04 January 2011

Meteor over York, PA 28DEC2010 Video

MA, MD, VA, NY, DC, PA meteor 28DEC2010

York Water Co. York, PA

posted on YouTube by yorkwatercompany  January 03, 2011 12views

Meteor over York, PA on 12/28/2010 at 18:44:30
same event as MA MD VA NY DC meteor 28DEC2010

Related story- appears to be a nutcase -real meteorites perhaps, but not from this event - see photos and video:
Frederick Man, Al LaBrush, Says He Saw Meteor
2 hours ago - Al LaBrush is an astronomy buff who always wanted to see a meteor up close. He was having a drink in the bar at Danielle's restaurant in downtown Frederick.


Rob Matson said...

What would make these videos much more helpful is to indicate the azimuth and elevation of the center of the field of view of the camera. It is only because I have worked with past videos from this camera that I have any idea which way it is pointed.

Note (with EXTREME relevance) that the meteoroid is RISING in elevation angle as viewed from York and goes dark before reaching maximum elevation angle. This tells you that York, PA, was pretty close to the centerline of the bolide track, and (more importantly) that meteorites would not be expected far from York's location (<100 miles). --Rob

Anonymous said...

Rob, the view in the video is shot through a fisheye lense. Look at the curvature of the ground at the bottom of the picture. A straight trajectory at the top of the picture would appear as if it was rising. -Al