011 | American Meteor ...
This will be the best time of the month to view meteor activity as
 the moon will not interfere plus themeteor rates will be at their highest. ...

2011 Quadrantid Meteors: See What You May Have Missed
National Geographic
This year the Quadrantids peak featured rates of more than a
 hundred meteors an hour. The peak coincided with the dark new 
moon in Tuesday's predawn hours, ...

By رئيس التحرير
في وكالة الفضاء الأميركية 
 من أن نيزكا يتجاوز عرضه الميل يتجه نحو
 الأرض، حاليا ويشكل أكبر خطر تواجهه في تاريخها. وقالت صحيفة "إندبندنت" البريطانية، في...

Author to sign new book on historic scientists, Jefferson and Silliman
The Register Citizen Sun, 02 Jan 2011 22:04 PM PST
On Dec. 14, 1807, a meteorite blazed across the pre-dawn sky,

 appearing to be two-thirds the size of the moon. It was visible to early
 risers as far away as Vermont and Massachusetts, but it was over the
 town of Weston, that three loud explosions rent the air.
 Stone fragments fell in at least six places. ... (Weston meteor/meteorite)

Author: 1807 Weston meteorite critical moment for American science
Greenwich Time Sun, 02 Jan 2011 19:23 PM PST
Author Cathryn Prince of Weston sits on the shore of the Easton 

Reservoir, where meteorites were found in 1807. The discovery is 
the subject of her new book "A Professor, a President, and a Meteor:
 the Birth of American Science". ... (Weston meteor/meteorite)

Himachal: Space scientist to resolve Khaziyar Lake mystery in Chamba
Northern Voices Online (blog)
... district in Himachal as he have the evidences that the lake was created

 due to the striking of meteor from the space around thousands of years 
back. ... (unreliable report about an alleged crater in India)

Reports from Readers of Meteor/Meteorite News:

Guest657 (guest): I live in southern california and I just witnessed the
 strangest sight I have ever seen. I saw what I thought was a huge meteor
coming down toward the pacific ocean. Then the fireball split into 3
separate lights and continued at equal distance from each other, like
 fighter jets in a formation.
jrslandscaping:YES I saw the same thing it was hudge i actually got scared.
  I live in Menifee , CA i saw at about 730pm PST.http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2011-01/asu-thf010611.php

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