30 January 2011

Massachusetts Meteor Captured in Cambridge 29JAN2011

Meteor Over Cambridge, MA ~8:29 pm EST 29JAN2011
Photo taken by Brad Kelly 29JAN2011
(c)ALL Rights Reserved Brad Kelly Photography
Massachusetts Meteor Captured in Cambridge, MA- Ghost of Weston 1807?
Photo and Text by Brad Kelly (c) 2011
  I missed the movie I had been planning to see, so instead, I walked around Harvard Square with my camera and tripod taking some photos and I happened to get lucky with the camera in the right place at the right time. One in a million...

Here is a cell phone snapshot of the LCD screen of my "real" Nikon camera showing the photo of the meteor over Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA, at approximately 8:29pm.  I haven't transferred the photo from my camera's memory card yet.  

The photo is a single shot captured with a Nikon D300. It is an 8 second tripod exposure using a 20mm prime lens at f8 aperture. 

Meteorologist Jim Gamble of ELPALLSKY has examined the original photo...

by Jim Gamble, El Paso AllSky
The photograph appears to be authentic/original. Of particular interest regarding authenticity is the fact that three distinct cloud levels are obvious. The cirroform upper deck is at 15-20K ft, the altocumulus is at 6500 to 15K ft. mid level, and scattered stratocumulus lower clouds are below 6500 ft. The meteor appears to become obscured by the lower deck during ablated flight and does not reappear so termination is not visible.
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Thank you Brad Kelly for sharing your photo with me and the viewers of Meteor/Meteorite News!

Thank you Mr. Jim Gamble for your kind help.


Anonymous said...

I saw it in East Hartland CT. It illuminated the sky.

Anonymous said...

I saw it in Sturbridge, MA